10 Travel Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep This Year


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A new year means you’re starting off with a clean slate, so it’s time to put all of the excuses behind and travel more in 2015. Although, promising yourself that you’ll travel more in the upcoming year is easier said than done. And as with most New Year’s resolutions, it’s easier to lose sight of your goal than it is to keep it.

These 10 travel resolutions are ones that you can actually keep this year, and they’ll get you out exploring more in 2015 than ever before.

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#1. Resolve to Take a Solo Trip


Traveling alone, whether near or far, is something every traveler should do at least once. Seeing a destination solely from your own perspective lets you form your own likes and dislikes without the influence of others. Traveling solo also means you’re more likely to meet new people and discover what areas of travel really make you happy.

#2. Resolve to Go Someplace New


Have you been visiting the same vacation destination year after year? Resolve to kick that old destination to the curb (at least for this year) and set your sights on a place you’ve never been. The new experiences, cultures, sights and foods might make your 2015 vacation the most memorable one yet.

#3. Resolve to Unplug


Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and social media have been distracting us from our sightseeing, relaxation and travel adventures for years. Resolve to set an “out of the office” reply on your email account and leave your smartphone in the hotel room while you enjoy your vacations this year. If you use your phone as a camera, limit yourself to taking photos and refrain from texting or checking emails by putting your phone on airplane mode.

#4. Resolve to Use Your Weekends Wisely


Weekends are opportunities for mini vacations that often go unused. Resolve to spend at least one weekend each month exploring a nearby destination that you’ve never visited. You’ll be amazed by the sights you see and adventures you experience in a two- to three-day span.

#5. Resolve to Learn More About Your Destination


Different travel destinations offer different languages, clothing and customs. Resolve to learn more about your destination before you travel, so you always act and dress respectfully. Familiarize yourself with local phrases, so you can be courteous by saying, “hello,” or “thank you.” Other phrases like, “Where is the bathroom?” will come in handy too.

#6. Resolve to Explore Your Own Country


Travel doesn’t always have to involve your passport. Chances are, you haven’t explored all of the great cities and vacation destinations in your very own country. Resolve to spend more time enjoying those breathtaking destinations that are actually close to home in 2015.

#7. Resolve to Eat Adventurously


One of the most enjoyable parts of traveling is tasting new cuisines. Resolve not to shy away from unfamiliar foods, and to always take advantage of chances to eat like the locals do. Steer clear of tourist traps and opt for the local cafe instead.

#8. Resolve to Keep Expectations at Bay


Not all tropical destinations are sunny year-round and not all ski destinations receive an epic snowfall once a week. Resolve to leave your expectations behind and enjoy all of the serendipity of travel.

#9. Resolve to Have Patience At the Airport and Beyond


Busy airports, delays and cancellations have a way of turning giddy travelers into grumpy ones. Resolve to stop whining and arguing about unfortunate flight situations that can’t be changed. Resolve not to allow your flight to or from a destination affect your opinion the place or its people.

#10. Resolve to Make Travel a Top Priority


Travel is beneficial to us in so many ways. Resolve to use all of your vacation days, and to aid your physical, mental and spiritual health by making travel one of your top priorities in 2015.

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Courtney McCaffrey is a travel writer and editor based in Wilmington, N.C, Mexico and around the world. In addition to writing, she lives for travel - seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and surfing new waves.

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