4 Reasons You Must Visit Newfoundland



Newfoundland and Labrador is one of Canada’s most beautiful destinations, with its towering, rocky shoreline, rich history, and unique cuisine. The people who are lucky enough to call this stunning province home are world-renowned for being friendly hosts, delighting in sharing their culture. Labrador is part of the mainland, while Newfoundland is an island spanning more than 400,000 kilometres.

If you head to Newfoundland in July, you’ll be there in prime snow crab season, and may be lucky enough to experience the rolling of a small fish called the capelin.


Dip a bucket into the frigid Atlantic ocean and fry up these delicious little fish, or order them at any one of the island’s incredible restaurants.



Enjoy a traditional Jigg’s Dinner (the perfect comfort meal) while learning the history of the last province to join Confederation in Canada.



Rich with Irish history, the music of Newfoundland is rollicking and inviting. It’s impossible not to want to get up and stomp your feet along with the shanties. Thanks to popular musicians like Shanneyganock, Great Big Sea, Ron Hynes, and The Irish Descendants, the modern music is a perfect combination of traditional and modern styles.


If you’re lucky enough to be in St. John’s during the George Street Festival, you’ll experience a celebration like no other – the street is shut down, while the multitude of clubs, pubs, and bars that line it open their doors as live music is played by musicians of all kinds. It’s remarkable, and something not to be missed!


In 1000 AD, Vikings settled in Newfoundland at L’Anse Aux Meadows, which is thought to be the first evidence of European contact with North America ever. They were followed by English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese fishermen and explorers around 1500 AD. The history of the land is full of Beothuk mystery, despite the sad fact that there are no Beothuk peoples remaining today, having been completely wiped out by settlers.

Evidence of the deplete cod fishery remains strong today, and some communities have transitioned into snow crab fishing. Many livelihoods still rely on the ocean’s bounty, and the sheer determination of early settlers there still runs strong through the blood of the people.




Whales, icebergs, gargantuan cliffs, beautiful flora and fauna – Newfoundland has it all. A nature lover’s dream, the island teems with beautiful vistas and remote trails that let you believe in magic.



Whether traveling alone, with a family, or with friends, Newfoundland has so much stunning beauty, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to visit.

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