5 Reasons to Drop Your Plans and Head to Hawaii This Winter


Photo credit: paul bica
Photo credit: paul bica

Sugary sands. Floral aromas. Aquamarine waters. This probably sounds a lot like your usual go-to winter travel destination in Mexico or the Caribbean, but it isn’t. This is Hawaii.

To many, Hawaii is a bucket-list destination: one they see themselves visiting years down the road when their pockets are deeper. But Hawaii no longer needs to be the break-the-bank destination it’s often perceived to be. Affordable airfare and accommodation deals mean this is the year to forego your usual all-inclusive getaway and experience the true Aloha spirit. These are five reasons why you should change your plans and head to the culture-filled islands of Hawaii this year.


1. Experience Something New

Photo credit: Johnny Silvercloud
Photo credit: Johnny Silvercloud

It’s easy to get caught in a cycle of heading to the same warm-weather destination year after year. You know the best places to dine, an affordable place to stay, and where to stock up on souvenirs. But that’s not what traveling is about. It’s about tasting new cuisines, experiencing new adventures, and snapping photos of scenery unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Each of Hawaii’s six islands are home to their own postcard-worthy beaches, mountain peaks, traditions and adventures. Your trip to Hawaii is guaranteed to be unlike any other escape you’ve experienced.


2. The Weather Is Ideal

Photo credit: Leonardo Stabile
Photo credit: Leonardo Stabile

Hawaii is known for year-round warm temperatures. When the temperatures are plummeting in the Great White North, the daytime high temperatures are hovering between 25 and 31degrees Celsius on the islands.

The winter months of November through March typically see some  rainfall, but most comes overnight, leaving sunny skies and flowers blooming in the daytime. Those who do experience short-lived rain showers during the day are often rewarded by Hawaii’s famous rainbows shortly after. Unlike many other travel destinations, when you plan a visit to Hawaii, you don’t have to worry about the weather.


3. It’s Not as Expensive As You Think

Photo Credit:  CN Traveler
Photo Credit: CN Traveler

Many travellers are missing out on the beauty and spoils of the Hawaiian islands, because they’ve heard fellow travellers say it’s too expensive. It’s true that a gallon of gas costs more in Honolulu than it does in Toronto, but that doesn’t mean a Hawaiian escape will cost more than a winter getaway in the Caribbean. Record low airfares and unbeatable packages, including flights, accommodations and vehicle rentals, mean you can plan a vacation to Hawaii for the same price as a vacation to a destination that’s known for being budget-friendly.


4. The Culture Is Unlike Anywhere Else

Photo credit: Johnny Silvercloud
Photo credit: Johnny Silvercloud

There’s nowhere else in the world where you can experience the true Aloha spirit. While Hawaii’s culture has changed drastically since the islands were first settled around 400 C.E., many ancient traditions, cuisines and arts remain. At the heart of every one of these cultural components is the true Aloha spirit.

You’ll first be welcomed to the islands with generosity and warmth, and the unique elements of Aloha will be revealed from there. Throughout your stay, you’ll have the opportunity to taste authentic island cuisine (kalua pig, poke, and laulau to name a few), listen to the mellow rhythm of a slack key guitar, take hula dancing lessons, and learn to live in the moment like the islanders who call this piece of paradise home.


5. You’ll Never Be Bored

Photo credit: jdnx
Photo credit: jdnx

Tired of feeling trapped in a resort with few options for adventure away from the morning water aerobics course? You’ll never be bored in Hawaii. Visitors can play in the white sands of Papohaku Beach on Molokai, hike to the summit of Maui’s Haleakala, watch migrating humpback whales in the Auau Channel, and learn to surf on the famous Waikiki Beach. Whether you seek adventure on land, in the ocean, or in Hawaii’s culture-filled cities and small towns, it’s easy to create a getaway that suits your specific travel desires. And if you want to enjoy a completely stress-free all-inclusive escape at a resort, Hawaii has that too.

Hawaii isn’t just a travel destination for the rich and famous. It’s an unforgettable place to call home for your family’s next big adventure, a much-needed romantic escape or an inspiring solo travel adventure. It’s a tropical paradise that can be explored on a budget or at a lavish seaside resort, and there’s no better time than now to check Hawaii off your bucket list.



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