3 Unforgettable Ways to Experience the Northern Territories of Canada



The Northern Territories of Canada is a place that still lives free, wild and big-hearted. It’s a destination filled with adventure and purity, and it’s more accessible than you may think.

We’ve uncovered three unforgettable ways you can experience the best of Northern Canada in seven days or less, so you can plan your next trip and not miss out on this area’s unforgettable magic and wonder.

1. Kings of the Arctic Safari

Photo credit: Arctic Kingdom

Few Northern Territories experiences are more exhilarating than spoting the Arctic’s largest and most majestic animals (walrus, whales and polar bears) up-close-and-personally. The summer months are some of the best for wildlife spotting in the arctic, and you will undoubtedly get your fill on a journey to the heart of Canada’s High Arctic on Arctic Kingdom’s seven-day expedition, Kings of the Arctic Safari.

Arctic July 10 - 20 2010 Hall Beach, Foxe basin,Nunavut, Canadian High Arctic, Canada Arctic Kingdom walrus expedition Tourists shooting video and photographing a group of walrus at close quarters from the safety of their boat. Walrus haul out on pack ice to rest and sunbathe. The animals flush pink when the surface capillaries open to help cool the animal.

Surrounded by scenes of glistening ice and crystal-clear waters, this region draws in whales, polar bears and walrus for unbeatable photography and wildlife viewing opportunities. 

Led by seasoned Inuit guides and Arctic Kingdom Expedition Leaders, this Arctic Safari outing allows you to experience the spectacular Northern environment of Foxe Basin. You’ll take in breathtaking panoramas and incredible ice formations before indulging in gourmet meals at the Arctic Safari Camp.


Visitors will spend days exploring the region by boat and capturing photographs of walrus pods, bowhead whales, polar bears, seals and migratory birds. Picnics on floating ice pans and excursions to ancient Thule and modern-day Inuit settlements are the icing on the cake.

With almost 24-hours of sunshine in July, dusk moves directly into dawn, creating a dramatic play of light and shadow for incredible photography. It’s the true land of the midnight sun.

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With awe-inspiring scenery, possible sightings of bowhead whales, walrus basking in the sun, and polar bears on pack ice, Kings of the Arctic is an experience of a lifetime and a true delight for adventurers, families and photographers.

2. The Northern Lights


If you’re looking for a little less adventure and place to unwind and explore the Aurora Spectacular, one of the most incredible and memorable experiences period, this is the trip for you!

There are two prime viewing seasons to choose from (summer/autumn or winter/spring) and both cabins and the main lodge are available to rent through the Blachford Lake Lodge & Wilderness Resort.

With well-marked trails, cozy wood fires and a ton of additional activities available–this is truly the best way to experience one of the planet’s greatest natural wonders. This is the closest to the Aurora any earthbound spectator ever gets.

There are a few packages to choose from through Blachford that last 2-7 nights and includes a wide variety of activities which includes a plane trip, use of seasonal equipment, and much more.


The daily activities available will quickly fill up your time here and will enhance the experience far beyond the Aurora itself.


Tick this one off your bucket list!

All photos credited to blachfordlakelodge.com

3. Floe Edge Ski and Kayak


The Ultimate Arctic Expedition. Explore, film and photograph one of nature’s most amazing and variable landscapes while experiencing the true North.

This is a truly classic arctic adventure where you get to travel by snowmobile and “Qamutik” (wooden sled) towards the floe edge, which is a giant sheet of ice in an area known as the “line of life”.

To get the adventure started you’ll be lead by highly qualified Black Feather & Inuit guides to set up a basecamp which serves as the hub for all the expeditions and adventures that await over the days spent on location.


The trip includes 6 nights of camping, meals and snacks and all the equipment you would need to have a one-of-a-kind of adventure while in Northern Canada.

The basecamp itself has a kitchen/group tents, a bathroom, generators, cooking stoves, utensils and dishes etc.


The sleeping tents are free-standing custom expedition domes with sleeping bags and pads, that can fit 2 adults so you can choose who to bunk with.

As far as equipment for activities goes, everything will be provided including kayak and ski equipment.


You’ll truly experience an incredible environment like no other both by ski and kayak throughout your days on location.

Daily tours by snow machine are available on Days 3 to 7 which is a great way to experience the vast and open land.


Beyond kayak and snow machining, other activities in the area include, hiking, sightseeing, exploring and plenty of fun and engaging opportunities to connect with the group.

It almost feels like a tight knit community here, where you get to build and develop relationships while being on an extraordinary adventure together.


On top of everything, you’ll also have a chance to see polar bears and a variety of species of seabirds, narwhal, seals, and possibly the massive bowhead whale.


This truly is a must-see place for wildlife and wilderness observers and lovers of nature.

photo credits go to: blackfeather.com

Regardless of the way you choose to experience the Northern Territories of Canada you will not be disappointed.

With deep roots, diverse cultures, stunning skies and weather that’s wild and wonderful, the Northern Territories is the best place on Earth for thrill seekers, nature lovers and adventurers alike.


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