10 Incredible Tips that will Help you Sleep like a Baby on Airplanes


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The way the airplane ‘experience’ usually works for most people is like this:
Plane ride #1 – Fantastic! Beautiful Sights! Exhilarating! Terrifying!
Plane ride #2 – Great Sights! Slightly Uncomfortable! Tiring!
Plane ride #3 – Okay, too tired to look out the window, I need sleep
Plane ride #4 – Where is the teleportation device already?

I’ve been on more plane rides than I can count and by the time I reached plane ride number 10, I was determined to find a way to enjoy my travel time. I also used my fail proof plan while in cars, trains, buses, etc. When I’ve watched all the movies the airline offers, finished reading my book front to back and tried every possible angle to sleep including accidentally cuddling my plane neighbour, it is time to bring out the secret weapon: my 10 step plan to enjoying my plane ride.

1. Bring earplugs
I always hated the feeling of earplugs in my ears and never even thought to pack them until I became desperate for a good nights rest. Though I find them uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes or so, the rest of my fail proof plan helps make this ride a seamless relaxing venture.








2. Bring a neck pillow

The headrests on most long distance airplanes will have foldable wings on the side to support your neck, use it! Bringing a neck pillow or one of those new fancy sweater hoods with inflatable sides is a wonderful way to fall asleep quick!


3. Bring noise-cancelling headphones
So many manufacturers today make noise cancelling headphones that you can actually find now at a rather affordable price. When you’re looking for some tunes to put you to sleep, remove the ear plugs and put on noise cancelling head phones that will knock out even the loudest of noises on the plane (babies crying, coughing, sneezing, etc.) Tip: white noise cancelling headphones are fantastic.


4. Take advantage of the inclusive wine on board
This is not to say that you should become an out of control drunk while on the airplane, don’t forget, this blog is about how to sleep like a baby not act like one. A couple glasses off inclusive wine from the airline always helps relax me and allows me to forget about the uncomfortable and limited leg room on board.


5. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and eating high sugar foods
Those warm chocolate brownies and refreshing soda pops that come with every meal on board may look rather tempting but try and store them away until you’re ready to wake up or you’ll be up the entire flight on a sugar high.


6. Put together a ‘airplane outfit’ which is both comfortable and appropriate
It has always boggled my mind when someone walks on in a tight fitted dress with stiletto heels, though looking dashingly beautiful, it doesn’t seem to be the most comfortable outfit when boarding a long haul flight. Plan ahead for what you are going to wear. Keep in mind that often times the airflow through the cabin can send a slight breeze through the aircraft and you may get chilly at times. My go-to airplane outfit is a pair of soft and stretchy leggings, a tank top and a pull over sweater. Wearing a lighter shirts with a warmer sweater will help you adjust to both cold and hold temperatures on board the aircraft.


7. Bring a travel mask
This is a new addition to my travel list, the travel mask. I never found them to be particularly useful until I tested it out using a free travel mask curtesy of the airline. With the lights going on and off in the cabin, the tv screens flashing different colours and the commotion going on when people are lined up for the washroom, the travel mask will block all of this from your sight.


8. Wear comfortable shoes – so when your feet swell it won’t be terrible
The cabin pressure in aircraft can often cause swelling of the feet. Try not to pack shoes too tight or too small for you because if you take them off at all throughout the flight, it will be quite difficult to put them back on upon arrival. Wear soft and comfortable slipper-like shoes when on the aircraft.


9. Pack some gum or something you can chew on
Packing something that you can chew/suck on like gum or lolly pops will help alleviate pressure through your sinuses cause by height elevation, and will allow you to have a peaceful rest.


10. Create a ‘sleepy-time’ playlist on your MP3 player
Get out those noise cancelling head phones and create yourself a ‘sleepy-time’ playlist on your iPod or MP3 player. Upload music that is soft and soothing and that you can typically fall asleep to at home.


And there you have it, 10 fail proof ways to sleep like a baby on a short or long haul flight! Eat, sleep and relax on your next trip from the minute you enter the plane!

About the Author: Jenna Davis

I am a 20-something Canadian travel blogger whose home address is as unknown as the next destination I will be visiting. I run my own travel blog at www.giveforgranted.com with a focus on affordable travel and unique experiences. Helping keep our true north strong and free, I have also developed a non-profit organization which supports northern Canadians living in poverty. Give for Granted.

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