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Specializing in Air Canada Rouge Flights
  • Over 38 Destinations

    Air Canada Rouge flies to more than 38 travel destinations.

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  • Canadian Destinations

    Air Canada Rouge flies to 4 Canadian destinations.

  • Star Alliance

    Over 1316 destinations with Air Canada Rouge and Star Alliance.

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  • Founded in 2013

    Air Canada Rouge was founded in 2013.

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Baggage Policies

If flying on Air Canada Rouge, expect the exact same baggage policy as Air Canada: one free checked bag on most flights except to and from the US, where you will have to pay $25 for your first checked bag. Make sure to pack light! Any bags over 50 pounds will incur an additional charge of $100. Carry-on restrictions are generally quite lenient on Air Canada, where you are allowed two pieces of carry-on luggage as long as one piece is relatively small, such as a purse or small camera bag.

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