5 Reasons Morocco is a Great Family Destination




If you’re trying to plan an international family vacation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. There are thousands of amazing places around the world worthy of your visit and the kingdom of Morocco is one of those great options! There is no shortage of activities for families with kids of all ages and no matter what type of vacation you desire you’ll find it there.

Here are five reasons you should consider Morocco for your next vacation.

Moroccans LOVE Kids

It’s true. If you’ve ever wondered about the reception you’ll have when you arrive in a new country with your kids in tow you won’t need to worry hear. In fact you probably will have an even better experience when it comes to meeting and interacting with locals if you have your kids along. Not only will you and your children be welcomed with open arms you won’t need to worry about “bothering” people. Kids are a very important part of life in Morocco and people go out of their way to help you.

Diverse Opportunities in Morocco

Diverse Opportunities Abound

Do you like surfing and hanging out at the beach? Do you prefer to pound the pavement in a big city? Are all-inclusive resorts your thing or do you prefer self-catering apartments? Morocco has it all making it very easy to craft your own perfect vacation. There is also a wide range of activities available for children of all ages. If you’re a family with kids who have a range of ages, you won’t need to worry about keeping everyone happy.

Strong Purchasing Power

Your currency will go further in Morocco than it will in neighboring countries. Morocco isn’t quite as inexpensive as places like Thailand or India but compared to neighboring countries in Europe it is much more affordable. It also is growing as a popular tourism destination so there are regular flight deals to major Moroccan cities like Casablanca and Marrakech. If you travel in shoulder seasons you can find really amazing deals on everything from flights to accommodations and activities.

Central Morocco


In a region that is faced with disruption and security issues Morocco stands alone. The kingdom not only has faced very little international terrorism it also has invested in its security infrastructure in a major way. You will regularly see police and military forces patrolling in cities. There also is a special (often undercover) police force whose sole purpose is to protect tourists from minor (and major) crimes.

Education at Every Turn

The country of Morocco has only been independent since the 1950’s however the country has a history that goes back to the 2nd millennium BC! It’s quite common to find buildings and monuments that exist dating from the 11th century and older. Traditions remain strong and so when you visit with your children they’ll be getting an education without trying too hard! Learn about art, architecture, sociology, languages, geography, cooking techniques, farming and more simply by just visiting.

Cooking Class in Morocco

These are just a few of the great reasons why Morocco is a great family travel destination. Couple these with great weather, good food and beautiful surroundings and you’ve got the makings of a dream vacation come true!


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