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Air France has been taking to the skies since 1933 and now flies to over 250 destinations around the globe while achieving a SkyTrax 4-star airline rating.

The first European airline to operate the Airbus A380 aircraft, Air France’s global hub is Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. It also has focus airports in Lyon, Nice, Mrseille, Toulouse, and at Orly airport in Paris. Air France is a member of the SkyTeam alliance and in addition to that, also has codeshare agreements with Austrian Airlines, Finnair,Qantas, WestJet, Austrian Airlines and numerous others. It is easy to recognize the Air France planes by the name on the side of the fuselage and the distinctive red, white, and blue colour scheme on the tail, reminiscent of the French Tricolore flag.

Air France Ticketing and Check-in Information

Air France offers 4 easy options for check-in:

Airport Counter Check-in: Check-in for your flight in the most conventional manner by stopping by the Air France counter at the airport.

Next Day or Advance Check-in: This option allows you to save time and check-in for your flight up to 24 hours in advance of your departure time via the internet. To check-in online, visit Air France’s online check-in page. After checking-in, you can print out your boarding pass and proceed directly to the security gates if you aren’t checking any baggage. If you have to check baggage be sure to stop by the Air France counter. This service is not available for all flights, so please visit the online check-in page to check whether your flight has this option.

Mobile Check-in: You can also check-in in advance using your mobile phone. Full details of which flights this service is available for, and how to use the service, can be found on Air France’s mobile phone check-in page.

Electronic Kiosk Check-in: For those who want to bypass the lines at the counter on busy travel days, Air France offers check-in services for passengers via electronic kiosks. Typically, these kiosks contain Air France signage on them and are located near the Air France counter.

Air France Baggage Information & Restrictions

Checked Luggage Restrictions for Air France

Air Canada Airplane
For those traveling with Air France, no single piece of baggage may exceed 32 kg or have dimensions (L + W + H) exceeding 158 cm. Baggage allowance varies depending on destination and class and for a full breakdown of checked baggage allowance, and potential fees associated with baggage, please visit Air France’s Baggage Allowance calculator.

Carry-On Baggage Restrictions for Air France

For those flying Economy Class (called “Voyageur” on Air France) you are allowed to carry 1 piece of baggage with you on the flight at no extra charge. The maximum weight for carry-on baggage must not exceed 12 kg, with a total dimension (L + W + H) of 115 cm.

For those flying Business Class or First Class (“Alizé”, “Affaires”, or “La Premiere” on Air France), 2 pieces of carry-on luggage are allowed, with a maximum weight of 18 kg in total, and total dimensions (L + W + H) of 115 cm for the larger bag.

If you are traveling with an infant, you are entitled to an additional small bag and a collapsible stroller in your carry-on baggage, regardless of class.

Travelers may also take items for personal use into the cabin including laptops, cameras, purses, mp3 players, food, pillows, etc. For the complete list of allowed carry-on and personal items on Air France please visit their Baggage Restrictions Page.

Air France Special Luggage Requirements

Air France allows passengers to take some non-traditional traveling items with them to their destinations including golf clubs, musical instruments and scooters. For more information on traveling with these special items, visit Air France’s Baggage Allowance Page.

Air France Seating Options

Air France offers 5 options for seating on their flights:

Economy Class (called “Voyageur” on Air France)

Economy class seating on Air France has a distance of 31 inches between seats. The seats have retractable arm rests and adjustable head and foot rests. On long-haul flights each seat has a personal TV screen with a variety of entertainment options.

Premier Voyageur seating is also available on some Air France flights. These have 20% more leg room and are 20% wider than seats in Voyageur. The seats also have individual screens, noise reducing headsets, wider trays and power points.

Business Class (called Alizé or Affaires on Air France)

Alizé class seating is available on most Air France flights to the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. The seating, which is reclinable to 123 degrees, has a distance of 37 inches between seats. Each seat has a personal screen and a massaging footrest.

Affaires class seating has a distance of 55-61 inches between seats. The seats have personal screens, power points, and some convert to lie-flat beds and have massage features.

First Class (called Premiere on Air France)

First class seating has a distance of 64-82 inches between seats. The seats convert into 2m long beds, and extra storage space is available. Personal entertainment screens, fiber optic lamps, auto massage, individual telephones, hi-fi speakers and a bench facing your seat are all provided for first class passengers.

Traveling with Pets on Air France

Don’t forget Booboo!

Flying with your pets can be a safe and fun experience if airline rules and regulations are followed. Live pets can only be transported to countries where the regulations of the country permit, and subject to the terms and conditions specified by that country. Pets can often travel on flights with you in the cabin, in the hold as checked baggage, or in the hold, as cargo. See Air France’s Traveling with Pets.

Air France In-flight Service, Beverages, and Meals

Dependant on the flight, and type of aircraft, Air France offers a wide variety of food, beverage and entertainment options.

Economy Class offers individual screens with a wide variety of entertainment options including movies, TV, music, games and even language courses. Meals and beverages are complimentary on Air France flights, and are suited to the time and destination of your flight. Special meals, for example vegetarian or kosher, can be booked in advance.

Premium Voyageur passengers also have individual interactive video screens with the same variety of entertainment options, and noise reducing headsets are supplied. Menus are specially prepared by a top French chef and cocktails are served with main meals. On flights from Paris which are over 10.5 hours there is also a self-service buffet available.

Alizé passengers have exactly the same entertainment facilities as passengers in the Premium Voyageur cabin. Welcome drinks are served and aperitifs are available before the main meals. Hot meals are served on porcelain crockery with silver cutlery, and wines and champagnes are available to accompany your food. On long-haul flights of over 10.5 hours there is also a complimentary cold buffet service available between meals.

Passengers traveling in the Affaires cabin have the same 10.4 inch interactive screens and noise canceling headsets but also have individual telephones. A beverage service is available throughout the duration of all flights, and food varies depending on the length of your flight. On long-haul flights 5 course main meals are available, as well as lighter alternatives, and hot or cold breakfasts are provided. On some flights there are dedicated bar areas with buffets.

First class passengers traveling in La Premiere cabin have improved sound systems for their entertainment. The options for entertainment, however, are the same as in other classes. Five-course meals from menus prepared by renowned French chefs are served on elegant tableware, and a wide selection of fine wines is available. First class passengers have the option to dine as and when they wish.

Air France Fleet

Air France operates a fleet consisting of Airbus and Boeing airplanes. Their fleet consists of Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340 and A380 aircraft, as well as Boeing B747 and B777 aircraft.

Air France Lounge

Air France lounges are fully operational in 24 cities including Paris, Dubai and New York.

Air France lounge access is available to passengers holding Premiere or Affaires tickets for an Air France flight, business class ticket holders on a Skyteam flight, or passengers who are Flying Blue Gold or Platinum, SkyTeam Elite Plus, or Club 2000 members flying with Air France, KLM or on a Skyteam flight.