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  • 1st Bag Free

    1st bag free on all Air Inuit flights

  • Over 22 Destinations

    Air Inuit flies to more than 22 travel destinations.

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  • Canadian Destinations

    Air Inuit flies to 22 Canadian destinations.

  • Founded in 1978

    Air Inuit was founded in 1978.

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Air Inuit flies between: Montreal - Quebec City, Quebec City - Montreal, as well as several other routes.

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Baggage Policies

Air Inuit uses the weight system for checked baggage. This means that you are free to take multiple bags as checked luggage, as long as their combined weight is less than 44 pounds on King Air aircraft and 66 pounds on all other types of aircraft. Note that Air Inuit will not accept single pieces of luggage weighing over 70 pounds. You may take one bag on board provided that is does not weigh more than 11 pounds and meets standard carry-on size requirements. You are also entitled to carry-on a personal item, such as a coat or small purse.

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