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For some people vacations mean a silent (read: turned-off) phone. For others phones are their primary means of capturing the trip — especially if they’re wired into Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share all the details. If you’re the latter type of traveler, here are essential iPhone travel accessories that will keep you charged, protected, and jamming all the way through your trip!

Atlas Case by Incipio

Atlast You’ll never have to miss capturing another underwater moment with the ATLAS Waterproof case by Incipio. Whether protecting your phone from sand, water, or dust, the ATLAS case seals your phone airtight so that nothing can sneak inside. Plus, the screen is made from tempered glass so you can easily see texts and use the touch screen without without removing your phone from the case. It’s also surprisingly lightweight, enabling you to pack your phone on most any adventure.

The ATLAS case also comes with a one year warranty for both your iPhone AND case. So, if your iPhone breaks from water damage while in an ATLAS case, Incipio will replace or repair both your iPhone and  case.

Belkin Tune Base FM Hands Free Device

Belkin_TuneBaseD_Lightning This easy-to-use device designed for both iPods and iPhones enables users to listen to music from their phone — or even talk — through a car stereo. No tangled wires or special installation is required. ClearScan technology allows you to search for the strongest local radio frequency for uninterrupted transmission, which it then uses to transmit sounds from your phone to your radio.

When a phone call comes in, music fades and the caller is announced so that users needn’t fumble with their phone. The device stays fully charged throughout the drive as the cradle draws power from car lighter for non-stop beats. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Belkin Grip Battery Case for iPhone 5

belkin-battery Never worry about running out of battery life again! The Belkin Grip Battery Case doubles the battery life of an iPhone with the simple switch of a button. It also protects iPhone’s with it’s shock resistant case, which also features a headphone port, microphone, and speaker, to keep calls sounding crystal clear.

IDAPT i1Eco Universal Charger

IDAPT_I1ECO Finally… no more tangled bundles of different charging cords! The eco-friendly Idapt iEco, which is made of recycled materials, charges up to two different devices simultaneously. The charger uses both an interchangeable tip point and USB charging port so it is compatible with more than 4,500 devices, including Apple products, Bluetooth products, Blackberries, and digital cameras.  You can customize the package and choose from more than 20 tips online. The Idapt Universal Charger also comes with a car plug and features an energy saving feature that turns the charger off when it’s not in use or charging is finished.

Personalized iPhone Case from Uncommon

Uncommon For a personalized touch on your travels, customize an Uncommon phone case. Whatever image you choose, the images come out crystal clear and won’t peel or fade. There are also premade designs to choose from that will jazz up your phone. Covers are also available for other Apple devices, including the iPad, iTouch, and Macbook Pro.

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