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Canadians Failing to Use All of Their Vacation Time

You deserve a break.

A recent study showed that on average, Canadians receive just two weeks paid time off from their jobs each year, which ranks the nation third to last in the world amongst developed countries with an advanced economy. Only the U.S. and Japan ranked lower in the study, which examined the average number of vacation days allotted to employees in 21 different countries. Despite the low number of days that they have at their disposal however, many Canadians still don’t use all of their paid leave. This accounts for billions of dollars in benefits being left unused on an annual basis, not to mention employees not using the opportunity to escape from the office more regularly.

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Kick Motion Sickness to the Curb with these 8 Tips

1. Choose the Right Seat

On an airplane, choose a seat in the middle. The middle of an airplane is the calmest area. In a car, sit in the front. Sitting in the front will allow you to focus on just the road ahead of you and not multiple things at once.


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The 15 Best Ways to Spend $20 in Fort Lauderdale. #11 Is a Must!


Fort Lauderdale’s luxurious beach resorts and five-star dining options might not scream “budget vacation destination,” but yacht rides and expensive spa retreats aren’t all this coastal city boasts. These 15 activities under $20 will ensure you experience the best that Fort Lauderdale and its surrounding areas have to offer without breaking your budget. Continue Reading…

The 10 Coolest Kid-Friendly Hotels in the World. #3 Is Unforgettable!

10 coolest kid-friendly hotels


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These 8 Foods From Nepal Will Make Your Mouth Water

8 Foods From Nepal

Nepal is all too often skipped over and blended into countries that surround it. Many may have considered Nepal to be ‘that country next to India,’ ‘where Mount Everest is,’ or ‘the place to get an Indian visa.’ Sadly, not many have actually embraced Nepal for some of its most wonderful traits and its delicious cuisine! What could be better than sitting down for a drink of local organic coffee and a large plate of daal bhat while surrounded by this beautiful country? Continue Reading…