4 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Dream Trip



The moment has come, and you’ve finally made the decision to take your dream trip on a multi-month adventure across the globe.

Before you dive into planning every last detail for your massive undertaking, consider these tips to ensure your journey is the best it can be!

1) Have a Rough Itinerary Planned Out

When it comes to planning a multi-month trip, it can be quite easy to get lost into the details of planning. Although a journey of this size may give you a sense of freedom that could make you want to do it all on a whim, having a rough itinerary planned out in advance will ensure you get to see all the places you want and have enough time to enjoy them all in the process.

2) Deal with Visas and Financials in Advance

Once you have your rough itinerary sketched out, be sure to take into account all finance and bureaucratic topics in advance as these can be some of the biggest time wasters when on the road. Namely, prepare for all visas that must be acquired before your visit and notify your bank and credit card companies of your intended destinations to ensure a seamless transition to your discounted trip.

3) Be Flexible

In point number one, the key term used was a rough itinerary, and that term is used for a reason- with a trip of longer duration comes the freedom to explore! Having your general idea laid out in advance is perfect for making sure you see what you want, but planning stops as you go helps ensure you may be able to relax and stay a bit longer in places you truly enjoy, and even get to places you may not otherwise see on a short trip! Although be careful to note that this is often a lot easier in places like Asia, where booking transit last minute is easy, versus Europe, where transit books in advance, or Africa, where set public transit is hard to come by at all!

4) Be Prepared to Want More

When it comes down to it, taking a longer journey than normal is only the tip of the iceberg. When you travel, your desire to see the world compounds and becomes stronger and stronger. Do not be surprised if your multi-month trip is not your first, and be fully prepared to embrace more in the future!






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