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General Questions

  • What is the FlightNetwork.com affiliate program and how do I sign up?

    Our Affiliate Program is a fun, free and profitable way for serious web marketers with a travel audience to monetize their online content. Ambitious Affiliate partners generate great income simply by promoting our high-converting flights, hotels, car rentals and all-inclusive vacation packages on a referral commission basis. Earn unlimited income on every referred booking just for promoting FlightNetwork.com via your website, blog, opt-in email marketing list, search engine marketing strategy*, social media fan page and more. Click Here to join hands with Canada’s 2nd largest online travel agency. Begin earning today!

  • Are there any fees involved?

    Nope, signing up as a FlightNetwork.com Affiliate is free. No registration fees, no membership dues. Not today, not anytime. On the contrary, we pay you, on every verified, qualified travel booking you refer!

  • Do I need to be an IATA member or TICO certified to Affiliate with FlightNetwork.com?

    No. We deal with the customer service & sales end of the business. Affiliates don’t “sell” our travel products they help promote us, so no certification or membership is required.

  • I’ve signed up, what now?

    Grab some links and get started. If you need help or would like some guidance on which advertising creative (aka banners/media/links) to use, feel free to contact our Affiliate Manager at Affiliates@FlightNetwork.com.

  • I don’t have programming and/or design skills – can I join?

    If you are serious about building an Affiliate Marketing based business but don’t have all the necessary skills required, as with any business, it is recommended you hire professionals to do what you can’t. If you would like referrals to professionals who specialize in areas like web development, graphic design, programming/scripting, social media management, SEO/SEM/PPC or other related services, please contact our Affiliate Manager to Affiliates@FlightNetwork.com.

  • Do I need a website to be a FlightNetwork.com Affiliate?

    Not necessarily but it definitely helps, both during the approval process and as you work toward earning commissions as an online marketing Affiliate of FlightNetwork.com. If you list no website your approval will depend on your promotional plan and experience/likelihood for success as a FlightNetwork.com Affiliate. Strong preference goes to Affiliates who own or operate a top level registered domain (vs. a free account in an online community like Weebly, a lens on Squidoo, or a free blog on blogspot.com). A paid, registered, top level domain shows commitment to the project and to success as a FlightNetwork.com affiliate.

  • I submitted an application but I haven’t heard back yet. What’s the deal?

    It’s important to us that our fast growing brand is promoted in ways and in places which are consistent with the core values and ethics of FlightNetwork.com. To maintain integrity of the FlightNetwork.com brand (which translates to higher conversions for those who do ultimately become Affiliates), we manually review each application to ensure proper alignment. We apologize for the inconvenience of any wait you may experience, but we do aim to process all applications within 48 business hours of receipt. Thank you for your patience while we get to yours! In some cases you may be approved in just minutes. If you would like to expedite your approval feel free to contact our Affiliate Manager to Affiliates@FlightNetwork.com.

  • What are some things that could result in my application being denied/rejected?
    • Not listing a website
    • Not listing a relevant website
    • Listing someone else’s website as your own
    • Listing untruthful information (contact or otherwise)
    • Not listing complete details
    • Submitting an application filled with spelling errors
    • Listing banner farms as websites (banner farms are sites which are cluttered with nothing but ads and have no unique content of their own)
    • Listing yourname.blogspot.com as your website
    • Using promotional methods deemed by FlightNetwork.com to be unethical – this may include incentive sites (paying consumers to “click offers” etc.), cash back/loyalty sites, software, parasiteware, spyware, adware, or any other method which equates to “forced clicks” or which overwrites legitimate affiliate cookies (or internal efforts).
    • Owning/operating sites which feature content considered by FlightNetwork.com to be offensive/hateful/prejudiced in any way

    Please submit a complete and truthful application for best results. If your application was denied and you have questions or feel it may have been done in error you may contact our Affiliate Manager for discussion and/or possible reconsideration.

  • What are my responsibilities as an affiliate?

    As an Affiliate of FlightNetwork.com you are responsible for abiding by our Terms & Conditions of Affiliate Partnership regarding ad placement (which you agree to by joining our program – terms are available on signup or from our program pages on CJ). The T&C governs use of our trademark (particularly with regard to pay-per-click/SEM efforts but also in general) amongst other important details of the relationship between FlightNetwork.com and its Affiliate partners. You are responsible for providing us with accurate, truthful information about who you are, how you are promoting our brand, and how we can contact you if need be, to ensure any issues that may arise are resolved in as timely a manner as possible. The Terms & Conditions may be updated from time to time and you will be notified when changes are implemented, at the contact information you provide on your application. You are also responsible for reporting your income to whichever tax authority governs the nation in which you reside. For specific questions about your responsibilities contact our Affiliate Manager.

  • I live in (insert country here). Am I eligible to participate?

    We do not auto-decline applications from any given country, and our flights, hotels and car rentals are available to be booked by travelers in most countries around the world. However, there are some countries which have a higher reported incidence of fraud, and as such if you reside in one of those countries your application may take longer to approve.

  • Do you allow sub-affiliates/sub-IDs?

    We have recently made a change to stop allowing this. Please see “Why do you need to know about my/our promotional methods or where your links will be seen?” for details on why.

  • We are a network and have a ton of affiliates just waiting for offers like yours. Can we sign up as an affiliate to broker your offers?

    You are welcome to contact our Affiliate Manager for discussion but unfortunately FlightNetwork.com does not allow sub-ID’s as outlined above. Please note that we do not work with blind traffic sources, and that click quality is closely monitored. Quality is important to maintaining healthy conversion rates and to ensure our brand is only promoted in ways/places which are in line with our core business strategy and our fast-growing brand identity.

  • I own/operate multiple websites. Do I need to sign up multiple times?

    Not at all – even if you own/operate multiple websites, you only need one FlightNetwork.com Affiliate account through Commission Junction to track all sales and related traffic performance. Your CID is your Commission Junction account ID. You may set up each of your traffic sources/websites under its own PID (Publisher ID) and this allows you to track performance of individual campaigns/websites without having to set up multiple accounts within the Commission Junction network or with FlightNetwork.com.

  • Can I earn commission on my own bookings?

    Sure! We encourage our affiliates to book with us and we thank you for your business, alongside your promotional efforts.

  • Why do you need to know about my/our promotional methods or where your links will be seen?

    For purpose of maintaining the brand equity our FlightNetwork.com team works so hard to build, it is important we know where and how our brand is being promoted at all times, to ensure all methods meet approval criteria as set out by The Company.

  • Why does conversion rate matter?

    Conversion matters to FlightNetwork.com because we are responsible for maintaining a minimum conversion rate as part of our agreement with the airlines, hotels and other travel vendors whose products we sell through our website. We have to honour that responsibility in order to maintain these long-standing relationships which are key to the continued success of our business.

    Conversion should matter to you as our Affiliate, because it means we’re doing everything possible to turn your pre-qualified clicks into sales so you earn more. We are proud at FlightNetwork.com to have one of the best conversion rates in the online travel industry, largely due in part to our free, unlimited Price Drop Protection plan which eliminates price-based traveler hesitation since our visitors know if the price drops after they book, they’ll get the difference back.

    The more effort you put into pre-qualifying your traffic through effective target marketing techniques, the higher your personal conversion rates (and earnings) as our Affiliate partner, will be.

  • How can I be sure FlightNetwork.com will do everything possible to convert my clicks to sales?

    Please see “Why does conversion rate matter?”

  • Do you support multi-currency?

    Pricing for our flights, hotels and car rentals are displayed in either CAD or USD depending on the IP location of the user (Americans see currency in USD, Canadians in CAD). At this time we only support those two currencies. Please note that our all-inclusive vacation packages to sun destinations only originate from Canadian departure cities (they aren’t usually offered in the USA) so for those all-inclusive packaged vacations, we only offer Canadian departures. Flights, cars and hotels can be booked from/to departures/destinations all over the world.


  • What kind of linking tools are available?

    We have a variety of banners, text links & dynamic booking widgets available to choose from in a variety of styles and sizes. We are always looking to improve our offering so if you don’t see something in our arsenal of power tools to help you build your affiliate success, please let us know and we will see what we can do to create or source it. If you need consultation on the type of creative that might work best for your promotional method, website or online audience, please feel free to contact our Affiliate Manager.

  • How do I create a link?

    It’s easy! Just visit our “Get Links” area after logging into our program pages on Commission Junction, and select the creative you wish to use. You can use the default destination URL or deep link to a specific landing page within our website that brings your niche market closer to their travel booking in fewer steps if it makes sense to do so. You can tell Commission Junction to redirect the user in the same window or to open our site in a new window if you wish. After entering in your parameters, simply copy the code and paste it into your page code depending on where on your site, you want the ad, link, or widget to display.

  • Which links have the highest conversion rates?

    Ultimately the creative that converts best for you may not be what converts best for someone else and vice versa as many factors come into play when looking at effectiveness of an advertising message or booking widget. Consider who your niche target is, and if you are displaying a general message or a message specific to their wants/needs/interests. Consider

  • What is deep linking?

    Deep linking enables you to change a link’s default destination URL to a specific landing page anywhere on our site. You’ll note we have thousands of flight/vacation destination, airline and hotel property specific pages, each with its own booking widget hosted across our domain. So if, for example, you have a destination-specific audience (i.e. a site all about traveling to New York City) you might want to link directly to the page on our site that highlights that destination for best conversion rates possible and ultimately higher earnings across the board.

  • Can I deep link to pages other than your homepage?

    If your site, fan page, blog, email newsletter or other online content targets a unique niche segment of our travel target market, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to deep link to specific pages on our website for best results. See above for “What is Deep Linking” and why you might want to do this, or for suggestions on how you might go about maximizing conversions by doing so.

  • Do you offer creative/landing pages in other languages?

    At this time we only offer creative in English however, we are currently working on developing French content to help increase conversion within our French-Canadian market. If you require content in a language other than English please contact our Affiliate Manager at Affiliates@FlightNetwork.com.

  • Do you offer data feeds (XML, RSS, etc.)?

    We will be soon! We recognize the huge demand for this type of dynamic content so you’ll be happy to know that getting feeds up ASAP is on our absolute must-do list. We already have RSS feeds available and you can link to the hot deals section of our website to earn cash on verified bookings resulting from those efforts. Fear not! We are working on a plan to make these automatically-updated feeds available through Commission Junction in an XML/CSV format. Once it’s available you will be able to offer our hot weekly deals to your site visitors/fans/followers and enjoy the increased conversions that follow. We will send out an email update once that type of tool is available. That said if you are especially interested in our feeds feel free to send us that feedback by contacting our Affiliate Manager directly. Your feedback is essential as it helps us prioritize our projects around meeting your needs. Your success is our success!

  • How can I promote your top deals?

    See “Do you offer data feeds (XML, RSS, etc.)?”

  • Do you have an API/White Label/Private Label program?

    While FlightNetwork.com does not yet offer their open source fare search API, we do offer an exclusive white label program to premium travel-focused partners with demonstrated ability to drive volume conversions. White Label partners become part of a co-branded booking experience whereby the user can book their flights directly from your website. Even the fare search results, flight confirmation page and following confirmation email include your own branding! White label partners enjoy premium conversion rates for even greater volume & earnings success.

    This is a new area of the business for FlightNetwork.com and we expect quite a few changes to come down the pipes as it continues to evolve, each designed to make the white label experience more exciting and more profitable for those exclusive partners who are signed on to work with it. Click here to learn more about our White Label program.

Tracking, Reporting & Analytics

  • What affiliate network(s) do you work with?

    At this time our Affiliate Program is run exclusively on Commission Junction’s affiliate network and tracking platform.

  • How are my sales tracked?

    All Affiliate sales of FlightNetwork.com are tracked via award-winning third party technology available through Commission Junction. You have access to 24/7 online reporting through their web-based login system interface. You will have your own login user id and password with which to access the system at your convenience from anywhere you may be – as long as you have an internet connection. To login to your account now click here.

  • Do sales/impressions/clicks track in real time?

    They do! Occasionally you may experience the odd delay during a server bottleneck (if traffic load is too heavy) but we have chosen Commission Junction as our exclusive affiliate tracking platform due to its reliable system processes – including real time reporting and on-time, monthly payments.

  • What reporting/analytics tools are available to affiliate partners to help measure & build success?

    See “how are my sales tracked?”

  • What is EPC?

    EPC means Earnings per 100 Clicks. This metric gives you an ‘at-a-glance’ snapshot of average earnings potential with FlightNetwork.com (or any affiliate program). Though it is important to note this metric can be skewed by a handful of affiliates driving extremely high number of targeted conversions, or in the extreme opposite direction, where a small group of affiliates may be sending a high volume of untargeted traffic which can drag the average down. Use your judgment when considering this metric and related data.

  • What is CTR%?

    CTR means Click Through Rate – the number of all those who click through a link from the affiliate site to the merchant site after having seen it. This number is expressed by a %. So if you have, for example, a CTR of 50% that would mean half (or 50 of every 100) of all those who had seen the link actually clicked through to visit the merchant’s site. This would generally indicate that a particular link is effective at persuading targeted traffic to click through to visit an advertiser like FlightNetwork.com. If you have a high CTR% but low conversion it generally indicates your traffic is not being targeted well. On the contrary, if you have low CTR% but high conversion, it would mean you are targeting very well but likely not sending a lot of traffic. In which case, you should look for ways to increase the number of targeted clicks you are sending to FlightNetwork.com for even greater earnings!

  • What is CR%?

    CR means Conversion Rate – the number of all those who click through a link from the affiliate to the merchant, and ultimately convert from a click to a sale – or in this case, a booking. This number, like in the case of CTR%, is expressed as a %. So if you have, for example, a CR% of 3% that would mean 3 out of every 100 clicks on average, converts to a sale – or in this case, a commission for you! The more targeted traffic you send to FlightNetwork.com, the higher your CR% (and your earnings) will be.

  • Where can I get more information about the Commission Junction system interface?

    Visit the help section at CJ.com or contact CJ support at 1-800-761-1072 and follow the publisher/affiliate prompts. If you are having difficulty reaching CJ support for any reason, feel free to contact our Affiliate Manager here at FlightNetwork.com.

Commissions & Payments

  • What products will I receive commission on?

    Our Affiliates earn commission on bookings of Flights, hotels, car rentals and vacations, at FlightNetwork.com.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

    Sky’s the limit! How much you earn is up to you and how targeted and ambitious your online marketing efforts may be.

  • How soon can I expect to see commissions?

    CJ pays affiliates monthly (on the 20th of the month) on our behalf after bookings have been verified/reconciled for each prior month. Flights and vacations earnings are paid in the month following the month in which they were accrued, so long as your earnings total $25 or greater (CJ requires this minimum to be met before they will issue a payment in most cases). Hotels and car rentals commissions are accrued on travel consumed vs. travel booked in order to account for cancellations and no shows. So in those cases you will be paid once travel has effectively been consumed, confirmed and reconciled. If you have questions about a specific transaction feel free to contact our Affiliate Manager or contact CJ publisher support.

  • My commissions were reversed. Why is that?

    Commission reversals are rare at FlightNetwork.com. This is only done in the case of a fraudulent transaction, a booking cancellation or in a case where an affiliate was found to be using methods to generate commissions that go against FlightNetwork.com’s terms ® conditions, without having delivered a customer in accordance w/ FlightNetwork.com’s approved methods (i.e. forced clicks, parasiteware, cookie-stuffing, click-to-reveal coupon sites, etc.). If you have questions about a specific transaction feel free to contact our Affiliate Manager.

  • Do you offer incentives/performance bonuses? How can I earn them?

    Yes we do! For a list of our performance tiers by travel product please see our program pages on CJ.com. Also, be sure to sign up for emails from our Affiliate Manager (and also keep regular tabs on both your CJ mail and the email you listed to your account registration) — we send out some pretty awesome limited time incentives/promotions to Affiliates to help round out their paycheque on a fairly regular basis! To name a few, Affiliates have the opportunity to win exclusive travel vouchers, special promotional codes, free passes to the biggest most exciting industry conferences/tradeshows, miscellaneous gifts/prizes, commission increases and cold, hard cash.

    Many times to be eligible for these awesome promotional giveaways our Affiliates only need to be joined and actively promoting us in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. So don’t delay – get active today!

  • Can we negotiate/increase my commissions?

    See “Do you offer incentives/performance bonuses? How can I earn them?”

  • What is the difference between travel booked ® travel consumed?

    Travel booked means you earn a commission at the time travel is booked. This is also called an “item based action”.

    Travel consumed means you earn a commission once travel has been consumed by the traveler – or actually taken place and when the booking has been confirmed as a concluded action.

  • Do you pay commissions on travel booked or travel consumed?

    Flights and vacations are paid on travel booked. Hotels and car rentals on travel consumed.

  • How often will I get paid?

    Affiliates of FlightNetwork.com enjoy on-time monthly payments sent by Commission Junction on behalf of FlightNetwork.com. CJ issues payments on the 20th of the month. Your commission amount must be over the minimum required payment threshold in order for a commission to be paid to you. If your commissions fall below the minimum they will accrue in your account until they surpass that threshold and qualify for payment.

    Flights and vacation commissions are accrued upon booking completion aka “travel booked.” These commissions are paid each month, following the month in which they have occurred – after the transactions have been verified and commissions confirmed for payment. Hotel and car rental commissions are accrued on completion of “travel consumed” and these commissions are paid each month, following the month in which they have been consumed – after the transactions have been verified and commissions confirmed for payment.

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    They can pay you via check (sent by mail) or via direct deposit (into your bank account). You can specify your payment preferences in your account settings area, at CJ.com.

  • Who will pay me?

    Commission Junction (our third party affiliate tracking service provider) handles on-time, monthly payments to our affiliate partners, on our behalf.

  • What info do I need to provide?

    To receive payment by check you will need to provide a valid mailing address to Commission Junction in your account set up details. To receive payment by direct deposit, you will need to provide Commission Junction with your bank information. Commission Junction offers simple instructions on how to set up either method. If you have specific questions or concerns please contact our Affiliate Manager or you may contact CJ.com support directly by calling 1-800-761-1072 and following the publisher prompts.

Marketing & Promotions

  • What is the most successful affiliate model/method?

    There is no single affiliate marketing method which is “the most successful.” Effectiveness of any affiliate marketing model and related efforts will vary by individual/entity. That said, it is important to remember that in the busy world of internet clutter, unique content is, and always will be, king. It’s never recommended that you copy what everyone else is doing but rather look for opportunities where you can fill a demand that is not already being met, or fill it in a way that no one else is. Catering to niche audiences within a larger audience group is a good place to start. Treat your affiliate marketing efforts as a real business for best results – that includes coming up with a solid plan and investing the right resources to benefit from real results. It’s not a “get rich quick” scheme but a legitimate means to generate an income professionally marketing legitimate products/services like airfares, hotel stays, car rentals and vacations, online. For a list of recommended affiliate marketing information and networking resources to help establish or grow your affiliate marketing business, contact our Affiliate Manager at Affiliates@FlightNetwork.com.

  • What business models can I use to promote FlightNetwork.com?

    Feel free to get creative, as long as your efforts are aligned with the terms ® conditions of affiliate partnership with FlightNetwork.com. We welcome affiliates using travel related blogs, general and niche content sites, travel review sites, search engine marketing (SEM), opt-in/CANSPAM/CASL compliant email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and more. As well we welcome independent travel agencies to include us on their websites for additional revenue, and businesses/companies who wish to include FlightNetwork.com as part of their employee and/or business travel program. If you have questions as to whether or not your business model is aligned with FlightNetwork.com’s terms of affiliation, feel free to contact our Affiliate Manager.

  • What promotional methods does FlightNetwork.com allow?

    See “What business models can I use to promote FlightNetwork.com?”

  • Do you allow bidding on trademarks?

    Sorry, unfortunately we don’t. While FlightNetwork.com is happy to work with search engine marketers, the policy on trademark bidding does not allow for bidding on the term FlightNetwork.com or any variation of it because the goal here is to attract new customers through our Affiliate program, vs. chasing existing ones to generate Affiliate commissions. SEM affiliates will be required to negative keyword match specific terms/phrases to ensure Google does not display their ad for searches of FlightNetwork.com or any derivative thereof, for purpose of ensuring value and adherence to policy.

  • Do you offer coupons?

    From time to time we do offer coupons to Affiliates however we have a strict coupon policy to ensure that Affiliates who use this promotional method/tactic are adding value. This means they are contributing to the goal of driving new customer acquisitions through our affiliate channel, and not using methods like the click-to-reveal coupon model to capture searches for coupons by customers already in final stages of our booking check-out after having been referred to us by someone else. For complete details please see our Terms and Conditions of Affiliate agreement, as it pertains to coupon promotions.

  • We have a coupon/deal/freebie site. Can we work with you?

    To ensure we maintain a level playing field for the benefit of all joined Affiliate partners and that those Affiliates who send us new customers can rightfully earn credit for the sales they legitimately referred we only work with select types of coupon/deal focused Affiliates. It is important to FlightNetwork.com that if you send us a new customer who completes a booking, that you earn credit! Because of this, we do not allow use of the popular “click to reveal” coupon model. You may not stuff your page, page title or meta tags with keywords which are designed to attract organic searches of terms like “Flight Network Coupons” or any variation of same. You may however, feature us on your travel section landing page, flights page, hotels page, etc. and/or list us under a dedicated FlightNetwork.com landing page. You may do this as long as it includes an accurate description of who we are, what we do and why your site visitors should book travel through us. As well you should use sensible page title/tags that use keywords relevant to someone searching — not for FlightNetwork.com coupons specifically — but for great deals on travel, flights, hotels, car rentals or vacations.

  • Will you provide Affiliates with content?

    From time to time we can help with your content needs as they pertain to promotion of FlightNetwork.com. Feel free to contact our Affiliate Manager at Affiliates@FlightNetwork.com to discuss your needs. We can provide you with guidance on which creative might work best for your site, and/or a description of what we offer that best meets the needs of your site visitors while still remaining true to brand at FlightNetwork.com. Occasionally, depending on your demonstrated capability to send qualified travel referrals our way, we may be able to provide articles, blog posts and other content. If you require a banner or widget in a size or type not already offered, feel free to ask. It is our goal to ensure our Affiliates have all the tools they need for success, as our partner.

  • What kind of media/promotional tools are available to me?

    FlightNetwork.com offers a variety of banners, text links, and booking widgets to meet the needs of its Affiliates partners. Whether it’s a leaderboard banner, text link, logo button, or fare search widget you’re after, we’ve got your Affiliate Marketing needs covered. And if what you need isn’t already available, just ask our Affiliate Manager. We’re more than happy to source what you need as long as it will help you earn more as our partner. We want to set you up to win with FlightNetwork.com.