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Historic buildings, European charm and plenty of Guinness beer, what is not to love about the great city of Dublin? It is the capital of Ireland, yet small enough to walk around, and it’s a spectacular place to visit. And not just for Guinness lovers but for the entire family. The city is surrounded by gorgeous nature, and there is so much history to explore.

But one of the very best things about Dublin is the incredible food that visitors can enjoy on a vacation here. And we are here to help you find the best spots to enjoy some delicious Dublin food!


Get ready to eat!

Photo credit: Thunders Bakery

You have to start by trying a real Dublin Gem, Thunders Bakery! This bakery has been an essential part of every day life for many people in Dublin. They come here for their daily bread, and the bakery and café is a famous part of Dublin and very popular also amongst tourists. This is almost a landmark in Dublin so a place you absolutely have to visit! And there are many locations around town.

Photo credit: The 105 Cafe Bistro

Another great breakfast, brunch or lunch spot is The 105 Cafe Bistro. This is a charming, casual eatery where, in warm surroundings, you can enjoy some spectacular food. This is real Irish gourmet food which is traditionally inspired and full of flair. They also offer takeaway if you want to get it to go. But consider eating here as it’s a friendly and welcoming cool spot to enjoy a tasty morning or midday meal.

Photo credit: Union Café

Union Café is another must visit spot to eat at in Dublin. Serving a delicious breakfast, brunch and all day menu you can always head here for a great meal. Also serving delicious drinks with a beer garden there really isn’t an excuse not to hit up this restaurant. If you come for breakfast make sure to try some of their fresh and yummy juices!

Photo credit: Soup Dragon

Soup Dragon is another brilliant spot for breakfast and/or bagels or of course as the name implies: soups! Soup Dragon gives you healthy, tasty and fresh homemade food in Dublin. Their menu is constantly evolving, so you can always find something new and exciting! Everything is made fresh daily including some fantastic deserts and bread. You will find many dairy free soups and stews as well. Just go!

Photo credit: Angelina’s Dublin

Angelina’s Dublin is yet another great spot for brunch. But they also do serve a delicious lunch and dinner so basically any time of day this is worth a visit. If you go for brunch you can enjoy some great dishes alongside your favourite brunch cocktails! They also have an afternoon snack menu and a splendid bar serving up some fresh fantastic drinks for any hours of the day.

Photo credit: Phx Bistro

This next place is awesome for brunch, lunch and dinner. Phx Bistro is a cozy family run restaurant in Dublin with the slogan “There is no love more sincere than the love of food”, and we agree! Here you feel the love of food shining through every plate served in this warm and welcoming restaurant. Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday, but lunch and dinner every day of the week.

Photo credit: Govindas Vegetarian Dublin

Let’s try something vegetarian next, and we promise, it’s amazing! Govindas Vegetarian is a fantastic spot in Dublin serving up tasty vegetarian food to Dubliners and visitors alike. It is pure vegetarian cuisine, and everything is freshly cooked on site each day. You will enjoy the food in informal surroundings being served by a super friendly staff. And it is great value too!

Photo credit: Pickle Restaurant

Find your way to Pickle Restaurant next. This is a North Indian eating house located on Camden Street. The restaurant is charming and inviting and serves the best Indian food in town! They always have seasonal, local produce with authentic North Indian flavours. It’s as good as Indian food gets!

Photo credit: Peploe’s St Stephen’s Green

This one you have to promise us not to miss while you are on vacation in Dublin: Peploe’s St Stephen’s Green. They serve up classic Mediterranean dishes with a little Irish influence. The restaurant is located a few steps from many 5 star hotels and right by the popular shopping area Grafton Street, so you know you are bound to also enjoy 5 star dining here! Their food can be paired with fine wines imported directly from Europe, so this is a great spot to enjoy some vino too!

Photo credit: Las Tapas de Lola

Let’s go and try some delicious Spanish food now. For this find your way to Las Tapas de Lola. This lovely restaurant is located in the bustling Wexford Street and Camden Street. They offer some truly tasty Spanish tapas which you can enjoy while sipping on wine, beer or their tasty sangrias. This is a true authentic Spanish experience right in Dublin!

Photo credit: Bar Italia

Now we’re going from Spain to Italy for the next restaurant stop which is Bar Italia. This delicious Italian restaurant is an award winning restaurant giving Dublin some amazing authentic Italian dining experiences. This Italian food is the real thing, and you can enjoy some antipasti or great pizza alongside yummy wine. If you love everything Italian, this is a must stop in Dublin.

Photo credit: Pinocchio Italian Restaurant

If you’re in for a little different Italian dining experience then try Pinocchio Restaurant in Temple Bar. Here you will find authentic Italian food with a twist of creativity and style but they also offer a real Italian cooking experience where you will be cooking together and can learn some great Italian cooking traditions. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to make delicious fresh pasta, pizza and Italian cakes? So go awaken the Italian in you!

Photo credit: Bison Bar

If you’re more in the mood for some greasy yet mindblowingly delicious meat and grubs then Bison Bar & Bbq should be on top of your list. Serving juicy great quality meat with whatever you wish on the side, this will be just what you need before continuing sightseeing. They have lunch specials and takeaway options. This is good stuff!

Photo credit: Toscana City Centre Dublin

We’re not done with delicious Italian food though. Head to Toscana City Centre Restaurant next for some more extraordinary Italian food. This restaurant is located on Dame Street right in the heart of the historic City Centre and was recently awarded the Good Food Ireland best Farm to Table restaurants in Ireland. Most of the produce is from their own family farm in Co. Wicklow so you know they use the best ingredients to deliver these spectacular dishes.

Photo credit: Lavanda Restaurant

This next restaurant is also a must visit for your Dublin holiday. Lavanda Restaurant is owned by a couple who is clearly passionate about what they do. The restaurant is welcoming and lovely while the food is just divine. From small plates to bigger ones, you can try many different items, and we suggest you do. There is so much deliciousness to choose from!

Photo credit: Fahrenheit Restaurant

We’re heading out for some truly fine dining now. Fahrenheit Restaurant at Clontaf Castle Hotel should definitely be on your list for a dinner while you visit Dublin. This is culinary excellence and with an incredible bartender team too, you know this will be a great night. They have a la carte, early dining and Sunday dining menus and are open for breakfast, so you can choose when you want to try out this extraordinary food.

Photo credit: Matt the Thresher

It’s time for some seafood, don’t you agree? We’ve found one of the very very best, Matt the Thresher. This is a stylish award winning seafood restaurant and bar which you can find right in the Dublin City Centre. You will get to taste some fresh wild Irish seafood but with an extensive menu there is something to suit all your requirements. Their grand bar allows you to enjoy a cold drink while trying their fresh delicious food!

Photo credit: Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud

Now, prepare to be wow’ed! Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud will give you dishes that will make your jaw drop. You will be served gorgeous fine dining plates looking like true art masterpieces while bringing a world of flavour into your mouth. It is no surprise that this is a two star Michelin Restaurant. You’ll try a delicious cuisine of contemporary Irish with French classical roots. Do yourself a favour and book a reservation for this one!

Photo credit: Camden Rotisserie

We’re going a bit more casual now, but we are not compromising on flavour! Next up is Camden Rotisserie. Want to try the best chicken wings in Dublin? Well, this is your spot. This is locally sourced chicken served with your favourite sauces, delicious sides and if you want something sweet to end this tasty feast, they’ve got great options for dessert. You can dine in or take out, but you have to do one of the two while you’re in Dublin!

Photo credit: Kimchi Hophouse Korean restaurant & Bar

Time for a different style cuisine, Korean! Kimchi Hophouse Korean Restaurant and Bar is an absolute must try restaurant. It is Dublin’s oldest Korean restaurant and people love them! You will find Korean and Japanese fusion dishes including sushi as well as a well stocked bar to satisfy any thirst you might have built up venturing around the city.

Photo credit: The Lobster Pot Restaurant

Lobster Pot Dublin Seafood Restaurant is lined up for you next. And you might have guessed what type of delicious food you’ll be tasting here, seafood! Lobster Pot have an extensive selection of seafood which is sourced daily. They also serve Irish meats and free range poultry if you’re more into that. You can fill up on all of this in a warm atmosphere with serenity and hospitality. They’ve been in business for over 35 years and is one of Dublin’s best kept dining secrets!

Photo credit: Sophie’s Dublin

Want to have a marvellous view for your next, maybe final meal? Then Sophie’s Dublin should be your number one place to hit. Located atop The Dean this modern and beautiful glasshouse restaurant gives you 360 degree views of Dublin. While enjoying the views you can indulge on their New York – Italian – Irish menu where you will find anything from meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and dairy which are all delivered daily by local suppliers, providing the best produce for these fantastic dishes.

Let’s be honest, we know we crammed a lot of restaurants into a short 72 hours. But there is just so much good food to be had in Dublin. And we promise you, all these spots we’ve found for you is worth the trip here in itself. So work up a solid appetite and go enjoy!

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