3 Unique Tokyo Experiences



What is there to see in Tokyo? Think about it. What comes to mind? Personally, my ‘must-do’ before visiting Tokyo included the statue of Hachiko, the famous pedestrian crossing in Shibuya, the Tsukiji fish market… and that’s it. This may lead you to think that a couple of days in the Japanese capital are enough, when in fact to visit it from top to bottom would take months, or even years. We spent a week in Tokyo, and these are the three unique experiences that we liked the most!



Tokyo is full of ‘themed’ cafés – from the famous maid cafés, to cafés dedicated to all kinds of animals, from owls to parrots, hedgehogs and even goats. We decided to visit a ‘neko café’ and spent a couple of hours with the hosts, ten cats of all different colors! We chose a cat cafe away from the tourist circuit: Temari no Ouchi, in the Kichijoji district.



After a hard day’s work in the office, Tokyo locals often visit izakaya, the local version of pubs, for a snack and a glass of beer or sake. There are many izakaya around Tokyo, but the best are hidden in the basement of the stations or in the depths of shopping centers. The highest concentration of izakaya is probably around Shimbashi station – just follow the crowds and spend a night izakaya-hopping with locals. If you are having trouble ordering, ask around and someone will definitely help!



Lovers of Japanese comics and cartoons shouldn’t miss Akihabara, a district full of stores selling anime and manga fandom merchandise, where you will also find the Tokyo Animation Center, a free anime museum! And there’s more around Akihabara – maid cafés, vintage videogame arcades and malls with all kinds of weird merchandise like oversized dolls and super-detailed sets to make model trains, planes or battleships!


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