20 Places in Greece You Have to See to Believe


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Whether you’re seeking the sites of ancient cities and historic ruins or complete seclusion with a beach chair next to the sea, these 20 Greek destinations are places you simply have to see to believe.

#1. Heraklion

Heraklion may be the largest city in Crete, but you won’t find skyscrapers in this urban center. The city’s development began as early as the 9th century, and visitors can still admire sites — such as the original fortification walls of the “old city” — from right around that time.


#2. Shipwreck Bay

Also known as the beach of Navagio, Shipwreck Bay is a picture-perfect beach on the coast of Zakynthos that’s worthy of leaving your beach reading behind, so you can just sit back and admire.


#3. Delphi

In ancient times, Delphi was regarded as the center of the world — the place where heaven and earth meet. The site’s age may be what draws you there, but the mystique and surrounding natural setting are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


#4. Mykonos

The white-washed houses, winding streets and more modern society of Mykonos provide the perfect combination of old and new. You may head to the island for its well-known nightlife scene, but you’ll end up staying to explore its unique personality.


#5. Meteora

The cliffs of Meteora stand 366 meters tall, and the historic monasteries perched on top of them will simply blow you away.


#6. Naxos

Towering mountains, golden beaches and the city life of Hora make Naxos one of the most diverse of all the Greek islands, but it’s the traditional villages nestled high in the mountains that are a must-see.


#7. Milos

The volcanic origins of Milos have created the vibrantly colored beaches and gorgeous waters that are the grounds for its appropriate nickname, “the island of colors.”


#8. Peloponnese

Combine ancient Greek archaeological sites — from Byzantine churches to Mycenaean palaces — with untouched mountainsides, forests, rivers and beaches, and you’ve got one of Greece’s most desirable tourist destinations.


#9. Rhodes

Whether you intend to lounge on Rhodes’ gorgeous beaches or explore the capital city inside and out, you’re guaranteed to be blown away by its natural and architectural beauties.


#10. Koufonisia

Caves, deserted beaches, azure waters and a laid-back lifestyle lure visitors back to the two islands of Koufonisia again and again.

Photo credit: Nasos Efstathiadis
Photo credit: Nasos Efstathiadis

#11. Kithira

From the breathtaking sunsets over the Aegean Sea to the waterfalls of Fonissa and the winding streets of Chora, Kithira is considered one of Greece’s most romantic (and scenic) destinations.


#12. Symi

Roughly 2,500 neoclassical homes dot the beaches of Symi making it the perfect place to indulge in a bit of Greek culture and beach-combing at the same time.


#13. Folegandros

Tourists may be flocking to the other Cycladic islands in droves, but the craze hasn’t quite hit the unspoiled and laid-back atmosphere of Folegandros yet.


#14. Corfu

Corfu is one of Greece’s more cosmopolitan destinations, and that’s what makes it ideal for visitors seeking a mixture of post-card-worthy sea views, historic monuments, palaces, fortresses and modern city life all in one place.


#15. Spetses

Escape the non-stop action of nearby Athens for a day or two of wandering the cobblestone streets, taking carriage rides and indulging in the luxurious hotels, restaurants and bars of Spetses.


#16. Skiathos

With over 60 beaches along 40 kilometers of coastline, you’ll never have to fight over sunbathing space on the picturesque island of Skiathos.


#17. Chania

City lovers will find paradise in this second-largest city of Crete. With some of the finest dining in the country and architectural styles taking visitors back through the centuries, Chania is a must-see for foodies, history buffs and everyone in between.


#18. Lesvos Island

When you’re looking to escape the more popular, tourist-laden island of Greece, there’s no better place than Lesvos Island. Despite its large size (it’s the third largest Greek island), Lesvos has been virtually untouched by tourism and remains a scenic place to find some solitude.


#19. Parga

Parga’s small-town feel, mountainside houses, olive groves and golden beaches have made it one of the locals’ favorite places to unwind and enjoy a quiet getaway filled with quaint shops and classic Greek fare.


#20. Skopelos

Skopelos Hollywood debut in “Mamma Mia,” has made it a more popular tourist destination, but the island hasn’t lost any of its natural beauty. The crystal clear waters, natural monuments, pristine beaches and Pelion architecture are something you have to see off of the big screen.


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