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By Carri Willbanks

Fitness is a way of life for many people. Unfortunately, it can be hard to stay dedicated when you’re traveling. With these travel-friendly workout tools, you’ll have no problem keeping up with your exercise routine no matter where you are.

1. Trigger Point Performance Grid Foam Roller 


Get ready for a new type of massage that won’t cost you the big bucks, Avid athlete Cassidy Phillips has created the Trigger Point Performance GRID Foam Roller for an easy yet effective massage. This foam roller, now sold across the country, helps relieve muscle tension, correct muscle imbalances, prevent injury, and increase range of motion. Its unique 3-dimensional surface ensures that bloodflow isn’t blocked at the point of pressure. There is also a mini version  for when you are on-the-go. It measures just 5″x5.5″ and the hollow core makes it convenient for packing around in your suitcase or looping onto a backpack strap.


Foam rolling can be painful, but you only need 5-10 minutes to get the job done. Here are some foam rolling tips to help you get started:

  1. If you hit a sore spot, hold it there for 15 to 30 seconds.
  2. It’s best to foam roll right after a workout, followed by more stretching. That will help muscles return to the proper length and recover much faster.
  3.  Foam rolling can also be used for fitness. Check out the SMRT-CORE DVD—a self-myofascial release therapy and core strengthening work out that uses The GRID Foam Roller. The GRID is the sole piece of equipment needed for this program, which can be easily completed in your home gym or living room.

2. Weighted Jump Rope


Get your heart racing with an old school recess favorite. Hoop Skills bumps up the challenge with the Original Heavy Rope, which adds weights to the rope. As a result, cardio and strength combine for an efficient workout that builds strength in arms, legs and core. It’s available in 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6-pound weights. Ropes are 8 feet in length. Be careful if you are already packing a heavy suitcase, this could tip the scales enough to force you to pay extra.

3. Lateral Resistor


Fire up hips and glutes using a Lateral Resistor. One of the most common exercises to increase speed and agility is the lateral walk. Standing with legs shoulder width apart, move one foot out to the side as far as you can. Next, bring in the opposite leg before taking another gigantic lateral step to the side. The band can be a little stiff to use at first but becomes more flexible after a handful of uses.

4. 110% Flat Out Sox


When traveling on a lengthy flight, one way to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is with compressions socks. 110% makes socks that increase circulation so you can out your mind at ease. While most other compression socks have one giant panel, these socks effectively target compression zones. Once you get off the plane, you can continue to rock these socks during workouts to boost circulation and stabilize muscles. The socks are extremely tight fitting and can be tough to adjust too.

5. Sweaty Bands


Finally, a fitness headband that doesn’t slip. Fitness instructor Donna Browning’s goal is to create a reliable band that keeps pesky hair out of your face. These elastic bands are backed with velvet that keep them comfortably and securely in place. Whether you are running, doing yoga, or lifting weights, these bands add style. They also come in plenty of patterns and prints including polka dots, sparkles, solids, and stripes.

6. La Fresh: Travel Lite Full Line


La Fresh revolutionizes convenience. Towelettes come in single serving packages so you can easily stow away wipes to make travel easier. Another bonus for savvy jetsetters – you can zip through security checkpoints at the airport with these carry-on approved wipes. Designed to meet several needs, these wipes work as an eye make-up remover, antiperspirant, and even as an insect deterrent.

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