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Founded in 1979, US Airways offers services to over 100 destinations and is a SkyTrax 3-star airline.

US Airways operates over 3,000 flights per day and employs the slogan ‘Fly with US’. It has hubs in Charlotte, Philadelphia and Phoenix. A member of the Star Alliance, US Airways also has codeshare agreements with Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic and several other airlines. US Airways often changes their planes’ appearance but the current aircraft livery is a white fuselage, with a blue tail which has a red tip, making their planes easily identifiable. The airline name is on the side of all aircraft.

US Airways Ticketing and Check-in Information

US Airways offers 4 easy options for check-in:

Airport Counter Check-in: Check-in for your flight in the most conventional manner by stopping by the US Airways counter at the airport.

Next Day or Advance Check-in: This option allows you to save time and check-in for your flight up to 24 hours in advance of your departure time via the internet. To check-in online, visit US Airways’ online check-in page. After checking-in, you can print out your boarding pass and proceed directly to the security gates if you aren’t checking any baggage. If you have to check baggage be sure to stop by the US Airways counter.

Electronic Kiosk Check-in: For those who want to bypass the lines at the counter on busy travel days, US Airways offers check-in services for passengers via electronic kiosks. Typically, these kiosks contain US Airways signage on them and are located near the US Airways counter.

Curbside Check-in: For those who want to avoid lines at the counters, curbside check-in is another option. It is available at San Francisco, Dallas and 22 other airports. Visit US Airways’ Curbside check-in page for full details of the service.

US Airways Baggage Information & Restrictions

Checked Luggage Restrictions for US Airways

For those traveling Economy Class you will be allowed up to 9 items of checked baggage, not exceeding 23-32 kg per piece and with dimensions (L + W + H) not totaling more than 158 cm. Economy Class baggage allowance varies based on your destination and fees are payable for baggage on some flights. For a full breakdown of checked baggage allowance based on destination, and potential fees associated with baggage, please visit US Airways’ Baggage Allowance Page.

Passengers traveling First Class have the same baggage allowance as Economy Class passengers, however the fees for the first and second checked bags are waived.

Carry-On Baggage Restrictions for US Airways

You are allowed to carry 1 piece of baggage with you on the flight at no extra charge. The maximum weight for carry-on baggage must not exceed 18 kg, with a total dimension (L + W + H) of 115 cm.

Travelers may also take items for personal use into the cabin including laptops, cameras, purses, mp3 players, food, pillows, etc. For the complete list of allowed carry-on and personal items on US Airways please visit their Baggage Restrictions Page.

US Airways Special Luggage Requirements

US Airways allows passengers to take some non-traditional traveling items with them to their destinations including archery equipment, boogie boards and scuba diving equipment. For more information on traveling with these special items, visit US Airways’ Baggage Allowance Page.

US Airways Seating Options

US Airways offers 3 options for seating on their flights:

Economy Class

Economy class seating on US Airways has a distance of 32-34 inches between seats. Seating varies between aircraft and destinations, but Economy class seating on the A330 aircraft has seat back screens with video on demand entertainment facilities.

International Business Class (called “Envoy” on US Airways)

Envoy class seating is currently being upgraded across the US Airways fleet, so there is a wide difference between the seating available on different aircraft. Some are seats which recline fully; others are sleeper seats with more space. The distance between Envoy seats can be up to 94 inches. Personal video screens are available, some of which offer video on demand entertainment. Some aircraft have power points available to Envoy passengers.

First Class

First class is available on domestic flights and flights from the US to/from Hawaii. The distance between seats varies from 35-38 inches and the seats are wider than those in Economy Class. On some flights seat back screens with video on demand entertainment are available.

Traveling with Pets on US Airways

Don't forget Sparky!

Flying with your pets can be a safe and fun experience if airline rules and regulations are followed. Live pets can only be transported to countries where the regulations of the country permit, and subject to the terms and conditions specified by that country. Pets can often travel on flights with you in the cabin, in the hold as checked baggage, or in the hold, as cargo. See US Airways' Traveling with Pets.

US Airways In-flight Service, Beverages, and Meals

Dependant on the flight, and type of aircraft, US Airways offers a wide variety of food, beverage and entertainment options.

Economy Class offers movies and TV programs on transatlantic flights and flights to Hawaii and South America. Depending on the flight and aircraft they may be on overhead screens or on seat-back screens, where passengers can choose what they want to watch. A selection of audio channels is also available. On international flights meals are served, along with a selection of snacks and drinks. Other snacks and drinks are available to purchase and the selection varies between flights. For more information, visit the US Airways’ MarketPlace page.

First Class offers the same entertainment options as economy class, although first class and Envoy seats are being upgraded and more will have individual seat-back monitors. Meals are served on flights over 3.5 hours and a choice of healthy and delicious food is offered, along with a selection of complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

US Airways Fleet

US Airways operates a fleet consisting mainly of Airbus and airplanes. Their fleet consists of Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330, A550, Boeing 737, 757, 767 and Embraer E190 aircraft.

US Airways Lounge: US Airways Club

US Airways Club is the official airport lounge of US Airways. US Airways Clubs are fully operational in 13 cities, including New York and Los Angeles.

US Airways Club access is available to US Airways Club members.