15 Experiences for Less than 15 Euros in The Black Forest, Germany


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1. Freiburg Cathedral – 3,00 Euros

Just a few minutes down the hill into the heart of Freiburg city is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the area. The architecture is wonderful and the organs and bells are quite a sound to experience but don’t forget to climb your way up the top of the tower for an incredible shot of the Black Forest.


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2. Schauinslandbahn – 12,00 Euros

Even if you aren’t much of a hiker the Schauinslandbahn will take you up into the Black Forest and stopping at Die Bergstation restaurant with time for you to kick back, relax and grab a slice of cake and coffee. For 12 Euros you can buy a round trip ticket up and down the Schauinslandbahn while capturing a beautiful view of the forests and Freiburg city.


3. Have Black Forest Cake at Die Bergstation – 5,00 Euros

At the top of the Schauinslandbahn is Die Bergstation, one of the best places across Germany to find good quality Black Forest cake. Not to mention, this is one of the best places to get quite a hefty size piece of cake for a little money! You MUST try this while in the Black Forest.


4. Maislabyrinth Eutingen- 2,00 Euros

What might look like fun to a child may surprise you too! The ‘corn maze’ or Eutigen is along side the Black Forest tons of fun for the whole family!


5. Hike a Trail in the Black Forest – FREE

If you’re brave, you are welcome to explore the Black Forest on your own without any guided paths, but if you’re just looking for a relaxing stroll through the forests, there are plenty of hiking guides and trails to get you on the right path. Pop into any of the tourism boards along the way and educate yourself on the best routes to take.


6. Triberger Waterfall – 3,00 Euros

This is the countries largest running waterfall reaching to a whopping 163 meters high. If you manage to get there before the sun rises or sets, you will really notice the light illuminations that take place every day. Explore the tree house, beaches and beautiful hiking trails along side the Triberger Waterfall.


7. Black Forest Museum – 5,00 Euros

What a better place to visit while in the Black Forest than the Black Forest Museum?! Before you go over adventuring through the beautiful and dark luscious forests, take a pit stop at the Black Forest Museum to educate yourself on the journey you’re about to embark on.


8. Besucherbergwerk Gottes Segen – 5,00 Euros

This is known in english as the Visitors’ Mine and the “blessing of god.” Once an old silver mine, it now serves the purpose of educating visitors about the Black Forests’ lively past.


9. Weltgrosste Kuckucksuhr – 2,00 Euros

You’ve definitely heard of the Black Forest ham, maybe even the Black Forest cake but how about the infamous Cuckoo-Clocks? Triberg located within the Black Forest is a small town with an incredibly large presence of Cuckoo-Clocks. The Weltgrosste Kuckucksuhr is the world’s largest and oldest Cuckoo-Clock – that’s quite something, huh?


10.Hexenlochmuhle – FREE+

Open from 9:30 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening, the Hexenloch Mill is now used as a place for tourism and a quiet serene restaurant venue. Sit down for a drink or a bite to eat for less than 15 Euros.


11. Burgruine Madenburg – FREE +

What was likely built back in the 11th century by a Greek architect, is now a spot for catering, wonderful hosted events and a beautiful view of scenery and history. Stop by for the FREE view or grab a drink, sit back and relax.


12. Schinkenweg in Hoechenschwand – FREE

Though it sounds so beautiful in German, this destination is more commonly referred to as quite simply, the ‘Ham Trail.’ Though rather fitting coming from the land of Black Forest ham, this trail is 12km long with a wonderful opportunity to understand how the ham was cured through all these years and maybe even grab a sample for the road.


13. Schwarzwald Hochstrasse – FREE

Otherwise known at the ‘Black Forest High Street’ which is almost 1,000 meters above the sea level and one of Germany’s oldest most unique themed streets. Take a drive through the winding roads or catch a taxi for less than 15 Euros.


14. Keidel Mineral-Thermal Bath – 13,50 Euros

One of the most relaxing and unique experiences in the Black Forest is the Keidel mineral baths. Made with natural minerals, the pools and hot tubs in this facility are a dream come true.


15. Black Forest Roller Coaster – 11,00 Euros

Situated in the heart of the Black Forest is the world’s most exciting and unique roller coaster not just for children, but for people of all ages! Control your speed and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Black Forest during a thrilling ride to the bottom of the town.


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