Kick Motion Sickness to the Curb with these 8 Tips


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1. Choose the Right Seat

On an airplane, choose a seat in the middle. The middle of an airplane is the calmest area. In a car, sit in the front. Sitting in the front will allow you to focus on just the road ahead of you and not multiple things at once.


2. Sit Completely Straight (not sideways or backwards)

Long trips can get exhausting and you may have a tendency to turn around and chat to others, but don’t. There are also vehicles which require you to sit backwards, try and avoid these at all costs. Sitting backwards is not going to help motion sickness in the least bit.


3. Use Motion Sickness Tablets

Though we don’t want to condone taking medication when not necessary, taking one or two motion sickness tablets (available in drowsy and non-drowsy) can make your ride much more enjoyable. Take one or two tablets about 30 minutes before the beginning of your journey. The effect should last up to 5 hours. 450744303

4. Do Not Read or Watch Movies in the Car

The number one culprit for motion sickness is reading books and watching computer/tv screens while in a moving vehicle. Even those who tend not to feel motion sickness may feel slightly nauseous when reading or watching a screen in a moving vehicle.


5. Watch the Horizon

When traveling by boat or car, look forward into the horizon. It works better on boats than in vehicles but it’s a great tip to use when you start to feel a little queasy. Find one still spot in the distance (that spot where the road or water ends) and stay focused. This should ease your stomach pains a little.


6. Avoid Uneasy Conversation

Though most of the uneasy motions start to make us feel queasy, talking about unsettling subjects may be just the icing on the cake. Try not to talk about motion sickness or things such as vomit, blood or things that make the stomach turn in general.


7. Wearing Motion Sickness Wristbands: Sea-Band

Though they may not be the most stylish accessories out there, the motion sickness wristbands help ease your stomach pains by putting pressure on certain pressure points within your wrist. I’m not doctor but they sell across the globe in pharmaceutical shops and some larger grocery chains as well.


8. Press Down on your Pressure Points

If you don’t have the motion sickness wristbands, then use your opposite hand to act as a pressure point cue. Press down firmly with 2-3 fingers on the veins in your wrist. Whether it is psychological or actually scientifically proven to work, it is one more thing to keep your mind at ease and off the stomach pains you’re currently experiencing.


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