5 Reasons to Travel to Europe this Spring


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The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.
The Grand Canal in Venice | Photo Credit: Bethany Salvon

Spring is fast approaching. We’re literally a month away from longer and warmer days. So if you’ve been thinking about getting away to Europe, then now is a great time to start planning a vacation because spring is one of the best times to travel in Europe. During the spring months, you’ll find Europe in bloom; fields, orchids, hillsides and city markets come back to life, bursting with colors and fragrances. But you’ll also find something else: great deals on airfare, rental cars and accommodations. We could go on and on about why seasoned travelers love to travel to Europe in the spring, but we thought these five reasons proved our point nicely.

Enjoy discounted hotel rates

Seasoned travelers know that the springtime is the right time to get the most bang for your buck on your European accommodations. Deeper discounts along with better room views and more availability across the board, even at those small countryside pensions, are all advantages of visiting Europe during the spring. The one exception to this rule is Easter Week in cities and towns where pilgrimages are popular, such as Rome. During the holiday, rates are more akin to what you’ll find during summer rates if not higher.

Get the local’s point of view

An enoteca (wine bar) in Venice, Italy.
Apertivio hour in Venice, Italy | Photo Credit: Bethany Salvon

Visiting Europe in spring gives you chance to experience major European cities as local residents enjoy them. The suffocating throngs of tourists are replaced by concert series and special art exhibitions at museums and other historic places, like sections of palaces and castles, which may be closed during the summer. And cafe’s, restaurants and parks are teeming with local life and conversation.

Spend more time in the museum and less time in line

Waiting in line is for the birds, especially when you are on vacation. While lines can still exist during spring months, they’re nothing like the snaking kilometer-long lines of summer. Museum passes can give you an additional edge in the springtime, helping to minimize wait times even more, since passes can give you priority admission. And for museums that accept reservations, such as Florence’s Accademia Galleries, then it’s recommended to make your online reservations before your arrival, since these museums tend to have lines throughout the year. Shorter lines also means another bonus for you: less crowed museum spaces. Visiting Europe’s museums in the spring will give you a chance to enjoy the masterpieces without having to fight for space, which in itself is priceless.

Fly the friendly skies for less

Any way you slice it, flights from Canada to Europe during the spring are less expensive than summer airfare rates. If you can fly midweek, then you can usually find even deeper discounts. Plus, with summer being the high season, you’ll have a better chance of getting a flight that’s not completely full, which means the possibility of an empty seat next you.

Better deals on rental cars

Tuscany hill side under spring clouds.
Spring is the perfect time for that road trip through Tuscany | Photo Credit: Bethany Salvon

If you’ve been longing for a European road trip, then you’ll be happy to hear that renting a car is a much more pleasurable experience for your wallet in the spring compared to summer. Spring is the perfect season to look for those weekly and long-term rental deals that usually vanish come summer.

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