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Yes, we are going to Split, Croatia! We are going to explore this absolutely beautiful town located right at the Adriatic Sea offering endless picturesque beaches and historic charm for anyone coming to spend a vacation here. And when we say there is a lot to do, we mean it! There are so many great tours where you can go experience both the history on land and the beauty on the sea. So pack your bags, we are heading to Split!

Day 1:

Photo credit: Croatia Dream

This first day you will begin with a spectacular tour with Dream Croatia. Dream Croatia will start your adventure off just right. They are a small, family-run boutique travel agency with unique and authentic tours and have an office right in the centre of Split old town. They have tours to Krka Waterfalls and inland of Sibenik county, The magical city of Trogir and of course Plitvice Lakes. They offer a couple of small group tours which we think you should absolutely join on your vacation in Split. Great start to the trip!

Photo credit: Dream Yacht Charter

Next up let’s hit the sea and we continue with the theme “Dream” tours. As you will now be joining Dream Yacht Charter on one of their charters. This is a very professional travel company who will make sure you receive superb service while you can lean back and enjoy the spectacular sights from onboard one of their amazing boats.

Photo credit: Blue Cave Tour

Another great tour company that you can decide to explore the sea with is Blue Cave Tour. They will take you to some of the very best spots that you shouldn’t miss while there. You can go to Blue Cave which is absolutely one of the most unique natural phenomena in the world. Or you can go with them to Blue Lagoon which is like a small paradise on earth situated between 3 islets on Budikovac island. Regardless of which one you go with (try to make time for both on your trip) you will be blown away by the beauty!

Photo credit: Stella Croatica

Time to get back on land and continue exploring some of the nature and charm of this region. We suggest a visit to Ethno Agro Park Stella Croatica. Stella Croatica is a small factory of fine food boutique products from the heritage of Dalmatia. As a visitor here you get a unique opportunity to see how the products are manufactured and you get a chance to taste many of their products. For example, you can try an olive oil tasting which is incredibly popular with their award winning extra virgin olive oil. You can also bring home a great souvenir from here.

Photo credit: KNB Transfers

To get to and from Stella Croatica and maybe to add some cool stops in between, or if you’re just not really a tour person you can also go with your own private car service to see some of this gorgeous area. KNB Transfers is one of the best companies in Split offering private car service and some excursions. They have standard vehicles as well as luxury limousines. Another option is Adriatic Shuttle Transfers. They often do pick ups in the airport but you can pick any pick up and drop off spot and they also offer some great excursions to check out!

Day 2:

Photo credit: Daluma Travel

Let’s begin your second day in Split with another awesome adventure. And of course we are heading back on the water! You will be going with Daluma Travel on a cruise and they have endless amazing options to choose from, you can do adventure tours, private tours, national park & explorer tours and many more. The service is excellent and you are guaranteed the time of your life!

Photo credit: Joe’s Beach Split

For a little mid-day fun head on over to Joe’s Beach. This is a cool place to hang, relax and have some fun in the sun with some ice-cold drinks. The beach is divided in two sides depending on what you want. One is their cocktail bar where there is great music and you can show off your dance moves and the other is more peaceful with their lounge where you can simply relax and enjoy the sounds of the sea and nature.

Photo credit: Game of Thrones Tour Croatia

Back on land this time we are changing style a bit but something that you have to try while in Split, go on a Game Of Thrones Tour.  This is the highest rated Game of Thrones Tour in Split, and one of the highest rated of all tours in Split in general.  On the tours you will not only get the Game of Thrones Tour but you will also learn about local history, and the tour ends at a 600-year-old water mill (also a filming location), where you can enjoy a traditional Dalmatian barbecue feast called “peka”, locally made wine and olive oil, plus handmade bread baked from flour milled at the water mill. This dinner is possibly a highlight of your entire trip!

Photo credit: Cro-Sail

We suggest yet another trip on the water. Maybe for a sunset sail this second day in Split with Cro-sail. You might think, “another sailing trip?”. But Croatia is such a yacht charter paradise with countless islands and beautiful crystal clear water so you are going to want to be on the water all the time. Cro-sail is not like any other in the area, and you will have an absolutely fantastic time sailing with them and exploring the area on your own terms!

Day 3:

Photo credit: Opcija Tours

The last day in Split and it will be busy if you want to maximize your time and explore some more of this mind-blowingly gorgeous area. Start today by joining Opcija Tours on one of their many tours. They offer private tours, cooking classes and gourmet tours as well as tours on the water like spearfishing and regular fishing tours. This is a super popular and recognized tour company in Split Croatia so you are guaranteed an amazing time!

Photo credit: Dream Transfers and Excursions

Another way to see one of the most popular sights in the area in a very intimate and great way is to go with Dream Transfers and Excursions. This is a highly recommended tour, and you get to see Krka in a very unique and special way with a great tour guide.

Photo credit: Bonaca Tours

Time to hit the water on your last day so head with Bonaca Tours on one of their boat tours. If you haven’t had enough of Blue Cave and want to go back that is an option or you can try some of their other boat tours like Vis and Hvar Island. You can book your own private tour with them so you get to see exactly what you want!

Photo credit: Adventures Croatia

We know the day is already adventurous but there is still more to see. We hope you can make them all or you have to choose. One option is to go with Adventures Croatia. The great thing here is that you can create your own custom travel tour with whatever you feel you still need to see in Split. They offer great tours like walking tours of Split, Stand up paddle boarding, day trips to Trogir and much more. Go browse their tours or create your very own!

Photo credit: Private Tours Croatia

Another great option for a tour on your last day and another option to create your very own custom tour is to go with Private Tours Croatia. This is a super dedicated tour company which is making it super easy for you to tailor and create your own tour experience. For your own tours you’ll have a private guide and get a cool insight into this region of the beautiful country of Croatia.

Photo credit: Fla Rent

Last but certainly not least another option to finish your trip with a splendid tour. Fla Rent is a great company that has just endless cool tours to choose from including boat tours, snorkelling tours, walking tours and so many more. They also have car rentals if you feel like exploring yourself this last day.


Wow, how can you even decide between all these magical options when deciding the best tours and adventures to go on in Split. We hope you get to try as many as possible as none of these will let you down, but will give you an unforgettable experience!


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