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Photo credit: CGP Grey
Photo credit: CGP Grey

North America is one of the most road-trip friendly continents on the planet. Whether you’re traveling across Canada, south through the United States or beyond to the warm temperatures and dusty roads of Mexico, there’s always a new route to take and a long list of adventures awaiting. But every unforgettable road trip comes with plenty of preparation, and these five road trip accessories are the ones you won’t want to leave home without.

Yakima Base Rack System

No vehicle is fully prepared for adventure without a Yakima Base Rack System. As the most trusted name in vehicle racks, cargo boxes and countless other ways to carry your gear, every Yakima product is built to last. Start with the Yakima Base Rack System designed to suit your vehicle, and you’ll be able to alter it to suit your adventure needs, whether you want more space for camping gear, kayaks, surfboards, mountain bikes or countless other items. The Yakima website makes it easy to search for the racks that will fit your car and your interests best, so you can stop worrying about how to carry your gear and start hitting the road.

Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket

Whether you’re snoozing in the back seat, setting up a picnic or pitching a tent for the night, the Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket is guaranteed to be one of your favourite travel items. Featuring a DWR-treated 20D Ripstop nylon shell and 600 fill down insulation, this blanket is designed to repel odors, water, pet hair and all of the grime associated with road travel and sleeping outdoors. The one-person model weighs just 1.2 pounds and the two-person weights just 2.1 pounds, which means you can pack your favourite blanket into tight spaces and pull it out whenever it’s needed.

Pelican Elite 20-Quart Cooler

Major advancements have come to the cooler industry in recent years, and the Pelican Elite 20-quart cooler is one that offers a lot of bang for your buck. The Pelican company has been making scientific expedition equipment since 1976, and you’ll reap the benefits of their decades of hard work with this next-generation cooler, featuring a freezer-grade seal. The 20-quart Elite is just the right size for your backseat, measuring just 47.8-centimetres in length, and the lifetime guarantee means you’re bound to put it to use year after year.

Grand Trunk Ultralight Travel Hammock

It’s not a true road trip adventure until you’ve reached a destination and strung your hammock between two trees. Grand Trunk Ultralight Travel Hammocks weigh just 12 ounces and can be packed just about anywhere, including underneath the front seat of your vehicle. The Ultralight Starter Hammock costs just $19.99 and can hold up to 200 pounds.

Photo credit: Best Gear Designs
Photo credit: Best Gear Designs

RinseKit Pressurized Portable Shower

If your road trip involves camping, you don’t want to travel without the RinseKit Pressurized Portable Shower. For just under $90, you can travel with your very own hot or cold shower and spend more time exploring uncharted territory. The RinseKit features a 2-gallon pressure chamber, folding handle for easy carrying, easy-to-remove lid, built-in ruler (for measuring your daily catch), a 6-foot hose, hose adapter and several other features to keep you comfortable and clean in the most rugged areas. Roughing it on your 2017 road trip just got a whole lot more enjoyable.


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