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Whisky, beer, wine, food, music and a cultural scene evolving daily, all of these things make Nashville the place everyone wants to go these days! Also known as “Music City”, this is the home of country music, but that is far from the only thing happening in Nashville. Everything about this city will draw you in and make you never want to leave ever again!

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With cool neighborhoods like The Gulch, East Nashville and 12 South there is many more places to check out than the popular Broadway area. Not that Broadway isn’t tons of fun! We’ve never heard about anyone going to Nashville and not having an absolute blast. So hold on to your hats, we’re heading here for our next 72 hours of unforgettable fun enjoying live music and local brews!

Day One

Day time:

Photo credit: Marche Artisan Foods

Let’s start this trip off with a splendid brunch to get you ready for your days of exploring and discovering Music City. The best place to start is Marche Artisan Foods located in the hip up-and-coming neighborhood of East Nashville. They serve food all day, but their brunch is divine and is served Friday to Monday. Sweet, savory, classic or something light, whatever you’re in the mood for they’ll have it. So drop off your bags, and let’s get this trip started!

Photo credit: Tinney Contemporary

We promised more than music, and also a look into the great culture and art scene in Nashville, and the best place to truly experience that is at Tinney Contemporary. There has been an artistic renaissance over the last decade in downtown Nashville, and this gallery is a testimony to that. On Fifth Avenue, this chic gallery space shares work from local and international talents, and the very best from both established and emerging contemporary artists. So whether you like photography, paintings, drawings or something else, you’ll thoroughly enjoy a visit to Tinney Contemporary Gallery. You will quickly realize that Nashville is a city packed with spectacular talents!


 Night time:

Photo credit: Nicky’s Coal Fired

Just like you started this first day with splendid food, you will also go to a magical place for dinner giving you yet another amazingly tasty experience. So for your first night head to West Nashville and eat dinner at Nicky’s Coal Fired. This is a new venue by the award-winning chef Tony Galzin and Caroline Galzin. You can order from a coal fire focused menu where the dishes on here will be cooked in their four-ton oven. It is one-of-a-kind in Nashville! Of course this means fantastic pizzas, but you can also enjoy pasta and a yummy antipasto selection. This is a perfect spot for a lively, yet relaxing evening with incredible food.

Photo credit: Nashville Improv

As mentioned, Nashville attracts some of the best talents, also when it comes to comedy. To have a laugh so good the tears will run down your cheeks, go to Nashville Improv. Each show is always different as it is based on your – the audience’s – suggestions. Performing every 1st and 3rd weekend of every month make sure that you time your visit with their schedule. All Nashville Improv shows are individually themed, featuring professional actors, singers, and stand-ups who love what they do. If you’re feeling a little funny yourself, and your visit doesn’t match up with their show schedule, they also offer improv classes. So maybe you can pick up some improv comedy skills for your next party? Nashville Improv are definitely the people to learn from!

Photo credit: Springwater Supper Club

Want to visit the oldest bar in Tennessee? The answer should be “YES”, because Springwater Supper Club is something special! Having hosted performances like Kesha and The Black Keys this historic place gives you some of the best musical talents in town. And you can listen to this excellent live music while shooting some pool or darts. The bar is fully stocked with whatever alcoholic beverages you want from local brews to whisky to something fancier. They’ll have it for you! And Springwater Supper Club is open until 3 am, 365 days of the year, serving late night snacks until 2 am. So any delicious late night craving you might have, they can help you with.


Day Two

Day time:

Photo credit: Delgado Guitars

Let’s not forget, it is called Music City! And the most used instrument in town is undoubtedly the guitar. Maybe you feel like bringing one home for yourself? Or maybe you just want see where the very best guitars are made? Well, whatever you answer to that question, you have to head to Delgado Guitars. Manuel Delgado’s guitars have been a part of two separate exhibits at the Smithsonian, and he has been highlighted in multiple magazines and had plenty of other achievements when it comes to delivering awesome guitars to the people. So head to check him and his unique products out.

Photo credit: 417 Union

Time to taste another meal from the Tennessean kitchen. This time you will go find a table at 417 Union where you can indulge in many great lunch options. The burgers and wings are outstanding, but we recommend you trying the Southern Table Favourites? Putting together your own meats and/or sides you can try some of the very best from the south. If you’re feeling like something lighter their Strawberry Caesar Salad is delicious too. In a restaurant which reflects the love of history, you can lean back and soak it all in. This place embodies the charm and history of Nashville!

Photo credit: Will Powel

This afternoon have yourself a walk around the great parks in town. Make sure to go check out the Parthenon, which is located in Centennial Park. It is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. It was built in 1897 as a part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. Today it functions as an art museum, and it is a wonderful place to drink a coffee and chill for the afternoon.

Night time:

Photo credit: Sam’s Sports Grill

Time to start your evening! Go to the best sports bar in Nashville Sam’s Sports Grill. This is a cool, classic sports bar, and you can enjoy an ice-cold pint while digging into all your bar food favourites like wings, burgers, tacos – you name it! But it is not just your standard sports bar burger. At Sam’s they hand-make the patties, soups, sauces and dressing themselves each day. Oh, and if you’re here for sports, they have TVs mounted on all the walls, so you’ll always find a perfect spot to watch your favourite team play.

Photo credit: Tennessee Women’s Theater

There is more culture to explore in Nashville. This time you’re going to a theatre, Tennessee Women’s Theater Project. They have great productions and produce plays expressing the human condition in the female voice. Every passionate talent on this stage is giving it everything they have to deliver some spectacular plays. Tennessee Women’s Theater also believes it should be affordable for people to go to the theatre which you are benefitting from when you book your theatre tickets to this cultural gem in Nashville. Don’t miss it!

Day Three

Day time:

Photo credit: Parnassus Books

We hope you left some room in your bags to bring back some Nashville with you. This morning you’re going shopping! For some reading material for your flight home, head to Parnassus Books. This is an independent bookstore for independent people in Nashville. The store stocks a huge selection of books including non-fiction, fiction, local interests, arts and much more. But what you should look for is the section with local authors. A very different souvenir, but a useful one and a reminder to all the talents found in Nashville, even in literature. If you’re really into books then Parnassus Books often hosts author events, so check out their schedule for your visit.

Photo credit: Gaslamp Antiques

You are not done shopping! Ever watched some of those HGTV shows from Nashville where they do home renovation? Well, if you have you know how beautiful the houses always turn out when they’re decorated, mainly due to the truly great and unique antique stuff found around Nashville. It will give you that historic, rustic, old Nashville charm right in your own living room. To dive into Nashville’s fantastic antiques, head on over to GasLamp Antiques next. With a 25,000 square foot mall they have over 160 spaces including a large showcase room. You can browse anything from furniture to china to silver. Shop away!

Photo credit: Natchez Hills

After some lively, yet busy days in the city let’s take a trip outside Nashville to enjoy some tranquil, beautiful nature and some serene relaxation. And wine! Rent a car or book a transportation to Natchez Hills Winery. Nestled among the rolling hills of Tennessee this boutique family vineyard serves some spectacular local wine. All the wines are handcrafted, and it is small-batch wines using traditional winemaking techniques to ensure the grape’s truest expression. With many different grapes to choose from you’ll quickly find your favorite and be ready to hang out here all afternoon!

Night time:

Photo credit: Lockeland Table

It is the last evening. And it is time to visit the awesome neighborhood of East Nashville again. Here you will find the just as awesome Lockeland Table Community Kitchen and Bar. Seeing it from outside you feel as if you’ve gone back in time. They’ve reconstructed the storefront to resemble the original 1930s H.G Hills dry goods store. It is rustic and oozes of old Nashville. Tasting their dishes might also bring you back in time as they are all identifiable to the food the house chefs loved when they were growing up. Maybe also some of your favourites from when you grew up. However, the food and each of the dishes are taken to a whole new level crafted into an exquisite and delightful experience.

Photo credit: Kaldari – Wiki Commons

Sadly, your trip is coming to an end, and we are positive you will have had the best time ever exploring this exciting city of Nashville. Your ears might be ringing a bit and your stomach full of great food, wine and whisky, but it is all worth it!

Even though 72 hours is a lot of time, it still doesn’t quite seem like enough when you’re in a city like Nashville. Cherish your memories and make sure to return again very soon. We know you’ll want to!


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