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Photo Credit: Kraig Becker
Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

One of the great joys of travel is discovering the amazing landscapes that a new destinations can reveal. Whether hiking along a mountain trail, driving through a remote desert or simply sitting in the sand on a lovely beach, there is an undeniable pleasure to simply sitting back and taking in the beauty of our surroundings. But that beauty seems to only be enhanced by the light of the setting sun. The warm glow of twilight casts long shadows across the Earth that are both tranquil and breathtaking. With that in mind, here are 5 great places to catch a sunset from around the globe.

Northern Territory, Australia

Australia’s vast and untamed Northern Territory provides visitors with the quintessential Outback experience. Much of the NT is a rugged wilderness that is equal parts beautiful and demanding. During the dry season, much of the backcountry is burned off in order to prevent uncontrollable wildfires, and the smoke and ash tends to hang in the air, enhancing the reds, pinks and yellows of the sun’s last light. While Northern Territory sunsets are fantastic just about everywhere, I’d recommend a cruise aboard a sailing ship just offshore from the NT’s capital of Darwin for the most absolutely stunning views.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

With an almost unbelievable number of shades of reds and golds splayed out across its towering sand dunes and massive rock faces, Jordan’s Wadi Rum is a captivating landscape any time of the day. In the early evening, the region, which was once famously home to Laurence of Arabia’s ragtag resistance fighters, becomes ablaze with light and shadow. At that time of the day, the landscape becomes eerily quiet and the Earth practically stands still, bringing an unexpected peacefulness that is both welcome and profound.

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

The Serengeti, Tanzania

The Serengeti is well known for being one of the best safari destinations in all of Africa. During the annual Great Migration, there are literally hundreds of thousands of animals on the move across its wide open plains. But the endless grasslands of the Serengeti also make for a dramatic backdrop for beautiful sunsets as well. Watching that glowing ball of fire slowly sink behind an acacia tree, while a herd of elephants wanders off into the twilight, is a sublime experience to say the least.

 Maui, Hawaii

Selecting Hawaii probably seems like a bit of a cliche, but when a destination lives up to the hype, it is well worth mentioning. Watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean from just about any beach on Maui will deliver a memorable experience that travelers will be raving about for years to come. But for the best views, head to Launipoko Beach Park, a favorite destination for the locals that is generally free from too much traffic.

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Atacama Desert, Chile

Located in northern Chile, the Atacama Desert is the driest place on the planet. Caught in the rain shadow of two mountain ranges, there are places in the Atacama that have not seen precipitation in recorded history. This makes for a rugged and harsh environment that features towering sand dunes, snowcapped peaks and a surprising amount of geothermal activity. As twilight creeps across the land, those landscapes are awash in shades of red and yellow, giving them a glow that must be seen to be believed. Catching a sunset over the massive salt flats in the area only adds to that otherworldly feel.

Have you witnessed a particularly breathtaking sunset in your travels? Where were you when you had your most memorable twilight light show?

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