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The Ultimate Guide to Summer Fun in Vancouver


Vancouver, British Columbia is a sunny summer wonderland for both locals and visitors. As the perfect destination for a summer vacation or escape from everyday routine, Vancouver offers a myriad of attractions, golden beaches, refreshing water activities and ‘fun in the sun’ activities for everyone to enjoy all summer long.

The moment you fly into Vancouver and step outdoors, you can feel the energy and excitement lurking around every corner and bend. From heart-pumping zip lining, exotic marine life and seaplane adventures to taste bud-awakening food tours, challenging hikes and romantic dinner cruises, you name it – Vancouver has it!

Whether you are a thrill seeker or looking for a summer romance or even if you are an active senior or a family looking for adventure, Vancouver has something for every taste and personality.  Continue Reading…

21 Natural Wonders in Ontario That You Need to See

21 Natural Wonders in Ontario

No vacation time left, but a strong desire to explore? We’ve all been there. While our vacation time may be limited, we do have 52 weekends a year and a naturally beautiful province that demands to be explored.

Ontario residents (and tourists too) can find a multitude of short getaways within driving distance. We’ve teamed up with our fans and followers to present the top 21 natural wonders in Ontario. Whether your getaway is for a few days or just a few hours, scenic adventures await at each of these natural wonders.

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21 Ways to Experience the Adventure, Romance and Reef of Bora Bora


Over-water bungalows, a crystal-blue lagoon and lush tropical scenery bless the South Pacific Island of Bora Bora with a land and sea to be experienced. The beauty of the beaches and diverse options for accommodations are enough to make this island a common tourist attraction, yet this small piece of land offers so much more in adventure, history and love.

Honeymooners, culture travelers and thrill-seekers can all have a vacation to remember in this French Polynesian island. The following 21 activities and excursions will offer you a vast choice of action and relaxation for your Bora Bora getaway.

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20 Reasons Why Cambodia Is One of the Best Countries in the World


It has been said that Cambodia‘s Angkor Wat can only be rivaled by a few of the world’s greatest historic sites, such as Petra in Jordan or Peru’s Machu Picchu. But once you’ve paid visit to the famed temple complex that has become a symbol of the country, you’ll realize that Cambodia’s magic extends far beyond the walls of Angkor Wat. From the country’s inviting people greeting you with with wide smiles to its bustling beaches, charming cities and rich culture, these 20 reasons to visit Cambodia will probably help you understand why I never wanted to leave. Continue Reading…

XL Airways Germany Fails to Take Off

Photo credit: Aero Icarus

Photo credit: Aero Icarus

You’ve probably never heard of XL Airways Germany, and even if you have, you’ve probably never flown with them. That’s because the airline only took to the skies for six years.

XL Airways Germany received its Air Operators Certificate (AOC), on May 3, 2006, as an airline named Star XL Germany Airlines. Just a few months later, the airline was sold and renamed XL Airways Germany by the XL Leisure Group. The company’s turbulent start only seemed to get more grueling from there. Continue Reading…