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Sometimes life gives you hard choices. Would you rather spend money on a trip to someplace new? Or a music festival with a killer lineup you’re dying to see? Why not both? If you decide to head to France, you can live out your festival dreams AND have an amazing time in this beautiful country. Sounds like a win-win. So, to save you the trouble of more decisions, here’s a list of some of the best music festivals in France that will not only give you an amazing experience but take you all around the country as well!

1. The Peacock Society Festival

The Peacock Society Festival
Picture Credits: The Peacock Society Festival


Location: Southeast Paris

Dates: Summer

Prices: $49 (single ticket) / $77 (full ticket)



If you happen to be in Paris during the summer, you should definitely check out The Peacock Society Festival! This music festival takes place inside the heart of a gorgeous botanical park. In addition to the amazing music you can jam to, the spaces are also incredible. Not only are there 3 outdoor terraces (with stages), but there’s also an open-air dancefloor, a club, a food court, and 2 warehouses that feature some classic Baltard-style architecture (to remind you that yes, you really are at a music festival in Paris!). 22 hours of partying later, and you’ll have a summer memory you’ll never forget. And you can check the Parc Floral de Paris off your itinerary, as well.


2. Marvellous Island

MARVELLOUS ISLAND Festival in France

Picture Credits: Marvellous Island

Location: Paris

Dates: Summer

Prices: $40 (single ticket) / $80 (full ticket)

Website: https://www.visit-dordogne-valley.co.uk


Clearly, Paris has a lot going on for music festivals in the summer. ‘Tis the season, as they say. If you’re in the City of Lights, then you should grab a ticket for Marvellous Island, which is by far one of the coolest music festivals of the year. Not only does the lineup feature killer performers, but the location is just as marvellous as the name suggests. The festival takes place just east of Paris, right on the water. It’s a great way to escape the city for a couple of days and have an enchanting experience listening to techno and meeting new people. The site and stages are always designed and decorated with care, so everywhere is going to be perfectly instagrammable! Your friends and family will be super jealous that they aren’t experiencing this famous city in such an unconventional way.


3. Big Bang Festival

Picture Credits: Big Bang Festival

Location: Paris

Dates: Fall/Winter

Prices: $25 (single ticket) / $50 (full ticket)

Website: https://www.worldsurfleague.com/events/2019/mct/2923/quiksilver-pro-france


I know, these music festivals are all in Paris. But this is the last one before we move on to other sites, I swear! This annual festival is held every fall/winter in Paris. So for those of you who couldn’t make it to those sick summer fests, you still have a chance to make up for it! And for those of you who just loved the experience of a music festival in Paris so much, you’ll be excited to return to this one! The Docks de Paris exhibition centre is used as a venue for this indoor electronic music festival. One of the coolest features of this experience is the creativity and theme. True to its name, the Big Bang Festival, the warehouse is transformed to make you feel like you’re in another galaxy. The two-day festival is sure to give you an experience that’s out-of-this-world awesome!


4. Family Piknik  

Family Piknik

Picture Credits: Family Piknik  

Location: Montpellier

Dates: Summer

Prices: $50 (single ticket)



For a change of scenery, head on over to Family Piknik’s music festival located in Montpellier, located in the south. If you’re planning a family beach vacation to the south of France (which I highly recommend), you can add this event to the list. This music festival is unique in that it is truly a family-oriented music festival. The music featured here is underground, electronic music. Families with children under 14 are welcome, and there’s even a children’s area to keep your young ones entertained with things like picnics and water games while you enjoy the festivities. The festival brings in a crowd from all over Europe every summer, especially since the city is easy to get to. You don’t want to miss this one!


5. Festival de Rocamadour

Festival de Rocamadour

Picture Credits: Festival de Rocamadour

Location: Rocamadour, Dordogne Valley

Dates: Summer

Prices: $40 (single ticket)

Website: http://www.visit-dordogne-valley.co.uk


Electronic music isn’t for everyone. And even if it is, sometimes we want a little change of pace. For a festival featuring some insane venues, why not check out the Festival de Rocamadour? This three-week cultural festival takes place in a UNESCO world heritage site, the city of Rocamadour, and highlights some of the best classical artists in the world! The artists play in the Basilique Saint-Sauveur, a medieval church dating back to the 11th century. How cool would it be to say that you visited this beautiful place while famous classical artists, like Renaud Capucon, are playing in the background? That’s right, really cool.


6. Saint-Céré Opera Festival

Saint-Céré Opera Festival

Picture Credits: Saint-Céré Opera Festival

Location: Saint-Céré

Dates: Summer

Prices: $40 (single ticket)

Website: http://www.visit-dordogne-valley.co.uk


When you check out the previous festival, you may as well stop by the Saint-Céré Opera Festival as well. This cultural festival is part of Dordogne Valley’s month-long celebration. The venues include all of the castles, abbeys, and churches around Saint-Cere. The classical music and opera you can experience here are only enhanced by these Renaissance settings and the music can be as grand as large symphonies, or as intimate as quintet performances. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to listen to an orchestra while sitting in a castle courtyard? And at sunset, too? Wow, what a perfect getaway.


7. Rise Festival

Rise Festival

Picture Credits: Rise Festival

Location: Les Deux Alpes

Dates: December

Prices: $299 (single ticket, includes a FREE 6-day ski pass)

Website: https://www.risefestival.co.uk


Okay, so this festival is insane value with a 6 day lift pass included in the price- totally worth it! Rise Festival is a unique experience taking place in a world-class ski resort. The place is an absolute winter wonderland and you can enjoy not only an amazing lineup of artists but some amazing skiing in the French Alps too. The festival is in December (before Christmas, so no worries about those family obligations), and promises a unique musical holiday experience that will make you feel on top of the world. Music, snow, skiing. Sounds like the perfect plan for a vacation to me!


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