12 Travel Hacks that will Solve all your Problems


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If you’re heading out of town for the holidays. These travel hacks will make solve a lot of problems.

1. Load Google Maps in Advance with WIFI for Offline use

Here’s a useful hint about Google Maps – it can actually be used offline as well as long as you pre-set the final destination ahead of time. If you are in an area with WIFI access, load your route before leaving and then simply turn off the WIFI and head on out.


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2. Use ATMs instead of Money Converters

The best cash to carry with you is on a credit card. Whether you’re planning on exchanging money before you depart for holidays or exchanging bills while you’re in the country, your overall best bet to saving a few extra bucks is to remove cash from an ATM just like you would at home. The fees tend to be much lower and sometimes there is no fee from the machine at all.


3. Buy Groceries and Cook instead of Going Out

Shopping in the grocery stores can be just as fun as going out, if not more fun. Instead of saying “I wish I had of tried that” you can go on a full shopping spree through the grocery isles trying anything and everything you can get your hands on. Not to mention, you may also end up saving quite a few dollars eating in rather than going out every day.


4. Put a Dryer Sheet in your Luggage for Freshness

Depending on the type of travel you are embarking on, putting dryer sheets into your luggage might be a huge bonus. Laundry sheets leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean throughout your travels despite what you may be getting up to.


5. Fill your Shoes to Save Space

Putting socks into your shoes will save a lot of space in the long run. Another great tip is to put any liquids in your checked bag into your sneakers. Tying your liquids tightly into your sneakers may not only save you space but save you from cleaning up a soapy mess at your final destination.


6. Pre-plan your Airplane Wardrobe to Avoid Problems at Security

There’s nothing worse being so close to the boarding gate but having to be stopped by security a handful of times before successfully getting your hand luggage and boarding your plane. If you spend the time before your flight preparing what to wear, this may save you quite some time in line at security. Avoid belts, bobby pins, metal toed shoes, loose change and metal buttons.


7. Purchase a Portable Phone Charger/PowerBank

Whether I’ve forgotten my phone adapter, lost it or just completely forgot to pack the original charger in general, having a portable phone charger handy is always a great idea. Most portable phone chargers have the ability to charge your phone two times over before needing a power boost.


8. Take Significant Photos to Divide Trips on SD Card

Here’s where you can have a little fun with your organization. When it comes time to sitting down and organizing all your photos sometimes it’s a difficult and daunting task when you can’t remember where the pictures were taken or when the location changes. Try taking a ‘selfie’ in between destination or even something as simple as a picture of your hand. Doing so will allow you so better see where the divide needs to happen. My favorite: just taking a photo of the city/country sign before I enter.


9. Pack an EMPTY foldable plasticc water bottle

We capitalized empty because if you fill it up before the airport security check, you’re going to loose your nice handy water bottle that was packed intentionally for your trip. Look into buying a foldable plastic water bottle which expands when it’s full and has the ability to roll up and slide into a pocket after use.


10. Use Cheap Shower Caps to Cover Shoes

Though you may not want to use the shower caps after, this serves as a handy tool to protecting your clothes and other items in the suitcase from getting dirty. When you’ve organized your luggage nicely at the beginning of the trip, that’s one story, but when you’re half way through your trip rushing to your next destination and shoving all your shoes and clothes back into the suitcase, this is where those shower caps may come in handy.


11. Wrap all Cords around Metal Clips

This goes for jewelry as well – all long cords and chains that can get easily caught and tangled can be organized and individually wrapped around metal clips. You’ll be thanking us later for this handy tip when you’re not spending hours trying to untangle all your wires and chains.


12. Roll Instead of Fold

If you’re a seasoned traveller, you may have heard about this trick a few times and it’s true. Try rolling every piece of clothing you have in your suitcase instead of folding it. I know, I didn’t believe it the first time I did it either but through trial and error it did come out to be quite a success!


About the Author: Jenna Davis

I am a 20-something Canadian travel blogger whose home address is as unknown as the next destination I will be visiting. I run my own travel blog at www.giveforgranted.com with a focus on affordable travel and unique experiences. Helping keep our true north strong and free, I have also developed a non-profit organization which supports northern Canadians living in poverty. Give for Granted.


  • Careful with the exchange rates! It’s not always better to withdraw from the ATMs. In most cases, the bank charges you $4 to 6$ for just a withdrawal. Also, the exchange rate has an extra 2.5% exchange fee (credit cards). I used to prefer cards, but I found a better alternative, at least in the Montreal area: Globex 2000. Rates are higher than the actual market rate, but it’s lower than what you’d get with bank cards or credit cards.

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