13 fabulous things to do in 13 Canadian Provinces And Territories


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We Canadians are lucky. No matter where in this gigantic country we live, whenever we’re in the mood for an amazing outdoor adventure, we need stray no further than our own back yards. When the call of the wild beckons, here are some suggestions on how to respond:

1. British Columbia:
Snag yourself a salmon on Vancouver Island’s Campbell River, where King Salmon grow to weights of up to 32 kilos (72 pounds) – not only will you easily impress the folks back home, but you’ll have leftovers for months.

2. Alberta:

Take to the photogenic peaks of the Rockies. Outfitted with one of Reel Adventures’ “movie maps,” film buffs and nature enthusiasts alike can plan road trips that hit sites featured in a century’s worth of Hollywood Westerns.

3. Saskatchewan:

Get in touch with your inner Marlboro Man or Woman by heading for the (Cypress) Hills and checking into a working guest ranch where “chores” include rustling up cattle and hearty cook-outs beneath the vast Prairie skies.

4. Manitoba:

Take a Tundra Buggy and go polar bear watching around Churchill. The best time is the fall, when the bears congregate on the icy shores of the Hudson Bay for their annual seal hunt.

5. Ontario:

Hop aboard the Algoma Central Railway, a century-old railway that will whisk you through the splendid forests, lakes, and rugged Canadian Shield of the Agawa Canyon.

6. Quebec:

Go whale-watching along the St. Lawrence River where you’ll see more species (13) than in any other place on the planet, including gigantic blues whales that grow up to 25 meters (82 feet) and endangered belugas.

7. Nova Scotia:

Hit the road by driving down Cape Breton’s spectacular Cabot Trail in the company of soaring eagles, frolicking seals, and moose galore. Athletic souls can ditch the car and follow the trail by sea – in a canoe or kayak

8. New Brunswick:

During low tide, leave your footprints in the sands of Hopewell Cape, and check out the Hopewell Rocks, immense natural sculptures that will be covered by water 6 hours later (New Brunswick boasts the world’s highest tides).

9. Prince Edward Island:

Go tiptoeing through the tulips in PEI, where wildflowers grow like weeds. Come in June for the lupines, then stick around as fields and forests are invaded by Queen Anne’s lace, fireweed, and Lady’s Slipper orchids (the provincial flower).

10.Newfoundland and Labrador:

Check out the bergs! Newfoundlanders aren’t prone to bragging, but they’re proud of the fact that the province’s northern and eastern coasts are the best place in the world for iceberg viewing.

11. Northwest Territories:

Despite the chill factor, the NWT is a hot spot for dogsledding. Drive your own team of white huskies from Inuvik to the Arctic Ocean (yes, there are stops for marshmallow roasts).

12. Yukon:

For sheer spectacle it’s hard to beat the celestial light show offered by the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) – especially from the privacy of your own log cabin or steamy outdoor hot tub.

13. Nunavut:

Take to the untamed wilderness and join local Inuit hunters on a hunt for big game such as caribou, walruses, and musk-ox. Afterward, stick around for the preparation – and feasting (although raw walrus is an acquired taste, it’s ridiculously high in Omega-3 fatty acids).

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