21 Ways to Experience the Adventure, Romance and Reef of Bora Bora


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Over-water bungalows, a crystal-blue lagoon and lush tropical scenery bless the South Pacific Island of Bora Bora with a land and sea to be experienced. The beauty of the beaches and diverse options for accommodations are enough to make this island a common tourist attraction, yet this small piece of land offers so much more in adventure, history and love.

Honeymooners, culture travelers and thrill-seekers can all have a vacation to remember in this French Polynesian island. The following 21 activities and excursions will offer you a vast choice of action and relaxation for your Bora Bora getaway.

Adventurous Excursions

1. See the island on a 4×4 Jeep Safari where you’ll visit villages, learn about WWII historical sites and view the scenery with awe and wonder.



2. Fly on the water by Jet Ski or Hobbie Cat.

Riding On A Jet Ski On Vacation At Sunset


3. Want to feel like you’re walking on water? Stand up paddle boarding can be your method of travel to see the best spots on the island. Lessons and tours for all skill levels.

young couple with their paddle board in hawaii


4. Be exhilarated by kitesurfing the turquoise lagoon. Take some lessons then do your own thing with the energy of the wind.

Kite Boarding, Fun in the ocean, Extreme Sport


5. Experienced hikers will love the challenge of the reaching the summit of Mount Pahia that boasts a vigorous 4-hour climb for fit and experienced hikers and the reward of an amazing view from the top!

Photo Credit: CC Didierlefort via Wikimedia Commons


6. Hike up Mount Otemanu as far as its surface will allow. This extinct volcano has unstable peaks that won’t allow for climbing to its summit.

Photo Credit:CC Sergio Calleja


7. Explore the past of Bora Bora with an excursion to some of the Marae Temples that were used by the ancient Polynesians for religious and cultural ceremonies. Find the ancient carvings of turtles in the stone.

Photo credit: CC Makemake via German Wikipedia


Romantic Experiences

8. Take your love horseback riding on Ranch Reva Reva. They offer moonlight rides as well as day trips.



9. Rent a small boat to explore the lagoon on your own and take in the panoramic view of the island.

Photo Credit: CC Kat Kellner


10. Have a picnic on one of the privately owned small sandy islands called motus. With a view that takes in the splendor of Mount Otemanu, this experience will be hard to forget.

Photo Credit: CC prelude2000


11. Learn about the fascinating life of a pearl from the birth in a black-lipped oyster through the two year period of development to the magical moment of maturity at The Farm of the Bora Pearl Company

Oyster; black pearl


12. Travel the Circle Island Road by bicycle, scooter or car and enjoy the places of interest at your own pace.

Photo Credit: CC Olivier Bruchez


13. Have some romantic one-on-one time with your lover on a private honeymoon photo tour where you’ll see the special sights, snorkel the lagoon and enjoy a memorable couple’s photo shoot.

Boat on Lagoon


14. Take a lagoon tour to witness the natural beauty of the island and the variety of clear blue hues of the lagoon.


Underwater Wonders

15. Experience the Lagoonarium on one of Bora Bora’s motus (small islands that form the outer ring of the lagoon). Like a visit to an aquarium, but no glass. You’ll see these tranquil creatures in their natural habitat.



16. Especially for the water-loving tourist, snorkel through the many coral gardens that promise an up-close experience with marine wildlife.



17. Get personal with the life in the sea while diving in one of the prime diving sites around the island. Beginners and experts will feel the thrill of this underwater adventure.



18. Take in the island from the air with a helicopter tour that will allow you to see the peak of the mountains, the dramatic cliffs and the blue clear scene of the lagoon.



19. Love the marine life but not the water? A glass bottom boat tour will be the highlight of your trip. The colourful coral and active wildlife will amuse and enthrall.

Underwater landscape with couple of Butterflyfishes and turtle


20. Feed the sharks, swim with the rays – everyone comes out alive! Lagoon snorkeling is an activity you’ll want to experience in this rich aquatic region.



21. Dive for your very own Tahitian black pearl.



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