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How Hockey Fans Are Coping With The NHL Lockout

After our latest poll exposed the desperate measures people are resorting to during the NHL lockout, we decided to delve deeper. When we offered up the chance to win a free trip to Switzerland, thousands of hockey fans responded and told us how they were passing the time previously earmarked for watching hockey.

We used their responses to compile this fun word cloud:

NHL lockout word cloud

Some themes emerged among the responses, with doing bad things to Gary Bettman, and watching other hockey leagues, the most prevalent.

But many people are filling the void for good rather than evil.  In a great deal of cases the vacuum is being filled by ever expanding honey-do lists and home improvements underway, as well as self-improvement activities including yoga sessions, voluteering, and even going back to school.

How are you spending the time you used to devote to hockey? There’s still time to grab your chance at a free trip to Switzerland to watch hockey!

About the Author: Steph Spencer

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