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Dublin should be on your list of places to visit this year. It is an especially popular place for visitors during the sunny summer months, and at this time you can enjoy the lovely parks in the city, the fresh sea breeze as well as some great festivals. But if you’re looking for a cheaper and less crowded time, go in the winter. It is a beautiful and charming winter wonderland! But make sure to bring your scarf and mittens.

However, no matter when you decide to visit Dublin we promise you that you will get to enjoy some great drinks! Because there are so many places to sit down and soak in the charm of the city while enjoying a cold pint, cocktail, spirit or a delicious coffee. That’s why we’ve made this list to ensure you know what drinking spots to not miss out on while visiting Dublin!

Hot drinks:

Let’s start with the softer drinks, the kind you can drink all hours of the day and the type that can help any tired jet-lagged body get ready to explore the awesome city. We’ve got some lined up, so you can get your coffee fix in Dublin.

Photo credit: Fonté Coffee Ireland

When in Dublin you absolutely have to try Fonté Coffee Ireland. Fonté Coffee is the finest independent coffee roaster in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, we are not in the Pacific Northwest, but this awesome coffee place has arrived in Ireland all the way from Seattle, and it can now be enjoyed right here in Dublin. Everyone is loving this spot, and it is one of the best places in Dublin to get a premium coffee. Don’t miss out!

Photo credit: Container Coffee

Another spot serving delicious coffee to the people of Dublin is Container Coffee. This is a super cool and unique little coffee bar located in an actual container. However, the coffee is top quality served with a smile and often you can find delicious little sweet treats to enjoy alongside the great coffee.

Photo credit: The Art of Coffee

This next coffee spot you cannot miss out on trying! And with multiple locations around the great city of Dublin you most likely won’t as you will surely find one located conveniently close to you. The Art of Coffee serves tasty, delicious coffee with passion! You might also find a little snack to enjoy alongside your favourite caffeine (or decaf) beverage.

Photo credit: Shoe Lane Coffee

Another great one coming your way! Shoe Lane Coffee is located in an old shoe store dating back to the 1800s but is now a super charming little coffee shop. In these vintage surroundings right in the middle of Dublin you can find quality coffee in all the varieties you can think off. You’ll also be able to find 5 dairy alternatives, plus top quality suppliers providing a range of delicious pastry and healthy treats. This is a must visit!

Photo credit: Kaph

We are far from over with the delicious speciality coffee served in Dublin. For your next coffee fix head to Kaph. Dubliners are loving this place! And Kaph offers some delicious dairy alternatives like coconut milk lattes and wheat/dairy/gluten free brownies to enjoy alongside your favourite coffee. The staff are welcoming and nice, and you’ll even find free wifi!

Photo credit: Le Petit Parisien

In this next place you’ll not only find incredibly delicious coffee, but it is also a french bakery, so you can enjoy some fresh baked goods while sipping on a tasty coffee. Le Petit Parisien serves some yummy artisan coffee, and the cafe reminds you of one you would find on a lovely, charming street in Paris. This super cute cafe offers take away and the option to sit and relax while soaking in the French atmosphere! They have two locations in the heart of Dublin, so no excuse not to go here after some shopping or sightseeing!

Photo credit: Happy Out

You know how coffee makes you happy? Well, this next coffee at Happy Out will do just that! This is the only cafe on Bull Island, so head over the wooden bridge and go try them out! They serve locally roasted, speciality coffee from RoastedBrown, and you can also enjoy some delicious homemade toasties. By going here you will escape the city, and you can kick back and relax sipping on some divine coffee while (weather permitting) sitting outside and enjoy the breeze from the sea in the sun.

Photo credit: Clement & Pekoe

Last but certainly not least on the coffee train, you’ve got to head to Clement and Pekoe. This cute little neighbourhood café specializes in not only great coffee, but also tea. They serve coffee and tea and as they say, “the proper stuff”. They are passionate about high-grade Loose Leaf Tea and the very best coffees. The café is located on the lively South William Street and definitely worth a visit on your Dublin holiday!

Cold drinks:

So, we’ve had a good amount of coffee and tea now. Ready for some cold beverages? Let’s do it!

Photo credit: The Merrion Inn

This first stop is The Merrion Inn. This charming gastro pub has 30 wines by the glass on offer and over 60 beers plus a large selection of whiskeys and gins, 90 to be exact! Here you can enjoy a glass in a relaxing atmosphere in the best Dublin style. If you’re hungry they also serve great high end food with fish specials and much more. This is an excellent Dublin stop!

Photo credit: Lemon and Duke

This next bar is another gem in Dublin. Lemon and Duke is a great option in the city where you can enjoy both morning coffee alongside a good breakfast or drinks and possibly dinner later in the day. They have bottled beer, a unique draft range and incredible cocktails! They are the only place in Ireland where you can get a fresh unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell from their unique tank system. The spot is renovated beautifully, and there is a lovely terrace to enjoy drinks in the sun. What’s not to love?

Photo credit: The Old Punch Bowl

The next place you cannot miss out on, a true, traditional Dublin pub, The Old Punch Bowl. With a long history, you feel the old Dublin charm and the atmosphere itself is worth the stop. And the drinks are amazing! The manager is a drinks expert with a wide range of knowledge on beer, gin, rum, cocktails and whiskies, so you are bound to be served the best of the best. They have 60 different whiskies with 47 of them being Irish! If you are hungry, they also serve real Irish pub food!

Photo credit: Vintage Cocktail Club

Looking for an exclusive cocktail experience? We have just the spot, Vintage Cocktail Club. This spot is tucked away behind a discreet doorway in Dublin’s Temple Bar making it a perfect intimate and less discovered place to enjoy some amazing cocktails. Go here after sightseeing, pre-dinner or for a late night party. The cocktails are unlike any you’ve tasted before, and the atmosphere is so cool you’ll want to stay here all night long!

Photo credit: Cave Wine Bar Dublin

Now it’s time for a great little wine bar, La Cave Wine Bar Dublin. This is the oldest and liveliest wine bar in Dublin and is situated just off Grafton Street in the very heart of the city centre. La Cave Wine Bar has over 350 top wines with 40 by the glass. They also serve a delicious classic French bistro menu. So go here to enjoy a perfect glass of wine, or why not make it a bottle? They are open every day of the week until 2 am!

Photo credit: The French Paradox

We have another wine place lined up for you next, The French Paradox. This is a great place featuring both a wine bar and a wine shop, so you can even buy some wine to bring back home. It is located in the heart of Ballsbridge, and if you love everything French this is absolutely the spot for you! The setting is relaxed, chic and simple, plus the staff is incredibly talented and know their stuff! This place will give you the perfect environment to enjoy some fantastic wine in Dublin!

Photo credit: The Church

This next place is one of those you would be very upset if you missed, The Church. This is a cafe, bar, restaurant, nightclub and tourist destination all in one, bringing awesome life and entertainment to people and tourists in Dublin! They have three different bars and delicious food plus entertainment like free live Irish music and dancing as well as DJs on the weekends. So whether you are looking for a casual drink in a lively setting or an awesome late night party, this is the place to be!

Photo credit: BANG Restaurant & Bar

This next place deserves a big praise not only for their delicious cocktails, but also their food. If you’re looking for a cold drink while also enjoying a fantastic meal you have to try BANG Restaurant & Bar. Make sure to go here for Cocktail Fridays! They make exceptional cocktails whether you are looking for a simple martini or something more extravagant. Their signature cocktails are divine! They also have an award winning wine list, and you really don’t want miss out on the food either. So make sure you’re as hungry as you are thirsty when you head here!

Photo credit: The Blind Pig

Your next stop is The Blind Pig. This is where you go for delightful and unique cocktails with the best Irish made spirits. They have an award winning bar team, so you know you’ll be served the very best of the best. The Blind Pig also features the best of Dublin’s live music scene every night of the week playing jazz, blues and soul. If this isn’t a perfect spot to unwind with some delicious drinks while listening to great music we don’t know what is!

Photo credit: Peruke & Periwig

Still thirsty? We certainly hope you are! Head to Peruke & Periwig. This is one of those spots you’ll remember for a long time. Their ground floor bar offers great draught pints, craft beers or even coffee if that’s what you’re looking for. They also have an extensive selection of fine cocktails as well as any spirit you can think off. If you’re a little hungry they serve tasty bar snacks as well. It is pretty,  perfect, and the setting is chic and charming!

As you can see, there are plenty of awesome spots to grab a drink on your vacation to Dublin. But these are some of the absolute best, so make sure to hit up as many as you can in the 72 great hours you are spending in Dublin!


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