8 Things You Need to Pack for Your Next Family Trip


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1. Sunscreen

Whether you’re going on a tropical getaway or somewhere a bit chillier, sunscreen for the whole family is a must! We recommend stocking up before you head out on your trip, especially if you’re a natural sunscreen lover like we are. It’s just not worth the risk of chancing it and not being able to find your family’s favourites once you get to your destination. Bring at least a couple bottles, especially if you’re heading south – you’ll want to make sure you’ve got enough to keep everyone protected during all of those beach and pool days!

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2. A Travel Pouch

It pays off to be as organized as possible when you’re travelling – especially if you’re travelling with young kids!  Triple check that you have everything you’ll need well before departure, and avoid the drama of misplacing travel documents by keeping all of your essentials like money, tickets, and passports in a handy travel wallet.

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3. Reusable Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is extremely important if you’re planning on being really active or going somewhere hot. We never leave home without a S’well bottle for every member of the family! They come in a range of fun prints and colours to suit everyone’s style, and they’re amazing for keeping your water or drink cold all day. Pro-tip: The 750 ml size holds a full bottle of wine!

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4. Travel Sized Toiletries

Swapping your regular toiletries for travel-sized ones is a great way to lighten your luggage load. This travel pack includes travel-sized versions of green and natural shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. Best of all, they’re packaged in a clear package and each bottle is 60ml, which means they’re even carry-on approved!

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5. Vacation-Approved Beauty Essentials

We’re big fans of keeping your beauty routine simple on vacation and sticking to a few key essentials. Look for items like waterproof mascara and BB creams that offer sun protection and light coverage, and simplify your skincare routine by swapping out cleanser for a quick and convenient facial wipes.

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6. Wet Bags for Wet Swimsuits

If you’ll be getting in a lot of beach or pool time on your trip, don’t forget to pack a couple wet bags! Keep a dry change of clothes for each kid in your wet bag at the beginning of the day to allow for easy wardrobe changes after swimming. Then just toss wet swimsuits into the leak-proof bag to keep everyone comfy without slowing down your trip.

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7. Activities for Kids

Busy kids make for happy parents! Activities are a must to keep kids busy on the plane, in restaurants, and in the hotel room on rainy days. Activity books and craft kits are all great for keeping kids entertained without taking up too much space in your carry on or suitcase.

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8. Snacks!

Travelling can be hectic (especially on kids) and having snacks on hand is a great way to stave off any temper tantrums or meltdowns caused by low blood sugar and adjusting to a new routine. Plus, no matter how adventurous your little ones are, having some familiar foods on hand can be really comforting.

Pro tip: No one’s immune to hunger-induced crankiness! While you’re packing snacks for the kids, remember to pack some of your favourite snacks as well to keep in your bag while you’re on the go!




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