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Asiana Airlines Airlines has a 5 star Skytrax rating.

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Over 108 Destinations

Asiana Airlines flies to more than 108 travel destinations.

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Star Alliance

Over 1316 destinations with Asiana Airlines and Star Alliance.

Asiana Airlines comes in One world Alliance

Founded in 1988

Asiana Airlines was founded in 1988.

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Last Minute Flights from Last Minute Flight deals on Asiana Airlines
Toronto to BeijingAir Canada / Asiana AirlinesOne Way26 Apr20 hours ago
Manila to TorontoAsiana Airlines / Air CanadaOne Way5 May11 hours ago
Toronto to SeoulAsiana Airlines / Air CanadaRound Trip28 Apr to 18 Jun2 hours ago
Manila to EdmontonAir Canada / Asiana AirlinesRound Trip4 May to 27 Oct2 hours ago
Manila to WinnipegAir Canada / Asiana AirlinesRound Trip1 May to 1 Jun8 hours ago

Top Flight Deals on Asiana Airlines
Manila to VancouverAsiana Airlines / Air CanadaOne Way31 Jan17 hours ago
Toronto to ShanghaiAsiana Airlines / Air CanadaOne Way5 Jul5 hours ago
Manila to SydneyAsiana AirlinesOne Way6 Jan5 hours ago
Toronto to SeoulAir Canada / Asiana AirlinesOne Way1 Jul11 hours ago
Manila to TorontoAir Canada / Asiana AirlinesOne Way31 May20 hours ago
Toronto to ManilaAir Canada / Asiana AirlinesRound Trip24 Oct to 14 Nov5 hours ago
Manila to TorontoAsiana Airlines / Air CanadaRound Trip30 Oct to 8 Nov20 hours ago
Winnipeg to ManilaAsiana Airlines / Air CanadaRound Trip12 Jan to 15 Feb8 hours ago
Delhi to TorontoAsiana Airlines / Air CanadaRound Trip1 Nov to 30 Nov5 hours ago
Edmonton to DelhiAir Canada / Asiana AirlinesRound Trip18 Oct to 6 Dec11 hours ago
Asiana Airlines Informations
  • Q: What is the official website of Asiana Airlines?
  • A: is the official website of Asiana Airlines.
  • Q: What is the base country of Asiana Airlines?
  • A: Asiana Airlines is based in South Korea
  • Q: What alliance group is Asiana Airlines part of?
  • A: Asiana Airlines is a member of Star Alliance.
  • Q: In which year Asiana Airlines was founded?
  • A: Asiana Airlines was founded in 1988.
  • Q: What are the hubs of Asiana Airlines?
  • A: Seoul is hub of Asiana Airlines.