These 24 Animals Are Definitely Ready to Travel



We’re not the only ones that get excited to travel. Animals do too! When you gotta go, you gotta go.
Here are 24 animals definitely ready to travel.


“I HAZ been around the world!”

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“I’ll meet you there!”

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“I’ll take myself good sir”

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“All these dogs on this plane.”

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“I’m going with or without you.”

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“Air, land, sea… doesn’t matter. I’m going!”

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“Zzz… DISNEY LAND .. zzz”

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“They see me Scoochin’, they Hatin'”

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“Will drive myself if I have too”


“Doggy train!”

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“Where’s our next adventure human!?”

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“Are we there yet?”

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“I got first class for cuteness!”

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“I miss my ciudad.”

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“I’ve been waiting since 1973…”


“i is patiently waiting…”

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“I’m so excited! please don’t let go.”



“Did you book +1 me yet?”

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“I was born ready.”


“I’ll take myself thanks!”



“Chillin’ with my doggies.”

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“Are we clear yet?”

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“Lets go! I fits!”

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