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Smartphones have truly been a boon for frequent travelers. Not only have they allowed us to stay in constant contact with friends and family, but they also put a wealth of information at our fingertips. As smartphones have become more prevalent, there has been an increasing number of great apps built specifically with travelers in mind. Those apps help us navigate a foreign city, book a flight or check current exchange rates, amongst numerous other things. With that in mind, here are five creative and clever travel apps that you’ll want to have on your phone the next time you hit the road.

Lets face it, when we travel these days there is a lot of information to keep track of. For instance, we usually have multiple flights to plan, hotel reservations to organize, restaurant reservations to make, and rental cars to book. Thats a lot of itineraries, confirmation numbers and other information to keep organized. TripIt is an app that makes that a simple process, pulling in all of that information and organizing it in a nice, neat, easy to use format. The app allows you to share your itineraries with others, alerts you to any changes, and keeps you updated with the any upcoming events that you need to be concerned with. It takes a bit to get up to speed with how TripIt works, but once you do, it’s a bit like having a travel secretary at your disposal at all times.

Price: Free (Premium options available)  Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7

Frequent fliers will love GateGuru, which puts everything they could possibly  want to know about an airport right in the palm of their hand. It contains a database of hundreds of airports from around the globe, providing travelers with maps of each of those places. It also offers information on what restaurants, pubs and other attractions are available while on a layover, with user ratings giving indications on where to get the best meals. The app also provides flight info – including realtime status updates – weather forecasts, security wait times, rental car bookings, and more. GateGuru is an app that does just about everything, and it is one that you’ll wan on your smartphone.

Price: Free  Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Looking for suggestions on what to do when you arrive at your destination? Look no further than GogoBot, an app that stores information on things to see, and places to stay, at more than 60,000 locations around the globe. It helps travelers to plan itineraries, while offers suggestions for solo travelers, couples and families alike. Those suggestions include tips on the best hotels and restaurants, as well as other “don’t miss” experiences. Everyone from foodies to adventure travelers will find something to like here.

Price: Free  Available for iOS and Android


Frugal travelers will absolutely love Viator, an app that is specifically designed to find deals at locations that are close to the user, or will be part of a future itinerary. The app can use your phone’s built in GPS to locate discounted options nearby, or you can simply type in your next destination to get a list of potential activities before you ever arrive. Viator can also suggest top attractions and give users the ability to book reservations directly from their phone. That can not only save you time, but also money.

Price: Free  Available for iOS and Android

One of the biggest challenges to travel can often be overcoming a language barrier. iStone can make those difficulties a thing of the past however by offering more than 300 preloaded phrases. Those useful phrases are then translated into 12 different languages, and spoken aloud with perfect pronunciation. The interface is easy to use, making it a snap to get the information you need, simply by asking locals. Best of all, the app doesn’t rely on WiFi to make the translation, all of the information is stored locally within the app. iStone translates into English, Chines, French, German, Italian, Korean and more.

Price: Free  Available for iOS only

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