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  • Wi-Fi On Aircraft

    Wifi available on most aircraft, for a fee.

  • 1st Bag Free

    1st bag free on all Aeroflot flights

  • Over 129 Destinations

    Aeroflot flies to more than 129 travel destinations.

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  • SkyTeam

    Over 1064 destinations with Aeroflot and SkyTeam.

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Baggage Policies

Aeroflot allows all travelers a very generous allowance of two free checked bags per passenger. Bags may weigh a maximum of 50 pounds per bag for Economy class travelers and 70 pounds per bag for those flying in Business class. Make sure to pack light as Aeroflot charges a significant fee for any bags that are overweight. Travelers may also bring one standard sized carry-on bag, provided that it weighs no more than 22 pounds in total. They may also take a small personal item on board with them.

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