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(Photo credit: Travel Yukon)
(Photo credit: Travel Yukon)

Most people come to the Yukon for outdoor adventures and for spectacular wildlife viewing. It’s not known as a foodie destination and yet, it’s amazing what’s produced in this territory. (Hint: a lot more than snow cones!) Here’s a look at the best places to get a taste of the Yukon when in Whitehorse.

(Photo credit: Travel Yukon)
(Photo credit: Travel Yukon)


Sit outside on the large patio overlooking the Yukon River or saddle up inside this restaurant that’s kitted out to resemble a paddleboat. The tasteful heritage theme doesn’t distract from your dining experience, which is a good thing because you’ll want to focus on what’s described as Yukon casual cuisine. Chow down on grilled arctic char, bison shepherds pie or savoury elk bolognese penne. The children’s menu goes beyond the usual suspects serving up smaller versions of the most popular menu items. Just be sure you save room for Ruby Range, a sundae topped with low bush cranberries.

Location: 170 2237 2 Avenue, Waterfront Station, Whitehorse

Klondike Rib & Salmon

(Photo credit: Food Nework.ca)
(Photo credit: Food Nework.ca)

Boasting a jovial atmosphere, this seasonal summer restaurant focuses on Northern foods such as wild and smoked meat and northern ocean fish. Meat is smoked in their own smokehouse and breads and desserts are house-baked. Smothered with a tangy barbecue sauce, you’ll want to gnaw on some ribs, but why now split an order with your dining companions? That way you can sample unique tastes such as reindeer stew and elk stroganoff.

Location: 2116 2 Avenue, Whitehorse


(Photo credit: Travel Yukon)
(Photo credit: Travel Yukon)

You wouldn’t expect to find a Caribbean restaurant way up North, but that’s the thing about the Yukon. So much is unexpected. Antoinette hails from Trinidad and Tobago, and the food here is as bright and sunny as the tropical islands (and the exterior paint colour of this resto). From steak to curries to hearty sandwiches at lunch time, Antoinette’s not afraid of flavour. Try any fish dish – they’ve all got zip, and the vegetarian options are hearty and tempting enough for carnivores.

Location: 4121 4 Avenue, Whitehorse

Inn on the Lake

northern cuisine
(Photo credit: Travel Yukon)

Where does Martha Stewart stay when she visits the Yukon? Why Inn on the Lake, of course! This charming inn located 35 minutes from Whitehorse is where you’ll want to stay for a traditional Canadian lodge experience. Showcasing as much local and Canadian product as possible, meals here are a real treat. Candelabras dot the long harvest table and guests dine together family style for breakfast and lunch. Tuck into elevated home cooking from homemade gnocchi to freshly caught fish (reeled in by guests!). Folks come here for the views and outdoor adventures, but they’re rarely show up late for dinner.

Tip: Be sure to wander downstairs to see their selection of maple syrup, jams and other local products to take home.

Location: Marsh Lake, Yukon


Baked Coffee

Your nose following the scent of freshly baked goods will lead you to this inviting cafe and bakery. All three squares are served up until early evening with delectable muffins, scones, quiche, pizza, soup and salad all on the menu. (For a quick bite, go for the cinnamon pull-aparts.) This is the spot for quality cup of joe, though beer, wine and Baileys are served after 3 p.m. With a hipster coffee house vibe, plus a children’s play area everyone feels at home at this community hub.

Location: 108 100 Main Street, Whitehorse

Whether you’ve always wanted to visit Whitehorse, or this restaurants made you want to book the next flight out, you won’t be disappointed.


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