8 Sneaky Ways to Avoid Overweight Luggage


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One of the biggest nuisances when going on a trip is the constant worries about your overweight luggage going there and then the even bigger worry going back with all your new souvenirs. After years of travel myself, I have come up with some pretty clever ways to never pay for overweight luggage.

1. Buy when you get to location

Depending on where you’re traveling to, many places are often cheaper than where you’ve been living. If you don’t need to pack a massive bottle of shampoo and conditioner, don’t. There are so many items that you don’t need in your suitcase before arriving and after departing. Stock up on toiletries while on vacation and think about what you really need in your pack.


2. Pack heavier items in carry on

This is a tip I will always use and have always used on my travels. Go through your travel items and yank the heaviest items out of the checked luggage and carry them on board with you. You really don’t need much while you’re on the airplane journey so use that extra space to fill it up with your heaviest items. Yes, liquids are often quite heavy but don’t forget the rules and regulations that airport security have before throwing everything into your carry on.


3. Read the fine print

This is a good tip to take away, the fine print is very different among airlines. You may have one airline accepting a total of 20kg where the other is accepting a total of 20kg in ONE bag. If you have the option to split your possessions among different bags it may be more organized to do so. Weight restrictions are very different among airlines especially between domestic and international flights. Don’t forget to read all the fine print for each leg of your journey (including layovers and boarding of new flights).


4. Pack thin cotton clothes before heavy materials (ex. jeans)

Some materials are a hassle to travel with, jean being one of the heaviest materials, it’s not always convenient to just pack what you like. Try and pack light clothes before the heavy. Go for light cotton tanks and tops before packing hefty sweaters and knitted apparel.


5. Pack travel sized toiletries

How long are you going on vacation for? I have left for two months and still managed to use my travel sized toiletries. If you’re leaving for a short 1-3 week vacation, you really don’t need more than a small travel sized, carry on approved toiletries bag.


6. Buy souvenirs at the duty free

If you’re willing to buy souvenirs at the duty free, this is a great way to avoid overweight luggage. Since you’ll be checking you bag prior to arriving at the duty free, these items will not count in the over all weight of your travel items. This is also a great way to use up any extra currency you have left over.


7. Buy a hard shell, light weight suitcase

Lighter and easy to roll, the hard shell suitcases are the new travel piece for the future. However, they do fit much more than a regular soft shell suitcase but don’t be deceived, just because the shell itself is lighter, the more luggage you’re able to pack, the easier it is to be overweight.


8. If traveling domestically, leave heavier luggage at your original destination and pack only a hand luggage.

Some places and some airlines if a budget airline, may only allow you to bring carry on luggage and then checked luggage may be added at an additional cost. If you can leave most of your luggage in one location, try and pack a smaller carry on for the shorter weekend trips. Europe is a great place to test this tip!


Hopefully after applying these tips carefully you’ll have less hassle in line at the airport and be able to fly at ease with a lighter pack!

About the Author: Jenna Davis

I am a 20-something Canadian travel blogger whose home address is as unknown as the next destination I will be visiting. I run my own travel blog at www.giveforgranted.com with a focus on affordable travel and unique experiences. Helping keep our true north strong and free, I have also developed a non-profit organization which supports northern Canadians living in poverty. Give for Granted.


  • First to take a look is the size and the weight of the luggage. You must choose the ultralight luggage because the lighter luggage, the more you can pack in it. Second is the clothes or the items needed for your trip. You don’t need to pack everything, just bring the important things and remove extra clothing that is not necessary.

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