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The Ultimate Travel Bucket List for Foodies


From Michelin stars to market-fresh seafood and street-side tacos, the world is dotted with destinations that bring an entirely new excitement to eating. And every great foodie knows that travel is as much about the meals as it is the pristine beaches and historic sites where we enjoy them.  In fact, sometimes tasting delightful and distinctive foods is our sole ambition when visiting a new destination. And these 10 cities, big and small, are some of the best in the world for diving head-first into a culture through it’s culinary offerings. Continue Reading…

8 Unusual Ways to Actually Enjoy a Long-Haul Flight


A week ago I was dreading my long-haul flight from New York City to Dubai. But it wasn’t just that flight I was fearing. It was the roughly 24 hours of travel time including a flight to New York City, the long-haul to Dubai, a brief layover and a 6-hour flight from Dubai to Bangkok. So like most tech-savvy travelers, I researched how to occupy my time on a 13-hour flight as well as how to arrive in my destination feeling as little like a zombie as possible.

Some of the tips I found worked and others simply added bulk to my carry-on. These 10 tips are the ones that actually allowed me to step off the plane and say, “That wasn’t so bad!” Continue Reading…

20 Horrifyingly Haunted Places Around the World


There’s something enjoyable about scaring yourself half to death (once a year that is). And whether you’re in Scotland, Sweden or Semarang this Halloween, there’s probably a spooky haunted destination nearby. These 20 terrifying places are some of the most haunted in the world, and a visit to any one of them is guaranteed to send a shiver up your spine.

Continue Reading…

Can You Name Canada’s Most Expensive Hotels?

Photo Courtesy of the Four Seasons Toronto

Photo Courtesy of the Four Seasons Toronto

A recent survey of the price of hotel rooms across North America has revealed the priciest places to stay in Canada. The report examined the average cost of a room at luxury hotels throughout the country for the month of October, and compiled a top ten list of Canada’s most expensive hotels. Unsurprisingly, a number of those hotels are located in Toronto, including the top spot overall.  Continue Reading…

8 Secrets to Finding the Best Hotel for Little Money‏

One of the worst parts about traveling is to get to your destination and find out that you paid twice the price for your hotel than the gentleman next to you at the bar. Some people have the patience to search for hours online and find a great price, some of us just don’t have the time or the patience to do it at all. I’m hoping that with these money saving tips, you’ll be able to save time and money on your next hotel booking.

1. Use deal savings websites

There are so many deal saving websites today, why buy direct from the hotel website? Corporations know that the words ‘discount,’ ‘sale,’ and ‘blowout’ are all words that peak our interest when booking trips online and so they cater to that. Booking hotels room on deal saving websites will often get you at least 10 – 20% of the hotel of your choice. They have made it easy and convenient for you to make searches by amenities, location, price and much more.

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