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The Philippines is an incredible place to travel to any time of the year. And if you’re planning a trip to this amazing country, there’s no way you can miss the capital city of Manila. Whether you’re staying for one day, three days, or more, you’re going to enjoy every minute here. And to help narrow down the hundreds of options you have to choose from, we put together a list of some of the top 8 things to do here. So book your ticket, and start planning your itinerary!



1. The Mind Museum


The Mind Museum manila
Picture Credits: The Mind Museum


The Mind Museum makes science come alive the second you step into the building. Their exhibits are not only interactive, but they tell five different stories based on size. Start very small in the Atom Gallery (their most interactive exhibit) and work your way up through the Life, Earth, the Universe, and Technology galleries. If scaling the world and universe in which we live isn’t your thing, you should check out some of their traveling exhibits (just look online to see what’s there). But overall, this is an awesome activity for families, couples, or anyone who just loves to play. They also have a T-Rex exhibit that’s totally worth checking out (especially if any of you are Jurassic Park fans).



2. Bambike


Bambike Ecotours Intramuros Manila Philippines 3
Picture Credits: Bambike


Bambike is such a fun activity for exploring Manila. In a step toward sustainability, the company provides tours on bikes made out of bamboo. Their Cultural Experience tours offer a variety of options from a ride around the historical and cultural sites to sunset tours, and more! For anyone who can’t bike, they have alternative modes of transportation as well. All of the tours are guided by people who are incredibly knowledgeable about the city. And the groups tend to be smaller (about 5-10 people) so there’s a more intimate experience and opportunity to tailor the tour to your group’s interests. Plus, there are so many different Bambike models and you’ll be able to find the ride that’s best for you. And if you REALLY liked the sweet ride, you can buy your own Bambike at their shop!



3. Ayala Mall


Ayala Mall Glorietta manila
Picture Credits: Ayala Mall


Ayala Mall is an adventure and certainly worth checking out. I know what you’re thinking: “What could a mall offer me?” Well, it’s got 5 levels featuring shops, restaurants, AND a cinema. So it offers quite a bit. We recommend scoping out the place online and seeing where you might want to go. Not only does the Ayala Mall offer a variety of shops and food, but they host a variety of events too! You should peep their website and Facebook page for events going on throughout the mall. They definitely know how to throw a movie premier, that’s for sure. And if you’re looking for a little more culture, they might be hosting some exhibitions, concerts, and festivals, as well.



4. Art Fair Philippines


Art Fair Philippines
Picture Credits: Art Fair Philippines


If you’re looking for some unique, one-of-a-kind souvenirs, you have to check out Art Fair Philippines. Not only are the artists local, but they offer a cool mix of modern and contemporary art for sale. Art Fair Philippines works to make art accessible to all people, and they totally accomplish their mission. You can talk with the artists about their creations, which is amazingly personal. Even if you don’t feel like buying anything, the fair is still worth checking out for the amazing exhibits. The art here is super reflective of the local art scene and society today and the alternative venue offers the coolest vibes. You should definitely buy your tickets online ahead of time!



5. Smokey Tours


Smokey Tours manila
Picture Credits: Smokey Tours


Smokey Tours is a really unique way to see the city of Manila. They offer a variety of tours depending on your interests, like the Market Tour for tasting local delicacies and seeing Old Manila. But what is really worthwhile is the Slum Tour. This tour is an eye-opening tour that raises awareness about social issues to better bring people together. Not only that, but this group works hard to educate and train underprivileged communities in the city to be able to help themselves. It’s an amazing opportunity to figure out how you can make a difference, see other walks of life, and know that the money you spend on the tour is going to a place in need.



6. Z Hostel


Z Hostel
Picture Credits: Z Hostel


If you’re looking for a good place to stay in lovely Manila, look no further than Z Hostel. Something we love, are the individual charging sockets in the shared rooms (don’t you just hate fighting someone for the right to charge your phone?). While you can definitely sleep here, this hostel is more than meets the eye. They have an INSANE rooftop called the Z Roof Deck, which offers some of the best views in Manila. And obviously there’s a bar on the roof with killer cocktails available. Grab a drink and enjoy the live DJs and music artists. You’ll certainly meet some interesting people. And maybe you’ll have someone to do the Free Walking Tour with (offered by the amazing staff every day)!



7. Museo Pambata Foundation


Museo Pambata Foundation
Picture Credits: Museo Pambata Foundation


Museo Pambata is a children’s museum that stresses the importance of play in learning. And even if you don’t have a child, your inner child will probably be thrilled to explore the 8 themed rooms they have to offer. They also host some unique collections like Nina Lim-Yuson’s kite collection, and a series of photographs in an exhibition called “Manila: Then and Now.” They change out their special exhibitions, so check out their website ahead of time to see what’s there. One special exhibition they featured was called “Through the Eyes of a Child,” which had photographs taken by children. Honestly, it’s always amazing to see what kids can do and experience the world through their eyes for even a moment.



8. The Bamboo Organ


Picture Credits: The Bamboo Organ


The Bamboo Organ is a super unique stop in the city that you really have to see! Any music lover will appreciate the beauty of the historic instrument (named a true National Cultural Treasure). Because it’s located in a church, you can hear the beauty of the organ during Sunday’s Mass each week. Another attraction that mustn’t be missed is Las Piñas Boys Choir, one of the last few boys choirs in the Philippines. It also hosts the annual International Bamboo Organ Festival, now on its 45th season come February 20-26, 2020. Concert time is at 8:00 p.m. You can check the program and schedule here. So be sure to stop by for a tour or a concert!




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