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Air Canada Rouge

Launched in 2012, Air Canada Rouge is a fresh new airline from the country's national airline, Air Canada. Targeting the leisure market, the focus of the airline is on customer service and comfort.

Air Canada Rouge Parent Airline

Air Canada is the country's flag carrier and its biggest airline which has been serving more domestic Canadian travelers than any other airlines since it started in 1936. Together with its regional airline partner Air Canada Express, Air Canada provides both charter and scheduled airline and air cargo services. It now serves more than 33 million passengers travelling to more than 170 destinations in five continents.

Air Canada was known as Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA) established by the Canadian government in 1936. It was renamed Air Canada in 1965 and privatized in 1988 to comply with state deregulation policies in the 1980's. As of 2011, the airline had annual passenger revenues of nearly CA$10.2 billion revenues.

As the world's 9th largest airline in terms of fleet size, and 10th in terms of destinations, Air Canada is among the founding members of Star Alliance, a global partnership of 21 international airlines forming what is considered the world's most comprehensive commercial air transport network. Established in the late 90's, the Star Alliance also has code-sharing agreements with other major airlines such as Qantas, EVA Air, Jet Airways, and Air Mexicana.

Air Canada Rouge Destinations

Air Canada Rouge currently operates out of Montreal and Toronto airports. It flies to Athens from Montreal and Toronto, as well as to two other important European destinations currently not served by Air Canada - Venice and Edinburgh from Toronto. It also flies to the following Caribbean destinations from Toronto: Liberia, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and Samana in the Dominican Republic, Cayo Coco, Holguin, Santa Clara and Varadero in Cuba, Sanso and Liberia in Costa Rica, and Kingston in Jamaica. Expansion of its route structure to reach Mexico and US points such as Florida and Las Vegas is underway.

Air Canada Rouge Aircraft Fleet

Air Canada Rouge currently operates two Boeing 767-300ER and two Airbus A319-100 aircraft on its start-up fleet which is targeted to increase progressively to 50 aircraft over the next few years. These are painted in the liveries unique to the new airline. However, using the same airline flight code, Air Canada Rouge remains an integral part of the Air Canada and Air Canada route network.

Air Canada Rouge Classes of Service

As a leisure airline, Air Canada Rouge offers two classes of service - Rouge for discounted economy fares and Rouge + or Premium Rouge for full fare economy (equivalent to business class). Air Canada's Tango, Flex and Latitude economy class fares apply to the new airline and full-fare economy class under Latitude fares is considered Premium Rouge. However, for purposes of computing for mileage benefits under its Aeroplan Miles and Altitude Qualifying Miles frequent flyer programs, these fares have been suitably adjusted when used for Air Canada Rouge flights. The Tango fare, for instance, does not get Altitude Qualifying Miles which the other three fare types can in addition to the Aeroplan Miles.

Air Canada Rouge Check-in Options

Travelers holding Air Canada Rouge tickets can check in for their flights with any of the following options:

(1) Regular airport check-in: This is the conventional check-in option where you present your tickets in exchange for a boarding pass in any of the Air Canada Rouge counter at the airport.

(2) Electronic Check-in Kiosk: If you want to bypass the airport counters on busy days, visit any of its electronic check-in kiosks with the Air Canada Rouge logo marking their presence adjacent to the regular check-in counters. These are self-service check-in facilities that you can use as early as 12 hours prior to your scheduled flight departures time.

(3) Next Day or Advance Check-in via the Internet: No need to queue at the airport counters. You can check-in for your flight over the internet for up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure time. Just visit visitaircanada.com and after checking-in, print out your boarding pass. On your flight day, you can proceed directly to the security gates if you don't have any luggage to check-in. Otherwise, you still need to have them checked-in at an Air Canada Rouge counter. If you don't have a printer at home, just use the self-service check-in kiosk to print your boarding pass.

(4) Mobile Check-in: As its latest ground service feature, you may now check-in for your flight wherever you are for up to 24 hours prior to you scheduled flight departure. Just visit mobile.aircanada.com on your mobile device and choose the "Check-in" option. You may opt to receive your Boarding Pass to your mobile gadget or just confirm your check-in which will block off a seat for your flight. This feature is available only to bookings with a maximum of 4 passengers, travelers with an electronic ticket, those flying with or without baggage, and on flights to select International destinations. Your mobile gadget should be able to receive SMS and emails.

Air Canada Rouge Luggage Restrictions

Checked Luggage Restrictions

Air Canada Rouge Airplane

Baggage policy follows that of its parent company Air Canada for Economy Class passengers. Hence, Air Canada Rouge passengers are each allowed 2-3 items of checked baggage per flight, but not to exceed 23 kg per piece and with total aggregate dimensions (L + W + H) not more than 158 cm. Baggage allowance varies depending on the traveler's frequent flyer status.

When travelling with a child below 2 years of ages, an additional 2 items of check baggage is allowed, but not to exceed 23 kg per piece, and total dimensions (L + W + H) not more than 158 cm.

For more information on checked baggage allowance as well as the associated excess baggage fees, you may visit the section on Baggage Allowance in the main Air Canada site.

Carry-on Baggage Limitations

Travelers boarding on any Air Canada Rouge flight are each limited to 1 standard piece of carry-on baggage, 1 personal item, and 1 non-traditional item at no extra charge. Total standard carry-on baggage should not exceed 10 kg, with a total dimension (L + W + H) of 118 cm. The single personal item allowed into the cabin may be any of the following: camera, laptop, mp3 player, purse, pillow, food item, etc. If you travel with an infant, you are allowed to carry 1 additional standard carry-on baggage for the infant's belongings.

In addition, the airline allows at most one non-traditional traveling item to be hand-carried on board. This may include. mobility aid (crutches, cane, etc.), small battery-operated medical aids, and sporting gear such as snowboard or archery equipment.

To get the complete list of allowed standard carry-on baggage, personal items and special non-traditional items, as well as prohibited items for on-board carriage on any Air Canada Rouse flight, please visit the pertinent section on Air Canada's Carry-On Baggage.

Air Canada Rouge Pet Policy

Cats and small dogs are allowed to be carried into the cabin, provided they are registered at point of reservation or within 24-hours of completing your reservation. Your pet should also be housed in a suitable hard-sided or soft-sided pet carrier which will count as a standard carry-on baggage. Pets not registered in advance will not be allowed acceptance at the airport check-in counter or boarding gate. Moreover, there is a charge of CA$50 or CA$100 depending on the itinerary. If a registered pet cannot be accommodated on the flight, your ticket may be refunded without cancellation fees.

In addition, passengers have the option to carry live pets as checked baggage or as cargo. Travelers wanting to bring pets with them are also informed that they may carry live pets to countries where entry of such pets are permitted subject to the regulations of the destination country. For more information, refer to the section on Traveling with Pets in Air Canada's website.

Air Canada Rouge Musical Instrument Policy

Air Canada Rouge allow hand-carried musical instruments if they can be accommodated in the overhead stowage bin or underneath your seat. These are often limited to violins, trumpets, clarinets and other small musical instruments in their proper cases and will count to your standard carry-on baggage allowance. For more information, please visit the Musical Instruments page in the Air Canada website.

Maple Leaf lounge

Air Canada's official airport departure waiting lounge is the Maple Leaf Lounge. It is available to Premium Rouge passengers on flights to the Caribbean or "sun" destinations free of charge. On other destinations, a CA$25 fee is charged which also applies to Latitude Economy passengers. Flex Economy fare travelers are charged CA$50. It is also available to Maple Leaf Club members and those with qualified tickets taking Air Canada Rouge flights from any major airports in Canada and key foreign cities such as London, Paris and Los Angeles airports.

Air Canada Rouge Delayed and Cancelled Flights

If and when any Air Canada Rouge flight for which you are booked is cancelled or is anticipated to be delayed due to inclement weather, you can go online and use its Delayed and Cancelled Flight Service to book another flight or have your other downline or connecting flight(s) cancelled online. Be sure to have your booking reference number ready for fast retrieval of your flight information. It is not unlikely that during severe weather, the next available flight may be a few days away. This online service provides the same functionality as what its airport staff or call centre agents provide.

If your flight has been cancelled or delayed, the online service may provide notice that you have been rebooked on an alternate flight, thereby giving you a headstart that can minimize disruptions to your vacation plans. Once you are in the site, you can (1) check the details of your new booking and see if you can check in for the flight online, (2) search and book yourself to another flight with no cancellation fees, or (3) cancel all your connecting flights if you have them. Cancelled or delayed flights are linked to your original flight so that any online check-in via kiosk or mobile is disabled.

Flight disruptions can ruin your leisure vacation plans, but it can happen beyond the control of the airline facing severe weather as the main cause. For your safety, airport authorities will normally not allow flights to take off in such conditions. To learn more about flight disruption, please visit the Delayed Flights and Cancellations section in the Air Canada website.

Air Canada Rouge Seating configuration

All Air Canada Rouge flights are configured as twin class passenger aircraft for its Rouge class (discounted economy) and Premium Rouge class (full-fare economy) in the Boeing 767-300ER and Airbus A319-100 aircraft types in its fleet service.

Rouge class seating on the Boeing 767-300ER is configured at 2-3-2 abreast with 246 seats having a seat pitch of 29 inches between back seats. Premium Rouge seating is configured at 2-2-2 abreast with 18 seats in the first 3 rows with around 35 inches of seat pitch.

On the other hand the Airbus A319-100 is configured with 3-3 abreast seating with a total of 142 seats having a seat pitch of 29 inches between back seats. Rows 1-4 or a total of 18 seats are designed for Premium Rogue passengers and enjoy a 35-inch seat pitch for a larger legroom.

Air Canada Rouge Inflight entertainment

Apart from a complimentary copy of the airline's award-winning enRoute inflight magazine, onboard entertainment is made possible with wireless streaming of movies, TV shows, destination info, and music directly to the passengers' personal mobile or electronic gadget. It is initially available to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, PC and MAC laptop devices. Android support will be provided at a later date. This is not a WiFi service and no internet connectivity is available on board.

Passengers are advised to download the "Player" apps from the Apple App Store for their Apple devices or ensure the latest Flash Player on their PC or MAC laptops. In addition, they need to bring their own personal headphones or earbuds. A valid credit card will be needed to cover a nominal charge of CA$5 to enjoy unlimited entertainment while on board. In addition, passengers are advised to charge their mobile devices prior to boarding as the aircraft does not provide power outlets for charging. However, it is planned that by the third quarter of 2013, its B767-300ER fleet assigned to European destinations will have onboard charging services.