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  • Wi-Fi On Aircraft

    Wifi available on most aircraft, for a fee.

  • 1st Bag Free

    1st bag free on all Aeromexico flights

  • Over 56 Destinations

    Aeromexico flies to more than 56 travel destinations.

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  • SkyTeam

    Over 1064 destinations with Aeromexico and SkyTeam.

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Baggage Policies

No matter where you are flying on Aeromexico, your first bag will fly free. If you are travelling to or from Canada or the US, you will be allowed one bag weighing up to 50 pounds in Economy class and 2 bags weighing up to 70 pounds in Business class. If flying within Mexico or to another continent, your baggage allowance will be different so make sure to check with Aeromexico. As with most major national carriers, Aeromexico allows passengers to carry one bag on board with them as well as a small personal belonging, such as a laptop or camera.

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