10 North American Haunted Houses Guaranteed to Make You Scream


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If your neighbor’s backyard haunted house just doesn’t seem to scare you anymore, there are plenty of others out there that will. With Hollywood special effects, movie-quality makeup and more talented actors than ever, terrifying haunted houses are becoming a Halloween past time. Try your scare tolerance at once of these 10 horrifying haunted houses that make it their goal to see you chicken out.

1. Erebus: 4 Story Haunted Attraction — Michigan, United States

Photo credit: Erebus
Photo credit: Erebus

Erebus, according to Webster’s dicitonary, is an ancient mythological word meaning “darkness under the earth.” This four-story haunted attraction in Pontiac, Mich., hailed as the largest in the world for a number years, but still remains one of the scariest as others have surpassed it in size. The house’s actors, animatronic monsters, creepy stairs, terrifying elevators and claustrophobic scares are just a few of the many sites that will send you running out of one of the house’s many “emergency exits” for terrified visitors.

Dates: September 19 – November 2

Price: $23-$28

2. PennHurst Asylum — Pennsylvania, United States

Photo credit: Fred Dunn
Photo credit: Fred Dunn

“PennHurst Asylum” sounds scary enough, but it’s not just the name that will scare you out of your shoes. The haunted house takes place in buildings that were originally part of the Pennhurst State School mental institution and later the Pennhurst Home for the Feeble Minded and Epileptic. The creepy building stood uninhabited for 24 years before the haunted house was created in 2010. Much of the asylum’s original furniture plays a role in this terrifying haunted house, and the talented actors, animatronics, well-planned scares and creepy attractions will have you begging for the exit.

Dates: September 19 – November 2

Price: $16 (one haunt) to $47 (four haunts)

3. 13th Floor Haunted House — Arizona, United States

Photo credit: 13th Floor
Photo credit: 13th Floor

Nobody wants to be the guest who stays on the 13th floor, and because it’s considered unlucky, many multi-story buildings have omitted the floor number entirely. The 13th Floor Haunted House in Phoenix will make you wish you’d never stepped off the elevator. New attractions for 2014 — Zombieland Lockdown and Dwelling of the Dead — make it easy to understand how 13th Floor continues to win awards for its nightmarish experiences.

Dates: September 19 – November 8

Price: $24.99 to $28.99 (fast passes and immediate access available for a higher price)

4. House of Torment — Texas, United States

Photo credit: Do512.com
Photo credit: Do512.com

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that’s certainly the case with the House of Torment Haunted Houses in Austin. This will be the 12th year for the House of Torment, and with three award-winning attractions, terrifying special effects and countless horrifying monsters, it promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Dates: September 19 – November 9

Price: $24.99 for general admission to $44.95 for immediate entry

5. Netherworld — Georgia, United States

Photo credit: MFer Photography
Photo credit: MFer Photography

The Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross, Ga., has been terrifying its guests since 1997. And this freaky haunted house has won awards year after year for its insane special effects, incredible actors, unmatched props and fear-inducing scenery. The haunted house is so impressive that many of its features have been used in the production of big-name films and TV shows like Halloween 2, Zombieland and The Walking Dead.

Dates: September 21 – November 8

Price: $23-$59 depending on date and Speedpass preferences

6. Screampark — Ontario, Canada

Photo credit: Bingeman's Screampark
Photo credit: Bingeman’s Screampark

This year presents four new attractions at the Screampark in Kitchener, Ontario, and they’re guaranteed to make more participants chicken out than ever (the chicken-out count is currently over 1,200). The Screampark is so scary that it’s not recommended for anyone under 12, and the Screampark staff makes it their goal to scare you out before the end.

Dates: September 26 – November 2

Price: $12 for one house visit to $66.60 for a season pass

7. Headless Horseman — New York, United States

Photo credit: Headless Horseman
Photo credit: Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses in Ulster Park, N.Y., are known for a terrifying corn maze, hayrides and haunted houses where even the bravest kids under 8 aren’t permitted. When you’re riding through the woods and see a headless horseman for yourself, you’ll understand why the Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses have repeatedly been named one of the top 13 haunted attractions in the United States.

Dates: September 20 – November 2

Price: $25 to $45.95

8. The 13th Gate — Louisiana, United States

Photo credit: The 13th Gate
Photo credit: The 13th Gate

The 13th Gate is one of the largest haunted houses in North America measuring in at 7,432 square meters with 13 frightening attractions. You may find yourself on a bridge above hundreds of live snakes, crawling through dark tunnels or crouching through a crematory oven. The 13th Gate is so terrifying, there’s no wonder why it’s been ranked among the best haunted houses in the world by AOL, MTV, Hauntworld.com, The Travel Channel, and tons of other world-renowned media outlets.

Dates: September 26 – November 8

Price: $25 for admission, $40 for VIP “skip all lines” admission

9. Haunt Manor — Ontario, Canada

Photo credit: Haunt Manor
Photo credit: Haunt Manor

Haunt Manor is located on a historically haunted site from the Battle of 1812. Bullets still line the walls from the Battle of Lundy’s Lane, and it is said that the Pew family, who mysteriously died in the house, still haunt the grounds to this day. Movie-quality make-up, talented actors, Hollywood special effects and unbelievably realistic costumes make Haunt Manor one of the scariest attractions in all of Canada.

Dates: September 26 – November 1

Price: $17.70-$30.97 based on the number of attractions you visit

10. Kersey Valley Spookywoods — North Carolina, United States

Photo credit: Spookywoods
Photo credit: Spookywoods

Just getting to the Spookywoods site in Archdale, N.C., can be a creepy experience as you drive down a dark, winding road through the woods with monsters and other spooky sights. Spookywoods offers 10 terrifying attractions with an attention to detail, makeup and actors above and beyond most others in the industry. Blood Feast, Terror Trams, Fright Lights and the Kersey Valley Asylum are just a few of the freaky attractions you’ll enjoy in the woods this year.

Dates: September 13 – November 8

Price: $25 for general admission to $50 for immediate access

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