10 Reasons You Should Visit South Africa


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In today’s jet-setter agenda, South East Asia and Europe are two popular destinations to visit. However, the more popular certain tourist areas become, the more opportunity to locals have to increase their prices for food, accommodation and much more. So try stepping out of that common comfort zone and experiencing something new and unique – try South Africa!


The Best Time to Visit South Africa: July to September
To my surprise, early October started to get a little chilly as the South Africans prepared for their winter months coming. In the dead of the summer it is often too hot to experience all that South Africa has to offer. Enjoy the warmth of July through to September while still feeling comfortable hiking around all day.

Though many people aren’t aware, South Africa is actually a very affordable destination for young jet setters. Equipped with hundreds of hotels, tourist transportation companies and tons of different African activities, South Africa is a hot choice to make this year for those travel savvy individuals!

Here are 10 reasons why you should be booking your next flight to South Africa:

1. Affordable

South Africa is actually an extremely affordable destination for today’s jet-setters. You pay the flight of course which can be a little pricey (unless you’re a whiz at booking flights) but once you arrive in South Africa, don’t expect to pay more than $2 a beer. Hotels are extremely affordable and you can expect luxury on a low budget here in South Africa. Comparatively speaking, South East Asia and South Africa are right on par for price points.


2. Luxurious

After personally backpacking the entire Garden Route of South Africa, I am happy to say that South Africa has some of the most luxurious hostels and hotela I have ever stayed in across the globe. For little money, you get great comfort and great views. Most hostels annd hotels are located in prime spots (on the beach, city centres, etc.)


3. Unique Culture

While traveling destinations that are heavily visited by tourists, a lot of the culture has been altered to amuse the tourists and to make the most money possible. South Africa still offers a very unique cultural experience. Many times in my one month travels I was personally invited into the homes of locals for homemade beer and traditional dishes like pap and vegetables.



4. Great Food

South Africa is well known for their Braai’s, they even have a ‘National Braai Day’ meaning ‘National Barbecue Day.’ Their meats are incredible, the flavour of their foods is delicious and they are always at affordable prices!


5. Great Friends

Dependent on what country you are visiting, often times the hotels you stay in will be very different from the next. However, the company is very similar! There are so many routes to take and places to see as a traveler that it is impossible to have the same travel schedule as another jet-setter. In South Africa, the common travel route is the beautiful Garden Route either from Johannesburg to Cape Town or Cape Town to Johannesburg. With these two routes, it is common to meet up with the same jetsetters and even plan your schedules alike. A much easier way to make friends while on the road!


6. Organized Travel

Given that many people view Africa to be unsafe for solo travellers and young female travellers, the South Africa Tourism Board has created so many ways for people to traveler safely. They have specified routes, incredible free guide books to follow and a travelers bus called Baz Bus.


7. Be Different

I think I’ve seen enough South East Asia and Europe photos from my friends Facebook’s to last a lifetime. Try doing something different, make your social appearance to the world in a unique way.


8. It is Safer than you think

Though there are always possibilities to run into problems while traveling, the tourism board in South Africa has made it extremely easy for travellers to be safe and happy on the road in South Africa.


9. Great Shopping

Surprised? I was too! South Africa has some of the best priced clothes in my closet today! Known as one of the greatest surf locations across the globe, they have many different brand name shops at discount prices along the shores. They also have other affordable fashion brands like my favourite, Mr. Price.


10. Amazing Game Reserves

Of course you could have guessed it! South Africa has some of the best game reserves across the continent. Experience safaris like never before in some of the lushest African forests!


Still not convinced? Check out what others have to say online and you’ll be booking your next trip to experience all that South Africa has to offer!


About the Author: Jenna Davis

I am a 20-something Canadian travel blogger whose home address is as unknown as the next destination I will be visiting. I run my own travel blog at www.giveforgranted.com with a focus on affordable travel and unique experiences. Helping keep our true north strong and free, I have also developed a non-profit organization which supports northern Canadians living in poverty. Give for Granted.

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