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Can You Name The World’s Top Ten Airports?

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

If you’ve spent  much time in airports on your travels, you probably already know that they are not all created equal. Some are modern and upscale, while others are lacking in amenities, or in serious need of an upgrade. Some are just frighteningly bad.  A recent survey by a company called Skytrax asked frequent travelers to rate 410 different airports from around the world,  in 39 different categories. The results of that survey were released last week, giving us a list of the top ten airports on the planet. Continue Reading…

The World’s 16 Most Incredible Caves


Beauty is often found beneath the surface, and caves are one of mother nature’s ways of proving it. These 16 incredible caves from around the globe are solid (and sometimes liquid) evidence that some of the world’s most enchanting places are found in the most remote areas and often below seemingly unimportant surfaces. Continue Reading…

America’s 4 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2014

Miller marina in Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

Put-in-Bay, Ohio | Photo Credit: Bethany Salvon

For those of you about to travel to a small town this summer, we salute you! Sure, New York City, Los Angeles and Miami are all fabulous, but then again so are the many heartwarming towns that dot the United States; these are the places whose names never grace the cover of popular travel magazines. America’s best small towns march to their own tune, all while preserving local culture and history in a setting that metropolitan America hasn’t known in years. While certainly not a comprehensive list, these four communities are the perfect locales to experience another side of the American Dream. Continue Reading…

Air Canada Equipping Fleet With Wi-Fi

Photo Courtesy of Air Canada

Photo Courtesy of Air Canada

The modern traveler rarely leaves home without their laptop, tablet, smartphone or some combination of all three. Those handy gadgets help to keep us in constant contact with friends and family, even when we’re visiting other cities and countries. In fact, one of the few places where we are out of contact these days is when we’re aboard a flight. Soon, even that may be a thing of the past however, as Air Canada has announced that it will begin equipping its entire fleet with in-flight Wi-Fi, making them the first Canadian carrier to do so. Continue Reading…

Which Destination Topped TripAdvisor’s 2014 Travelers’ Choice List?

Istanbul, Turkey (Photo Credit:  Selda Yildiz and Erol Gülsen)

Istanbul, Turkey (Photo Credit: Selda Yildiz and Erol Gülsen)

Earlier this week, travel ratings website TripAdvisor announced the results of its sixth annual Travelers’ Choice Awards, giving us a glimpse of what the website’s community considers to be the absolute best destinations in the world for 2014. As in previous iterations of the awards, the winners are selected based on the ratings given out by TripAdvisor users from the past year. As you might expect, their suggestions for the best places to visit vary greatly, with some classic travel destinations earning a nod, along side a few surprise locations as well.

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