10 Common Traveler Mistakes to Avoid


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1. Weather Conditions and Best Seasons to Travel

Certain countries actually provide you advice on the best times to travel. Many countries actually have monsoon warnings or other weather warnings that may prevent you from enjoying your trip or even worse, prevent you from even making it to your destination. Always ensure to check ahead of time when the best time to travel would be and ensure that there are no forecasted weather warnings.


2. Over Crowded Destinations

As travel is becoming increasingly popular, destinations are becoming jam packed with tourists from all over the world. Though some people enjoy interacting with other travellers, others have a maximum limit they can reach before their trip turns into an unenjoyable experience. Year after year more bloggers share their honest travel experiences to certain destinations. Make note of their tips and tricks on how to avoid over crowded destinations.


3. Finding Accommodations Close to Excursions that you want to visit

The planning stages of a trip are often far too exhausting and tedious to remember everything that you need to keep in mind. One of the most frequent problems travellers tend to run into is booking accommodations too far off the grid to where they would like to be. For example, you can’t assume that if you’re booking a hotel in London, England that you will be a walk away from the London Eye. Always landmark which sights you would like to see and then make sure that your accommodation provides easy transportation to and from these excursions.


4. Your Method of Transportation upon Arrival (shuttle bus, train, subway, etc.)

Assuming that every area will have convenient transportation is a big no-no. Many smaller cities don’t even have local taxis running and certain hours of the night, so to assume you will find a way home is to spoil your trip. Check the locations and times of shuttle buses, trains and subways before booking your destination.


. Cancellations – Always have a Backup Plan

Often times planning a trip and heading off for vacation isn’t as simple as A to B. Depending on how far you’d like to go you may have to take one plane to the next to the train to the subway to the taxi in order to get to your final destination. Though booking in advance is a great way to stay on schedule, you can’t always guarantee that cancellations and delays won’t happen. Always ensure you have a backup plan and try not to pack your schedule too tight or you won’t have any time to give up to delays and unforeseen circumstances.


6. Average cost of Goods at Local Destination

When you’re planning your vacation and taking money out during your preparation stages, make sure you are taking an amount out that will be suitable for the duration of your stay. Countries differ so much it is impossible to guess how much money to bring. Stay prepared and check the currency exchange and the average cost of goods before arriving at your destination.


7. Illnesses Prevalent in the Country

Those travel doctors aren’t there for no reason. Check online or go to a local clinic to find out if there are any current illnesses in the countries you will be visiting. Some countries require certain vaccinations and needles before arrival. Don’t risk getting sick and ruining your entire trip, go to the doctors and do your research ahead of time.


8. Dress Codes in the Country Visited

If you’re going somewhere warm and tropical, most people may decide to pack some breezy short shorts and a bikini. However, though this may be acceptable back home, there are many warm tropical countries that have dress codes and restrictions. This goes for men and women, always check if the country you are visiting has a dress code in place before packing for your destination. Though some countries may not have specific codes and rules in place, there will be a level of respect expected from visitors so always ensure you are up to date.


9. War or Criminal Activity going on

Depending on where you are visiting, you may want to check up on the war and criminal activity going on. Some countries at the moment even have a ‘no visiting’ policy in place which will limit your experience greatly.


10. Visa Requirements

Never get on any plane or try and cross any border until you have checked into the visa requirements. Some countries may not require a visa at all, some may require a visa upon arrival and some may require you to get it months before in your own country. This is one of the worse situations to happen if you’ve planned an entire trip and then can’t enter the country. Don’t make this mistake!



About the Author: Jenna Davis

I am a 20-something Canadian travel blogger whose home address is as unknown as the next destination I will be visiting. I run my own travel blog at www.giveforgranted.com with a focus on affordable travel and unique experiences. Helping keep our true north strong and free, I have also developed a non-profit organization which supports northern Canadians living in poverty. Give for Granted.

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