7 Great American Burgers For Every Craving


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These days, people tend to put the craziest things on their grills, but nothing compares to a good, old-fashioned, burger with all the trimmings. And where better to enjoy one than in the country that gave birth to the modern hamburger: the U.S. of A. Next time you head south of the border, consider biting into one of the following Sizzling Seven; there’s something for every appetite:

1. Craving: Something Big and Basic

Burger Joint: Le Tub Saloon

Juicy Facts: One man in the kitchen means it can take up to an hour to get a burger that’s been described by GQ magazine as the “number one burger to eat before you die.”

Where’s The Beef?: Hollywood, Florida

Famous Burger: Sirloin Burger

# of Patties: 1

Weigh In: 13 ounces

What’s On Top?: Lettuce, tomato, onion, American or Swiss cheese

Can’t Miss Side: Steak-cut fries

2. Craving: Something Cheap and Greasy

Burger Joint: Keller’s Drive-In

Juicy Facts: You can stuff your face for $5 at this seedy beer-&-burger drive-in/seedy hangout.

Where’s The Beef?: Dallas, Texas

Famous Burger: Number 5

# of Patties: 2

Weigh In: 1/2 pound

What’s On Top? : American cheese, fried onions, tomato, lettuce,”secret” sauce, grease.

Can’t Miss Side: Beer (sold by the case and delivered by friendly car hops).

3. Craving: Something Outrageously Upscale

Burger Joint: FLIP Burger Boutique

Juicy Facts: The inventor of the foie gras milkshake, Richard Blais is FLIP’s creative director and the man behind the concept of “fine dining between two buns.”

Where’s The Beef?: Atlanta Georgia

Famous Burger: A5

# of Patties: 1 (Grade A Japanese kobe)

Weigh In: 5.5 ounces (and $39!)

What’s On Top?: Seared foie gras, truffle oil, b&b pickles, red wine syrup

Can’t Miss Side: Vodka battered onion rings with beer honey mustard

4. Craving: Something Hot N’Spicy

Burger Joint: Bobcat Bite

Juicy Facts: Back in the ’50s when it first opened, visiting bobcats came down from the foothills and diners would toss them scraps.

Where’s The Beef?: Sante Fe, New Mexico

Famous Burger: Green chili cheeseburger.

# of Patties: 1

Weigh In: 10 ounces

What’s On Top?: Spicy roasted green chile strips and cheddar cheese

Can’t Miss Side: Grilled jalapeno

5. Craving: Something Natural

Burger Joint: Shake Shack

Juicy Facts: The Black Angus burgers are 100 percent natural and ground daily on the premises.

Where’s The Beef?: New York, New York

Famous Burger: Shack Stack

# of Patties: 2

Weigh In: 8 ounces

What’s On Top?: Melted American, muenster, and cheddar cheeses, crispy fried portobello mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and Shack Sauce

Can’t Miss Side: Cheese fries made from Yukon gold potatos are free of artificial transfats

6. Craving: Every Which Way But Boring

Burger Joint: The Counter

Juicy Facts: The “custom-building your own burger” concept allows for endless combinations of burgers, cheeses, sauces toppings, and buns (at last count there were 300,000 variations).

Where’s The Beef?: Multiple locations throughout California with a smattering in other states.

Famous Burger: The signature Counter Burger

# of Patties: 1

Weigh In: 1/3, 1/2, and 1 pound

What’s On Top?: Tillamook cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, red relish

Can’t Miss Side: Fried dill pickle chips

7. Craving: Something Deadly

Burger Joint: Heart Attack Grill

Juicy Facts: Sexy “nurses” in uniform serve up artery clogging burgers at this “fast food porn” joint where customers over 350 pounds eat for free and wheelchairs are on hand to get you safely to your car.

Where’s The Beef?: Chandler, Arizona

Famous Burger: Quadruple Bypass

# of Patties: 4

Weigh In: 2 pounds

What’s On Top?: Cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato

Can’t Miss Side: Flatliner Fries (cooked in pure lard)

Ever sunk your teeth into a burger as good as these? Share your best burger experience with us in the comments below.

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