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With the holidays fast approaching, I’m sure that many of you are still scrambling to find the perfect gift for the traveler on your list. Whether they frequently hit the road for business, or travel occasionally for pleasure, there are a number of products that can make those trips more comfortable and relaxing. Here are some suggestions for gifts that they’ll be happy to find under the tree this year, and make their future travels a bit more enjoyable.

Monster Outlet To Go Powerstrip
Lets face it, when we travel today we carry a lot more gadgets with us than we did in the past. Between smartphones, tablets, laptops, audio players and a variety of other electronic gear, there never seems to be enough outlets in a hotel room to keep everything charged. Thats why the Outlet To Go Powerstrip from Monster makes a great stocking stuffer. It gives travelers three outlets, plus a USB port, for keeping all of their power-hungry gear charged and ready to go. It comes in handy at the airport as well, where outlets are typically in very short supply. Price: $19.95

dciproducts_universaladapters_1_web_5 Module R Universal Travel Adapter
When traveling internationally a power-plug adapter is essential to ensure that all of our electronic devices can stay charged. Knowing which individual adapter is necessary for each country can sometime be confusing, as plugs can sometimes vary even in a specific region. That’s where the Universal Travel Adapter from Module R comes in handy, as it quickly and easily adjusts to fit whichever outlets are available. The compact adapter features a colorful design and is built to work in 150 different countries. This is a must-have for any globetrotter. Price: $22.50

mophie Juice Smartphone Battery Case
Keeping a smartphone charged while traveling can be a real challenge, especially if you’re using it often. The mophie Juice case can help alleviate this problem however as it includes an integrated battery built into its shell. This case fits snugly and securely over your iPhone 4 or 5, Samsung Galaxy S III or S4, or HTC One cell phones. Once in place, it provides as much as twice the standard battery life for your device, effectively doubling the amount of time you can talk, text or surf the web. It does all of that without adding any undue bulk, which is a remarkable feat in and of itself. The cases look elegant in their simplicity too, sticking with the attractive, minimalist design that most phones have these days. Price: varies by model, starts at $79.95

Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants
Ensuring your valuables are safe while traveling is always a major concern, but that is one thing you won’t have to worry about when wearing the Pick-Pocket Proof Pants from Clothing Arts. These travel pants offer up to three levels of protection to keep thieves at bay, including well placed zippers and buttons. This allows travelers to carry their wallets and other important items without fear, even in countries that are well known for their nimble pickpockets. But security isn’t the only thing thees pants bring to the table. They also happen to be quite comfortable and good looking as well. Available in both regular length pants and shorts, as well as in adventure and business stylings. Price: $99.95 (business), $109.95 (adventure)

ExOfficio GeoTrek’r Travel Shirt
ExOfficio is a company that has earned itself a reputation for creating excellent clothing for travel and outdoor adventure. The GeoTrek’r exemplifies that legacy completely by deftly blending a classic design with modern fabrics that are both quick drying and moisture wicking. A zippered chest pocket is perfect for keeping important items close at hand, while a mesh yoke along the back shoulders aids nicely with ventilation. The shirt is even provides UPF 30+ for protection against the sun, making it a great option for strolling a souk in Morocco or meeting friends at your favorite local restaurant. This is a shirt that packs well, resists wrinkles and has a design that will never go out of style. Price; $65

Brooks Range Mojave Down Jacket
Travelers who frequent cold climes know that down is the best insulator around, providing plenty of warmth without much bulk The problem is, once it gets wet, down becomes practically useless, which makes it a poor choice in inclement weather. But one of the best innovations in outdoor gear over the past few years is waterproof down, which resists moisture allowing it to maintain its insulating properties without freezing or clumping. The Mojave Jacket from Brooks Range uses waterproof down, making it a fantastic option for mountaineers, adventure travelers or those who live in cold places. Price: $299

  nikon-aw1 Nikon 1 AW1 Camera
Over the past few years, interchangeable lens system cameras have supplanted DSLR’s as the favorite amongst travelers. They are small, compact and lightweight, yet still offer the ability to swap out lenses as necessary. One of the best of these types of cameras is the Nikon 1 AW1, which also has the added advantage of being ruggedized against the elements. The AW1 is waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof, which means it can be taken into some extreme environments without fear of failure. It also happens to be fun to use, takes great photos, shoots HD video and has a variety of of Nikkor lenses to choose from. Price: $799 (one lens kit) or $999 (two lens kit)

Samsung WB250 Smart Camera
Not all travelers want to deal with carrying extra lenses and other photography gear with them when they hit the road, and for them I recommend a good point and shoot camera instead. One of the best around right now is the WB250 Smart camera from Samsung, which features an 18x zoom, a bright touchscreen interface, solid low light performance and a 14.2 megapixel CMOS sensor that captures excellent photos. It also has built-in WiFi and the ability to interact with your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to back-up your photos and share them on social media. Price: $179.99

Adventure Medical Kits World Travel Kit
There is nothing worse than being sick or suffering an injury while traveling, and not having the proper items needed to treat the affliction. But that is something travelers won’t have to fear while carrying the World Travel kit from Adventure Medical Kits. This pack contains enough supplies for up to four people on a prolonged trip, including medications to treat pain, inflammation, stomach viruses and allergies. It also provides wraps, bandages, moleskin and bandaids, not to mention scissors and forceps for performing your own minor procedures. The kit meets TSA standards for carry on items, has ample space to pack your own personal medications, and even comes with a comprehensive guide book to help with diagnosing and treating a wide variety of ailments. Price: $70

iPad Mini with Retina Display
The iPad has been the dominant tablet on the market since it was released a few years back, and yet it still manages to keep getting better with each incarnation. This year, Apple introduced the iPad Mini with Retina Display, delivering a very light and compact device with a stunning display that has to be seen to be believed. The Mini is a joy to watch movies on, read books, play games and do just about everything else you can do on its full size sibling, the iPad Air. The Mini’s size makes it a perfect travel companion, easily slipping inside a purse or carry on bag, while adding just a bit over a half pound to the weight. It manages to maintain its 10 hour battery life as well, which is simply remarkable in a tablet that offers cutting edge performance and such a brilliant screen. Price: $399 (16 GB), $499 (32 GB), $599 (64 GB)

images Phiaton Chord MS 530 Wireless & Noise Canceling Headphones
Finding a little peace and quiet on a long flight, or in a busy airport, can be a real challenge these days but a good set of headphones can often provide a sense of tranquility. Phiaton may have just created the Holy Grail of travel headphones, delivering amazing technology and sound in a fantastic package. Their new Chord MS 530 on-ear headphones use Bluetooth 4.0 technology to stream music from a phone, tablet or mp3 player wirelessly. Active noise canceling technology also keeps outside sounds, such as the roar of a jet engine, from creeping in. A built-in mic allows the user to take phone calls as well, while a rechargeable battery keeps the whole thing powered for up to 30 hours. Price: $299

RHA MA600i Noise Isolating Earbuds
Travelers looking for great sound without carrying a bulky set of headphones will find RHA’s MA600i earbuds an excellent alternative. They provide crisp, rich audio and a solid fit that isolates outside noise, in a compact package that weighs next to nothing and takes up little room in a carryon. An integrated mic and remote control allows users to easily pick-up calls without missing a beat. RHA even includes a hard carrying case to protect these earbuds while traveling. Price: $89.95

Aqualung HotShot Fins and Impulse 3 Flex Snorkel
For the active traveler on your list likes to dive or snorkel, Aqualung makes a variety of great products to help them enjoy their time on, and under, the water. For instance, the new Impulse 3 Flex Snorkel provides great performance while also having the ability to fold up to neatly to fit inside your carryon bag. Similarly, the HotShot fins are lightweight and compact as well, making it simple for travelers to take with them everywhere too. Both easily fit inside the Departure Carryon Bag, which was designed with Hotshot and Impulse 3 in mind. The bag has been built from the ground up to accommodate the needs of divers, providing them with plenty of space for their gear in a bag that can easily fit in the overhead compartment. Price: Impulse 3 Flex Snorkel $49; HotShot Fins $130; Departure Carryon $199

About the Author: Kraig Becker

Kraig Becker is a freelance outdoor and adventure travel writer who covers extreme sports, mountaineering and active travel. Based out of Austin, TX he writes about his own travels while encouraging others to seek their own opportunities for adventure where ever they go.


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