These 8 Foods From Nepal Will Make Your Mouth Water


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8 Foods From Nepal

Nepal is all too often skipped over and blended into countries that surround it. Many may have considered Nepal to be ‘that country next to India,’ ‘where Mount Everest is,’ or ‘the place to get an Indian visa.’ Sadly, not many have actually embraced Nepal for some of its most wonderful traits and its delicious cuisine! What could be better than sitting down for a drink of local organic coffee and a large plate of daal bhat while surrounded by this beautiful country?

1. Momo’s

This dish is the one dish you may actually make yourself sick of while travelling through Nepal. It is so delicious and so readily available. No matter where you are in Nepal, you’ll find yourself consuming more momo’s than you could have ever imagined. There are vegetable momo’s, chicken momo’s and buff (buffalo) momo’s. I personally recommend the chicken momo’s in a tomato cream base soup called ‘johl’.


2. Daal Bhat

This dish is similar to the Indian thali or Tibetan dish with rice, breads and a mixture of dips. The dal bhat in Nepal can be ordered with vegetables or meat. You will find many locals across Nepal eating the daal bhat as it is a great combination of wheat, vegetables, legumes and meat. 186087388

3. Vegetable Thupka

If you’re looking for a traditional Nepalese soup, look no further! The vegetable thupka is a soup based dish with noodles, vegetables and a variety of spices. Don’t be fooled by the ‘soup’ part, this is a hearty and delicious dish! 178529765

4. Grilled Chicken Masala

If you’re a picky eater and aren’t quite sure where to start on the menu, try the grilled chicken masala. Masala is simply a fancy word for a blend of spices which are marinated onto the grilled chicken and often served with rice. 517305257

5. Chili Chicken

The Nepalese people have a similar twist of the Chinese cuisine chili chicken. This is a delicious dish served with rice and boneless chicken breast marinated in a warm and creamy chili based sauce. 156257590

6. Alu Acchar

‘Alu’ is the Nepalese way of saying potato, ‘acchar’ is a comparison to the English word ‘pickled.’ This pickled potato dish might not sound as scrumptious to you as it does to the locals but I promise you, it is delicious. Made with potato, chili, lemon juice, chili powder and a few other majestic Nepal spices, this dish will be one you need to try on your venture through Nepal.


7. Syabaji

You may come across more rice paddy fields than you ever imagined while in Nepal but rest assured, they are put to good use. Syabaji is the Nepal word for ‘beaten rice.’ This is an easy digestible dish that is made for dipping into a wonderful array of Nepal spice blends. 494529841

8. Chatamari

Whether you’re looking for a snack or a meal, chatamari is a tasty dish for all. Made of rice flour and salt, the chatamari is a simple crepe eaten with curried meats and vegetables any time of the day, any time of the year! 178995210

Have any more suggestions to add to the menu of life changing Nepalese dishes? Comment below, share your favorite foods and experiences while venturing through the beautiful country of Nepal!

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