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By Cailin O’Neil

Sydney is the most populous city in Australia as well as the number one destination for visitors in the country. Known for its beautiful skyline including the iconic Opera House, the largest natural harbour in the world, and proximity to some of the best beaches in the world, this city appeals to many.

In the attached video “Visiting Sydney, Australia in a Minute” I show you some of the things you can see and do while visiting Sydney as well as give you some tips to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Hit play to have your mind full of information about Sydney in only one minute and then continue reading for more details.

Things to do in Sydney

1. The Sydney Opera House

1 Sydney Opera House by Cailin O'Neil
Sydney Opera House. | Photo credit: Cailin O’Neil

First up we have a no brainer, visit and take a million photos of the Opera House. Also if you have time you should either book tickets to see one of 1,500 a shows performed each year, or take a tour of the building where you will get a glimpse at several of its 1,000 rooms.

Or at the very least hangout at its reasonably priced “O Bar” for a snack and a drink while overlooking the harbour.

2. Try the Transportation

Photo credit: Kim on Flickr
Sydney public transport. Photo credit: Kim on Flickr

There are a few ways to get around the city the best is by walking other options include paying for an expensive cab, taking the train or the bus, including bus #555, a free bus that gives you daily rides from one end of the CBD to the other from the harbour to Chinatown.

3. Hit the Beach

A busy day at Bondi Beach. | Photo credit: Cailin O'Neil
A busy day at Bondi Beach. | Photo credit: Cailin O’Neil

You can’t visit the city without hanging out at one of its many nearby beaches. Bus #333 will take you to the most popular beach known as Bondi Beach or you can hop a ferry at Circular Quay for about $10 one-way to head to the favourite of many locals, Manly Beach.

4. Visit the Markets

The Rocks Market in Sydney. | Photo credit: Cailin O'Neil
The Rocks Market in Sydney. | Photo credit: Cailin O’Neil

Sydney is full of markets year-round. On the weekends the most popular market is the Rocks Market in the Rocks area of the city and in outlying neighbourhoods you can also visit the Glebe and Bondi markets which all feature local art, clothing and some food.

Open 5 days a week Wednesday to Sunday Paddy’s Market is a great place to buy Aussie souvenirs, and random things from socks to make-up, hair extensions and UGG boots there is also a vegetable and fish market here. If you are craving a good food market visit in the summer months for the Chinatown Night markets and the Rocks food markets.

5. Relax

Kangaroo pizza at the Australian Hotel. | Photo credit: Cailin O'Neil
Kangaroo pizza at the Australian Hotel. | Photo credit: Cailin O’Neil

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the city get to you, always make sure you take time to relax whether its enjoying a cider at one of the many pubs, (my favourite pub is the Australian Hotel) or taking a stroll through Hyde Park or one of the shopping areas, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your time.

6. Take a Day Trip

The Three Sisters at the Blue Mountains. | Photo credit: Cailin O'Neil
The Three Sisters at the Blue Mountains. | Photo credit: Cailin O’Neil

The city has many great places for day trips in its grasp, you can visit the popular wine region of the Hunter Valley, take in the crisp air at the Blue Mountains, get lost at the Jenolan Caves and even take a whale watching tour all within 3 hours of the city.

Another great way to spend your day is at the fabulous Taronga Zoo that has gorgeous views of the city skyline. Here you can see many Australian wildlife like koalas and kangaroos but also hippos, red pandas and even komodo dragons.

Take in some of the above activities and tips and you are sure to have a fantastic experience when exploring Sydney, Australia.

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