Over 103 Destinations

Alitalia flies to more than 103 travel destinations.

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Over 1064 destinations with Alitalia and SkyTeam.

Alitalia comes in One world Alliance

Founded in 1946

Alitalia was founded in 1946.

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Alitalia Flight Tail
Last Minute Flights from Last Minute Flight deals on Alitalia
Vancouver to AthensAir Transat / AlitaliaOne Way12 Dec15 hours ago
Bucharest to TorontoAlitalia / Delta Air LinesRound Trip20 Dec to 7 Feb21 hours ago
Milan to SydneyBeijing Capital Airlines / AlitaliaOne Way12 Dec21 hours ago
Johannesburg to TorontoAlitalia / Air FranceRound Trip20 Dec to 31 Jan18 hours ago
Nairobi to TorontoAlitaliaRound Trip18 Dec to 4 Jan18 hours ago

Top Flight Deals on Alitalia
Montreal to AthensAlitalia / TAP PortugalOne Way26 May6 hours ago
Toronto to AthensAlitalia / TAP PortugalOne Way30 Dec15 hours ago
Toronto to RomeAlitalia / Air FranceRound Trip8 Apr to 15 Apr3 hours ago
Toronto to AmmanDelta Air Lines / AlitaliaOne Way10 Jun15 hours ago
Calgary to DelhiAlitalia / Delta Air LinesOne Way10 Jan9 hours ago
Montreal to DelhiDelta Air Lines / AlitaliaRound Trip1 Mar to 31 MarJust now
Toronto to DelhiAlitalia / Air FranceRound Trip17 Oct to 3 NovJust now
Toronto to BelgradeAlitalia / Air TransatOne Way3 Jan21 hours ago
Vancouver to RomeAlitalia / KLMRound Trip18 Feb to 25 Feb6 hours ago
Toronto to BelgradeAmerican Airlines / AlitaliaRound Trip5 Oct to 12 Oct15 hours ago
Alitalia Informations
  • Q: What is the official website of Alitalia?
  • A: alitalia.com is the official website of Alitalia.
  • Q: What is the base country of Alitalia?
  • A: Alitalia is based in Italy
  • Q: What alliance group is Alitalia part of?
  • A: Alitalia is a member of SkyTeam.
  • Q: In which year Alitalia was founded?
  • A: Alitalia was founded in 1946.
  • Q: What are the hubs of Alitalia?
  • A: Rome, Milan are hubs of Alitalia.
  • Q: What are the focus cities of Alitalia?
  • A: Naples, Turin, Venice are the focus cities of Alitalia.