18 Packing Hacks To Improve the Way You Travel


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With airlines charging for checked baggage and more carry-on restrictions than ever, packing for vacation has become as stressful as it is exciting. To beat the TSA blues, travelers have begun thinking up new ways to pack more efficiently, meet carry-on regulations and simply make traveling easier. These 18 travel hacks from around the Web will change the way you think about packing for all of your upcoming vacations.

#1. Use an empty sunglasses case to keep the cords to your electronics together in one place.


#2. Refill your miniature toothpaste tubes instead of buying new.


#3. Rip the articles you want to read out of magazines to save space in your carry-on.


#4. Use a dryer sheet to keep your luggage smelling fresh.


#5. Use contact cases to carry your liquid makeup.


#6. Organize your earrings in a pill container.


#7. Put underwear and bathing suits in shoes to save space.


#8. Use your debit card at an ATM to get the best exchange rate.


#9. Hide a little extra cash in a Chapstick container in case of emergency.

Photo credit: ganeshaisis
Photo credit: ganeshaisis

#10. Call the airline to rebook a missed flight instead of standing in line.


 #11. Make a list of what you packed and keep track of everything you didn’t end up using for future reference.


#12. Choose the security checkpoint farthest to the left. Because most people are right-handed, they tend to fill up the right lanes faster.

Photo credit: Mr. Bell
Photo credit: Mr. Bell

 #13. Clean out an old sunscreen bottle to secretly hold your money (or jewelry) at the beach.


 #14. Wrap your shoes in a shower cap to keep the rest of your luggage clean.

Photo credit: therogueginger
Photo credit: therogueginger

#15. Pack a power strip if you have a family full of smartphone users.


#16. Take screenshots of maps and directions if you’ll be turning your phone’s data off upon arrival.


#17. Find your flight status by typing your airline and flight number into a Google search.


#18. Use your smartphone as a wireless hot spot instead of paying for airport internet access.


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