5 Unusual Things To Do In London



 5 Unusual Things To Do In London

London is a metropolis with a bounty of unusual things to do that are often off the tourist’s radar in England .  It’s an incredibly large city that you could spend your entire lifetime in but never able to explore the whole city.  As millions of travellers a year fly to this magnificent place they are often recommended the main attractions such as the Big Ben, London Bridge and the London Eye but there is so much more to see than that.  In fact, if you open your guys wide enough you will be able to see plenty of weird and wonderful things to do here!


  1. Take a visit to execution dock

It does morbid but that is because it exactly that.  The executions were stopped in 1830.  Pirates that were captured from the River Thames were hung here to die.  They were left until the river washed over the bodies in high tide two times because they were cut from the rope and the bodies dispersed of.  It’s hard to imagine that such a pretty city had some gruesome things happening in the day.  You can visit the exact spot at Wapping.

 5 Unusual Things To Do In London

2. Have a coffee in toilet?

Yes, you read that right. A toilet.  Obviously, a public toilet no more but the décor still mirrors what exactly it used to be, a toilet!  These days you can grab a coffee and a bite to eat at The Attendant, located in Fitzrovia, and enjoy the surroundings, or least try to!


3. Spot the ears in Covent Garden and the noses in Soho

Two artists Tim Fishlock and Rick Buckley decided to display their artwork in the heart of London.  In Covent Garden, you can try and spot the casts of Tim’s own ears dotted around the place.  Apparently, there are two of them hidden on Floral Street, let us know if you find the rest!  The hidden noses are in Soho.  There are seven in total and rumour is if you find all the noses then wealth is coming your way!  The noses were put there in protest of CCTV cameras that were scattered everywhere in London.

 5 Unusual Things To Do In London

4. Postman’s Park

This park is unusually beautiful.  If you get off at St Pauls tube stop you will be able to locate the park, which is literally between the concrete buildings that surround it.  It’s a little piece of paradise among busy London.  This park is different in the fact that it’s a memorial to those who died saving other people’s lives.  Make sure you spend some time looking at the plaques and reading the stories of those heroic people who unfortunately passed away but saved another person’s life.


5. Hunterian Museum

If you like gruesome and unusual museums, then this is the place for you!  This museum features collections from a man called John Hunter who collected 3500 anatomical and pathological preparations, painting, fossils and drawings.  It’s completely free to enter and you are bound to find some incredibly unusual items displayed.


London is full of the wacky and you can do many more wonderful things in europe.  You just have to look hard enough!


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